Environmentally Friendly Options for Funeral Planning in Volusia County

Funeral Planning in Volusia CountyThere are many factors to keep in mind when you’re planning a funeral. These kinds of decisions can weigh heavy for most families. In fact, there are emotional and financial factors that may affect your decision. While many choose cremation to help cut down on costs, there are other benefits. There is a growing number of people who are opting for cremation services in Volusia County because of its environmentally friendly appeal.

For those who are more environmentally conscious, cremations tend to be a good choice. This is because of its reduced impact on the world around us. If you or a loved one are considering environmentally friendly options for a funeral service in Volusia County, here is how Baldwin Cremation can help during this difficult time.

The Benefits of Cremation

Cremation has less on an environmental impact than a traditional burial. This is because a cremation doesn’t require a headstone or casket. This helps cut down on materials like metal, stone, and wood, among others. More than that, it doesn’t require taking up space in the earth. Cemeteries and mausoleums have limited spaces, and new ones need to be created to prevent overcrowding. Instead, keeping cremated remains or scattering them in a meaningful place preserves the earth and lessens your environmental impact.

Scattering a loved one’s remains is also eco-friendly. Those who make the request can have their remains scattered in certain areas off the U.S. coast. As residents of Volusia County and Central Florida, this is a fairly common option. Did you know that there are some businesses that can mix cremated remains with eco-friendly concrete? This unique option helps to create new reefs that can support marine life for the future.

If you make the decision to scatter ashes back to the earth, please keep in mind the laws for scattering ashes in a public place or at sea. The EPA has specific guidelines about scattering remains as well. Contact Baldwin Cremation for more information.

Biodegradable Urns and Keepsakes

If you have decided to keep the remains in a special place at your home, you can choose a biodegradable urn. These are made from natural water-soluble materials and are a fantastic burial alternative. Here are some environmentally friendly keepsakes we offer at Baldwin Cremation. Our Shell, Journey, and Autumn leaves options are all adult size urns made from paper that biodegrades. If you choose to have a burial at sea, both the Shell and Journey urns actually float for a short time in the water before biodegrading. This allows you and your family time to have a service at sea if you choose to do so.

Contact Baldwin Cremation in Volusia County

If you have decided to have an environmentally friendly funeral in Volusia County, Contact Baldwin Cremation today. Our understanding staff is happy to explain your options and address any questions or concerns you may have. Please give us a call at (877) 410-2424 today for more information about our services and more.