17 Apr 2017

Helping Children Cope With The Loss Of A Loved One

How to help children cope with the loss of a loved one Everyone has a coping mechanism when it comes to the loss of a loved one. However, children as fragile as they are, remain a variable factor in the equation of death, especially that of a loved one. The younger the children, the more difficulty adults face while explaining death to them. This is usually because they take each and every word in a literal sense and that makes […]

01 Apr 2017

Preparing For The Digital Afterlife

Preparing for the Digital Afterlife One of the least anticipated aftermaths of technological advances for our generation came with the continuance of our online presence long after we have died. So many of us store and share full libraries of our personal lives online, including treasured photographs and important contact lists, not to mention passwords and account information. Orlando funeral homes often encourage surviving families to collect pictures and other significant items by sorting through personal belongings, but modern memorialization […]