Cape Canaveral Veteran Burial Services

Cape Canaveral Veteran Burials by Baldwin Brothers

Tradition dictates that our fallen heroes are bestowed with the respect they have earned when they eventually succumb to their mortality.  Whether this is in the line of duty or years after active duty has ceased, Baldwin Brother’s recognize that veteran funeral services in Cape Canaveralshould be of the utmost importance to any funeral home that serves this area.

Located in the Cape Canaveral area, in Brevard County, Florida lies the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery.  This cemetery offers in-ground space for burials to accommodate those who desire to be preserved in casketed remains, as well as options for in-ground and above-ground columbaria to oblige those who prefer to be cremated in their memorial.

As this is recognized as a national cemetery, the typical restrictions apply to those who wish to be buried within its confines.  They must be a member of the armed services, although the branch they served under does not change their eligibility.  All members who wish to be buried in the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery must have been discharged under any circumstance other than a dishonorable discharge.  In addition to the service member, the spouse, widow, widower, minor dependent children, and, under special circumstances, adult children with disabilities may be buried in this national cemetery.  Should you have any questions about a Cape Canaveral veterans burial, please get in touch today with Baldwin Brothers Cremation Society for clarification.  We are here to help around the clock and our focus is to make sure our customers are taken care of as if they were family themselves.

Cape Canaveral Veteran Funerals

Those who put their life on the line to serve our country or those who made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives only deserve the utmost respect in the eyes of their family and community.  Baldwin Brothers recognizes this and offers premier services for Cape Canaveral veteran funeral options to those who are eligible to be buried in the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery. 

Although the cemetery is technically located in Mims, FL – this sprawling 318-acre cemetery will accommodate the needs of over 163,000 veterans who hail from Brevard County and the surrounding areas for the next 100 years.  Should you be pre-planning your funeral, or have a loved one who has recently passed that was an honorable service member, please contact the Baldwin Brothers family to learn more about how and when these services can be held, and what you must know before the service occurs.

Veteran Casket and Cremation Burial with Baldwin Brothers

The Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Mims, FL offers plots for those who choose a traditional burial with casketed remains, and also in-ground and even above ground options for those who desire cremation as a way to memorialize their life and service to the United States of America.  Please contact us or give us a call to discuss the options available for your veteran funeral options in Cape Canaveral, FL, and the surrounding areas.