How To Cope With Grief This Holiday Season

Getting through the Holidays after a Loss

Many families continue to struggle with grief long after leaving the funeral home in Orlando. With the holidays right around the corner, the hardest part of attending family events and completing annual traditions is overcoming the noticeable absence of those who are no longer with us. When we lose someone very close, many of our most cherished memories are centered on the festivities of the holiday season.     

Give Yourself Permission

Allow yourself to grieve openly and honestly in order to accept that the next few weeks will be difficult. Pace yourself. If the stress of organizing gatherings, cooking elaborate meals, or decorating is too overwhelming then it is totally acceptable to give yourself a well-deserved break. Some families find solace in continuing a normal and familiar routine after a loss, but others need a change of scenery to relax and heal. You may pursue whatever activities are most comforting to you, as long as the decisions are healthy and beneficial. At the same time, still, allow yourself to move on and feel happy. The grieving process is about finding acceptance after a loss.

Make Memory the New Tradition

Add to your annual traditions the act of honoring a lost loved one, so their presence can still be felt. Holidays are a perfect time of year to visit a gravesite or light a candle in memoriam. You can set out an extra place at the family dinner table with a photograph of the deceased to remind everyone that a person is gone but not forgotten. The same acts of honor and respect that you display in an Orlando funeral home during a service can be repeated every year as a new tradition.

Make a Game Plan

Decide as early as possible how you want to approach your holiday plans, and ask for help if needed. Recruit friends and family members to support you through the most difficult days. If necessary, you can seek professional counseling through grief counselor, clergy, or many resources provided by your Orlando funeral home. If you feel taxed or overwhelmed, be ready to reach out for a helping hand.

Say It Out Loud

It can be tempting to avoid saying the names of the people we miss most, for fear that the reminder may be too painful. However, it is recommended and helpful that we speak the names often, allowing the memories to be part of the holiday experience. Take turns with everyone sharing their favorite memory or enjoy a hobby or activity that your loved one would have enjoyed. Actively enjoying the memory of someone no longer with us, helps to maintain a feeling of peace that alleviates grief. 


Make it a holiday custom to give to an organization that was meaningful to your loved one. A simple act of altruism can yield a profound psychological and spiritual effect. Make a donation to a charity or cause in honor of a deceased loved one. Volunteering or providing other services helps bring a meaningful sense of dignity to a person’s memory.