Choosing Music For A Memorial Service

Choosing the Right Music for a Memorial Service

Music is an easily overlooked feature of any funeral or memorial service, but the choice is still vitally important. The right music selection can define the overall tone and create a lasting impression that truly defines the nature of the departed. Most funeral homes in Orlando can assist with a preselected arrangement of recommended funeral classics, but for a meaningful and personalized touch, it helps to include at least one or more selectively chosen songs.

It Does Not Have to Be Traditional

Many families, communities, and churches have traditional songs and hymns that are always played, but contemporary music is becoming more and more popular and acceptable. For religious services, you should always speak to your chosen officiate about the type of music allowed for that service. It is often appropriate and highly recommended that you play a combination of traditional and contemporary music, especially for what was most pleasing to your departed loved one.

Be conscientious of the lyrics as you select your playlist. The chorus of a song may perfectly exemplify the ambiance of your services, but you do not want to be embarrassed by a few inappropriate verses you forgot where there. If a song contains swearing or offensive lyrics, you could try playing only an excerpt of the song and deleting the unpleasant parts. An Orlando funeral home can assist you in preparing an ideal playlist.

Ask for Participation

An endearing way to truly honor someone’s memory is to have a close friend or relative sing live during the service. A heartfelt performance allows a personal and intimate interlude within the services that makes your song choice more meaningful. Make sure the person you ask to sing is truly up for the task because a loss is emotional for everyone involved. 

Communicate Your Plans Well

Your choice of Orlando funeral home and any venue you choose will more than likely have some sort of sound system installed where you can attach CDs or MP3s for playing. Whether you choose to use live music or a scheduled playlist, it is important that everyone involved understands your plan. Make sure that those in charge of hosting the venue have a clear knowledge of what to play and when, so you can spend the service paying respects and not running around managing all the details.

Close friends and family as a whole should have a say in the musical selection. A wise method is to create a long list of possible songs and then narrow down the best fits.          

Leave With an Inspiring Message

Inspirational Quote Most funeral homes in Orlando, FL keep a broad arrangement of available music and offer helpful recommendations if you are unsure. Above all, you truly want the music you play during a service to reflect the dignity and uniqueness of your departed loved one. Music is a perfect medium for universally expressing thoughts that are difficult to say in normal terms, and grief is greatly alleviated by this medium. The right choice is often an uplifting and inspiring message that accurately portrays a loss while celebrating the life and value of that person.