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Cremation Packages & Prices

Orlando Cremation Services and Ceremonies

Cremation is a long-standing and time-tested tradition that has grown significantly in popularity over the past few years.  Baldwin Brothers have its own crematories and have a first class Security Trust tracking system.  This ensures every family receives their loved one's ashes.  Our Orlando area crematories are always open for inspection during normal business hours.

Choosing Orlando Area Cremation Options

We offer pre-planning services to make your or your loved one’s transition as easy as possible for you and your friends and family. Choosing cremation opens a lot of options for services and ceremonies.

Celebrating Your Loved One’s Life

How do you want to celebrate your loved one’s life? You can have a traditional funeral ceremony before or after the cremation process followed by burial, or you can spread the ashes according to your loved one’s wishes or you can retain the ashes to make the decision later. The choice of how to celebrate your loved one’s life is ultimately yours. Baldwin Brothers would be glad to help you with planning cremation and memorial services. Call us at (877) 410-2424 to learn how we can help.

Baldwin Brothers offer all types cremation services so families can celebrate the life of their loved one.  Convenient packages make choosing the right plan simple & easy.  We specialize in simple Orlando cremation services that are dignified and affordable.  Baldwin Brothers also offer:

• Affordable Direct Cremation Services
• Simple Family Gathering with Catered Reception
• Memorial Celebration of Life Services
• Private Family Goodbyes with Cremation
• Traditional Funeral Services with Cremation
• Viewing with Rental Casket followed by Cremation
• Witness Cremation at one of our Crematories
• Anatomical Body Donation followed by Cremation

To view our current cremation packages and prices, click here.

In addition to our cremation services, we offer a wide variety of cremation urns. Your loved one’s style and taste can be honored with the container of your choice.

Memorializing Your Loved One

Orlando cremation allows families extensive options for memorializing a loved one. Some families keep the cremated remains at home, while others scatter the remains over water or land.

Here are some of Baldwin Brothers’ cremation options:

Scattering – Your loved one’s remains may be scattered freely in a natural environment, whether it be in a forest, in the mountains or at sea.

Traditional Burial – You can bury your loved one’s remains in the ground in a family plot.

For more information about Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society’s cremation services, call (877) 410-2424 today.