Cape Canaveral Veterans Cemetery: A Comfort to Military Families

It is a meaningful time for military families and veterans in Central Florida, as the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery is set to have its dedication ceremony on November 20. After purchasing the land in 2012, the Department of  Veteran Affairs (VA) started plans for the nation’s newest veterans cemetery. The dedication ceremony will be held at 2 p.m. on November 20 next to the ongoing construction site, and it will be open to the public. The VA says that burials may begin as early as December.

The Nation’s Newest Veterans Cemetery

Located about two miles south of Exit 231 on Interstate 95, Cape Canaveral National Cemetery will serve veterans and their families throughout Central Florida. The veterans cemetery will include a public information center to guide visitors with its electronic grave-site locator. It will also contain public restrooms, administrative offices, and an open assembly area. The assembly area will include a memorial wall, flags, and several shelters that will be open for services given away from grave sites.

The cemetery is 318 acres and it is estimated that it will provide burial services for more than 163,000 veterans over the next 100 years. The initial section set to open in December is estimated to have about 19,000 grave sites for both casket and cremation urn burials.

Benefits for Military Families

The VA provides graves in national veterans cemeteries with several benefits, including the opening and closing of the grave, a special governmental headstone, a U.S. burial flag, a Presidential Memorial Certificate, and guaranteed care of the grave site. These benefits provide comfort to the families of veterans, knowing that their loved one’s grave will always be properly cared for. Family members of veterans can also be buried in veterans cemeteries. The Cape Canaveral Veterans Cemetery will have a large impact on the area, as currently about 80,000 veterans live in Brevard County. Previously, the closest national cemetery to Brevard County was about 120 miles away.

Supporting Veterans & Their Families

Baldwin Brothers is proud to provide our services to the men and women who have bravely served our country. For more information about burial benefits for veterans and their families, visit our Veteran’s Benefits page, or call us at (877) 410-242.