02 May 2017

Planning A Service For Cremation

How to Plan a Service Cremation Orlando funeral homes offer a wide range of possible options regarding funerary arrangements and memorial services for grieving families. If you are similar to a growing number of families in America, you may be considering the possibility of cremating the remains of your loved ones over the traditional burial. Once you have made this pivotal decision, how do you plan the details of a meaningful funeral now that you are no longer concerned with embalming […]

21 Apr 2017

3 Reasons Why Funerals Are Important To Everyone Involved

The Value of a Meaningful Service It is not unusual following the death of a  loved one for some people to feel frustrated with the ordeal of afterlife care and funerary arrangements. The confusion and stress involved with finding a reliable Orlando funeral home, planning a eulogy, flowers, and other details often within the first few days of loss can seem unfair. At times, grieving family members tasked with funerary arrangements may question at points the futility of a service, […]