22 Nov 2016
Image of Orlando Funeral Service

Cremation vs Burial: How To Decide

While the most prepared of us may leave detailed instructions for after life care, very often when our loved ones pass it is not always clear what options of the preferred arrangement. Cremation in America is twice as common today as it was 15 years ago, and the trend has been steadily rising in recent years. However, many still prefer the tradition of burial for a number of spiritual and philosophical reasons. Ultimately, any Orlando funeral home will be able […]

17 Nov 2016
Dealing with grief

Transforming Grief To Wellness

Funeral homes in Orlando and around the world are witness to many symptoms of grief. The grieving process can be an arduous one, especially when the loss was extremely difficult or unexpected. Depression, anger, guilt, and a multitude of frustrating and often overwhelming emotions are a normal and expected part of the path towards healing. While many may seem to process their loss and move on very quickly, some people need more time and must take additional steps to move […]