17 Oct 2017

6 Surprising Habits That Help With Grief

Healthy Steps to Guide You through a Loss Because grief affects all of us differently, it can be difficult to truly comprehend what course of action is most beneficial to those in mourning. For some, it can take days, weeks, or even years to reach a point where life feels normal again. A memorial service in an Orlando funeral home is only a part of the pivotal steps in mourning where the end goal is to achieve an understanding of […]

22 Sep 2017

The Crucial Importance of Mourning and Grief

Understanding the Healing Process Families that visit Orlando funeral homes are often coping with the many various consequences of loss. Planning arrangements and funerary care for a death in the family can be unexpected, traumatic, financially burdensome, and above all stressful for everyone involved. For some, the overwhelming burden may tempt us to question the necessity of obituaries, memorial services, floral arrangements, and other traditions and practices of Orlando funeral homes that are difficult to manage while still coping with […]