Cremation Code of Ethics

Baldwin Brothers Security Trust System


Three Methods for One Purpose

Our Security Trust System in place for cremation services is designed to ensure that the ashes we return to you are the ashes of your loved one and only your loved one. The System uses three forms of identification which are verified at every step of the way while your loved one is in our care.

  • Initial Personal Identification

To ensure security, a Baldwin Brothers personal identification band is placed on your loved one at the moment they are received into our care.

  • Traditional and Digital Systems

We also use two additional and parallel identification methods upon arrival at our care facility. Your loved one is logged into our tracking system and assigned an identification number, which is stamped into a stainless steel identification disc as well as a barcode. This number and the barcode are used to track every phase of the cremation process.

  • Cremation Assurance Process

Two individuals, a cremation technician and a licensed funeral director will review all cremation paperwork and sign the cremation order prior to the cremation.

  • Identity is Verified at Each Step

We scan the barcode, record the name of your loved one, the date and time of the cremation, and separately verify the identification number at each movement of your loved one through the process creating a permanent record and chain of custody and identification for your peace of mind. At each of these steps the crematory operator's name, as well as additional information regarding the cremation are recorded in our cremation log book and our digital records system.

  • After the Cremation

After the cremation is complete, the cremated remains are placed with the stainless steel identification disc into an urn and the identity is confirmed through a final scanning of the barcode. And all of these records are maintained in our permanent files.

  • Returning the Ashes to You

Our staff will notify you to schedule a time for receipt of the cremated remains. At this time we will provide a dignified setting in which to receive the urn.


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