How To Plan A Non Denominational Service

A growing trend in America is the request for non-denominational, semi-religious, or even nonreligious funeral services. An increasing percentage of the population is unaffiliated with any church, but the need for funeral and cremation services in Orlando is still the same.

Even if a loved one requests a non-denominational funeral, prefers a simple memorial service, or left no clear instructions or preferences, you can still honor their wishes and consecrate their passing with a dignified and meaningful ceremony. Orlando funeral homes are qualified to host a variety of meaningful services, regardless of your family’s need.   

Begin Plans with Communication

Funeral homes in Orlando can assist with difficult details for any type of service, but ultimately decisions must be made by the surviving family. Begin discussing details right away, so everyone can be in agreement on the best type of service to be held.

You will need to appoint an officiant to formally conduct ceremonies. This is typically performed by clergy, but you can also name a trusted friend or family member. The funeral director of your chosen Orlando funeral home can also fill this role if you are unable to find anyone.   

Write an Endearing Eulogy

If you are appointed as an officiant to a departed loved one, you will need to prepare a eulogy to read at the service. Start by preparing a detailed list of notes to include and verify information with family.

A formal eulogy should include:

  • A brief biography including, birthdate and place, parentage, age, etc
  • Surviving family members
  • Important milestones such graduation, marriage, career, etc
  • Significant accomplishments and achievements
  • Favorite Memories
  • Unique hobbies or interests

Invite Speakers

Following the eulogy, invite friends and family from the audience to share a few words about the departed. A eulogy should be brief and formal, but individual contributions will help illustrate the deeper impact that a lost loved one has had on the many people around them. It is entirely acceptable to share fond memories or funny stories that highlight the happier moments of a person’s life.

Positive Thoughts and Prayers

Even nonreligious services often make use of popular hymns and verses that bring solace to those in mourning. Again, the close family will need to decide in the end what prayers, or possibly a moment of silence, will properly commemorate the deceased. Many funeral homes in Orlando can recommend touching quotations, poems, and other popular readings that are well suited for any type of service. If you can, collect as many known favorites of the departed as possible and select some appropriate material from there.

Always Respect the Wishes

If the departed had no clear religious affiliation, it may be frustrating if opposing sides of the family have different opinions on how services should be held. Some families will even prefer a private religious ceremony for close family followed by a more generalized memorial service for the public at an Orlando funeral home. The choice is ultimately the decision of the family, but the main priority should always be to uphold and honor the memory of your loved ones.