How to Give a Meaningful Eulogy

Eulogies allow us to express ourselves

Eulogies are a speech or piece of writing that praises someone who has just passed away.
Eulogies allow us to express ourselves and let others know how they played an important role in
our lives. Eulogies are usually given at a funeral or memorial service, and it is delivered by a
close relative. Sometimes a minister or other religious leader delivers a eulogy to celebrate the
life of the deceased.

While eulogies are a wonderful way to honor a loved one, they can be very emotionally draining.
If you cannot find the right words, the professionals at Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation
Society can help. We offer tips and advice for delivering the perfect eulogy. Read below and use
this guide throughout the process. Contact us at one of our Florida locations near you if you
want to learn more about cremation and funeral planning services.


Decide on the kind of eulogy you will give

There are several kinds of eulogies that can be given during a funeral. Some people describe the life history of the deceased, while others focus on sharing good memories. A historical eulogy may be a good choice if the deceased has had many significant accomplishments. A sentimental eulogy is more optimal for families who want to be reminded about the good times
they had together.

Be personal

Some people are nervous public speakers, which can make a eulogy sound too formal. Instead,
eulogies are meant to be meaningful and touching. We advise people to speak in a
conversational tone that makes everyone present feel more at ease. Also, do not be afraid to
show your emotions while giving the eulogy. People will understand if you need to take a
moment to compose yourself.

Practice beforehand

Practicing the eulogy prepares you for public speaking and helps you feel more comfortable in
front of an audience. It is also a good time to think about your speech and add any other details
you may have forgotten. The team at Baldwin Brothers in Florida recommends outlining your
eulogy on notecards and trying to commit as much to memory as possible. This way, you can
always refer to your notes if you happen to forget something.

Give a moment of silence

While giving a eulogy, there may be a time when you want to have a moment of silence as a
gesture of respect. A moment of silence is usually offered for grieving family members and close
friends. Silence is a powerful way to bring each person together in mourning over a loved one. It

also allows everyone in attendance to pause and reflect on their own memories and feelings
about the deceased.

Create the perfect eulogy

While the idea of giving a eulogy seems intimidating, Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation
Society is here to make the funeral planning process as easy and seamless as possible. Our
guide has helped countless people deliver memorable eulogies. If you are in need of cremation
services, call a knowledgeable member of our staff today.