01 Apr 2017

Preparing For The Digital Afterlife

Preparing for the Digital Afterlife One of the least anticipated aftermaths of technological advances for our generation came with the continuance of our online presence long after we have died. So many of us store and share full libraries of our personal lives online, including treasured photographs and important contact lists, not to mention passwords and account information. Orlando funeral homes often encourage surviving families to collect pictures and other significant items by sorting through personal belongings, but modern memorialization […]

24 Mar 2017

Suggested Reading In Times Of Grief

Why Reading is Beneficial to Mourning Orlando funeral homes often grant mourning families access to a number of resources and opportunities to appropriately express and console their grief. Studies have shown that, as empathic beings, reading improves our ability to maintain relationships, communicate our thoughts, and explore a more profound understanding of ourselves. All of these traits are immensely beneficial during the trying and sometimes overwhelming task of losing a loved one. Reading is considered (among experts for funeral homes […]