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How to Bury Cremated Remains in a Cemetery

Nothing can compare to the sorrow of losing a loved one. During this time of grieving, families
are still required to make major decisions about the deceased. One important decision to make
is whether you should choose between a traditional burial or cremation. Actually, most people
do not realize they can combine these two options in Florida. Burying cremated remains is an
acceptable option for almost everyone.

So how does burying cremated remains work? If you are unsure about the cremation process,
call Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society for a private consultation. Below, our
experienced professionals provide information and resources about your options for burying
cremated remains.

Burying an urn in a cemetery

For many reasons, cremation has been climbing in popularity over the years. The great news is
that modern cemeteries are adapting to this recent increase by allowing families to bury urns in
conventional cemetery plots.

Because urns are smaller than full-body caskets, some cemeteries allow multiple people to be
buried in the same area. Our suggestion is to speak with the cemetery administration team
upfront about their policies. They can let you know what is possible in terms of urn burial.
Placing an urn in a columbarium

A columbarium is an outdoor above-ground structure for the storage of urns. Columbariums
come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some columbariums are simple and formal while others
are quite elaborate and elegant. Families can also memorialize the deceased with a small
display along with the urn depending on the columbarium provided.

Using an urn garden

An urn garden is a landscaped area where families can bury urns. Many urn gardens have
beautiful landscaping and paths where visitors can walk. Urns and cremated remains can even
be incorporated into the landscape. For example, urns can be placed alongside fountains,
benches, and rocks. Urn garden plots are usually smaller than full-sized burial plots, which
makes them more cost-friendly and convenient.

Other burial options

Some people prefer not to use an urn to bury cremated remains. Of course, you can bury ashes
any way you choose. One idea is to bury cremated remains on your own private property
directly into the ground. You will not have to get any special permission to bury ashes in your
garden or personal backyard.

Families can also choose an eco-friendly biodegradable urn to bury ashes. These urns slowly
and naturally degrade over time. They can be placed underground or even in the water.
Biodegradable urns are a good choice for individuals who live in natural areas near the ocean or
a lake.

Learn about cremation in Florida

Some families want to bury cremated ashes now while others want to save burial for a later
time. No matter your needs, it is important to choose the right provider. Perhaps you already
know about these options but are unsure which is right for you.

As professionals in the cremation industry, Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society in
Orlando can lead you through the process. Our staff can help you choose the right urn and give
you information about burial. Allow us to handle your needs so you can focus on grieving your
deceased loved one.