17 Jan 2017

Talk To Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes

How To Communicate With Loved Ones About Your Final Wishes Many families find it difficult to talk about death, particularly the passing of their closest loved ones. However, as uncomfortable as the topic may be, worse still is the prospect of your loved ones being unprepared to handle the aftermath of your passing. Everything from your preferred Orlando funeral home to estate planning and finances must be made as clear and manageable as possible or your family may be struggling […]

17 Jan 2017
Flowers on a grave

8 Ways to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

After the funeral service, it is normal to want some special act or token to truly feel at peace with the departed. Honoring the legacy of your loved ones can be done in countless ways. Here are a few suggestions. Wear Keepsake Jewelry Keepsake jewelry is a unique and personalized way of carrying a person’s memory everywhere you go. You can create pins, charms, earrings, necklaces, and much more in memoriam to a departed loved one. Keepsake jewelry can be […]