20 Jul 2017

Things to Know About Caring for a Dying Loved One

The Most Difficult Moments of Final Days For many with loved ones that succumb to age related illness and other ailments, the final months of palliative care can be a particularly stressful time. Although the experience is different for every family, periods of frustration, anxiety, and emotional strain are an inevitable part of an enduring hardship. Resources both online, through professionals, and through your preferred funeral home in Orlando can provide you with the knowledge and support required for end […]

11 Jul 2017

The Secret Lives of Funeral Directors

The Secret Lives of Funeral Directors Funeral homes in Orlando and throughout the country are lead by some of the most dedicated professionals in any industry. This unusual trade is often passed down through family businesses for generations. Even as trends in culture shift and families’ final wishes and preferences change, very little is understood about the particular occupation of the funeral director and the appropriate demands of the work being performed. Orlando cremation services, burials, and memorials are often […]