Creative Funeral Service Ideas

Creative Ideas for a Funeral Service in Fort Myers

Honouring and celebrating the life of a deceased loved one puts our hearts at rest and allows us to say our final goodbyes. Whether you opt for a casket, or you have chosen to cremate, your choice does not affect how unique the funeral would be. Most families who grieve for the loss of a loved one barely can make out time to plan or think out new and beautiful ideas for a very personalized funeral home in Fort Myers, several funeral homes exist to this regard. They meet the needs of each family and make arrangements for funeral services. In recent times, most families chose to plan funerals which reflect the life and passion of the deceased. These ideas can help you get the funeral you want.


Locations matter a lot when planning a funeral service in Fort Myers. Find a place which brings solace and comfort to your heart and the hearts of your loved ones. Also avoid the stress of moving from one location to another, by getting a place with the funeral home and cemetery located within the same complex. A good example of such a place is the Fort Myers memorial garden, which has three beautiful and magnificent chapels, a garden, and private mausoleums. This way, the funeral service and the burial can be done perfectly and with ease.

Personalize The Burial/Cremation

The wishes of a dying person are to be granted, aren’t they? Most people want their remains to be cremated, while some prefer to be buried. Some religions require beliefs require cremation. While choosing urns or caskets, personalize your choices, you can attach or engrave the picture of the deceased on the urns or the casket, you could also get ones with artwork which reflects the life of the deceased. Fort Myers, FL cremation services are always available to assist with planning for cremation, their funeral homes also offer assistance in internment,  they also have ranges of unique caskets and urns, and can engrave pictures on them if you wish. So whatever your choice or the choice of the deceased is, be sure to get the best.


A theme which shows or reflects the lifestyle of the deceased can be used, it could be passion, sports or hobbies. This brings about a feeling of closeness to the loved ones. Funeral flowers come in several varieties, a particular color or blend of colors can also be chosen as an overall theme. To get the perfect decor, patronize very experienced funeral homes such as Fort Myers funeral homes. You can be educated on the available options and further advice on the choice to make to accommodate your wish and also your finances.

Create a Memorial Slideshow

This is sure to bring the family to tears, but it is worth it. What good is a funeral service if it does not celebrate the life of the deceased. A slideshow showing different stages of the deceased’s life can be organized. Captions which show the year the pictures were taken it the different locations should be included in each photo. This would help the attendees understand the slideshow better.

The key to planning the most suitable funeral is to remember the life of the deceased, that is why personalized funerals are gaining momentum in recent times.