19 May 2017

Questions About Funeral Pre-Planning

Planning Your Afterlife Arrangements with an Orlando Funeral Home Advanced funeral planning is a simple and convenient service that eliminates the stress and confusion that so often accompanies a loss in the family.  Even if you have already made clear your preference for burial or cremation services in Orlando, multiple other details must be addressed in order to complete your final wishes with the dignity and respect that you deserve. Pre-arrangement plans are not only a necessity of the elderly; […]

09 May 2017

Sympathy Flowers And Their Unique Meaning

The Time-Honored Tradition of Flowers For centuries, flowers have been a poignant symbol of love and loss. As you prepare the details of a loved one’s final arrangements, the director of your Orlando funeral home will possibly want to discuss your choice of floral arrangement. Also, if you are wishing to show sympathy to the family of the deceased, flowers are an apt and meaningful gesture. Funerary flowers can be provided in the form of wreaths, cut stem bouquets, or […]