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In loving memory of
Barbara Shannon
  • September 11, 1958
  • -
  • May 25, 2021

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Barbara G. Shannon 62, of Mount Dora , passed away on Tuesday, May 25th at The Mike Conley Hospice House of Clermont, after fighting a battle with Covid-19. She was born on September 11, 1958 in Poland she came to the United States at the age of 5 and attended high school in New Jersey. She later married and would be settled in Mount Dora Florida, Where she would become a CNA and provide exceptional care to all of her patients for over 25 years. She loved nature and all the simple things of life, she was loving, selfless and an amazing mother and grandmother “Baba” Which she was most proud of. She is survived by her son Adam Glinka 37 of Leesburg, daughter Nicole Glinka 35 of Ocala ,   Daughter-in-law Cateiarra Cox 33, Grandchildren Tanasia Laguerre 18, Sean Glinka 17, Tyrek Scott 17, Mckynleigh Glinka 8, Ayden Glinka 6 and Cason Glinka 3. 


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  1. nicole glinka lit a candle:
    23 May 2022
    Lit since May 23, 2022 at 5:48:39 AM

  2. nicole glinka says:
    23 May 2022
    Well its been done year without you. Admittedly the hardest year of my entire life!! Not one day nor situation passes that I don't think of you and what you'd do or say!! I still haven't wrapped my mind around any sort of understanding as to why or how this could even possibly be reality! There's most definitely a huge emptiness in my entire being that can never ever be filled! You were and always will be my absolute best friend!! There's no one to call no one who even remotely compares to your level of understanding!! I know your around I just know you are and please never leave! I'm not certain how many more years I'll have to live without you, But I do know that I look forward to the day we meet again!! I pray you've found peace! I pray you've found comfort and I hope your with Kristi and Andy! I know how much you missed them! And that's a fraction of the amount that I miss you! Now I know what you meant when you said ,"You never get over it, you just learn to live with it!" Boy is that the truth!! Mom I could write until my hand's went numb about how much I miss you and how much I love you! I'd give anything to have you back , But that's just not the way it work I guess! Also I'm taking good care of your apple tree! One day your great grandkids will eat from it as you wished!!! I'm working on my green thumb lol! I'm sure it'll never be as green as yours!!! I love you mom!!! I just hate you had to leave so soon!! We always joked about how slow you'd be when you got old and how'd it'd drive me nuts lol!! 1 blueberry....... 2 blueberries lol!! I love you beyond any explanation Baba!!!!

  3. tyrek lit a candle:
    05 Apr 2022
    Lit since April 5, 2022 at 4:53:25 AM

  4. tyrek says:
    05 Apr 2022
    Hey Baba i just turned 18 its was really hard without u there but i pushed through it with the help of mom and nay but i love u so much and cant wait till we meet again. please stay by my side and help me get through my hard times because i feel so lost without u here. sometimes idk what to do but when i watch mom go through her problems and dealing with losing u and seeing how strong she is it really helps me. but i love more than life and i will work hard and live a long and healthy life for u baba i love u.

  5. tyrek lit a candle:
    01 Feb 2022
    Lit since February 1, 2022 at 2:12:13 PM

  6. tyrek lit a candle:
    19 Jan 2022
    Lit since January 19, 2022 at 1:57:35 PM

  7. Anthony Conyers lit a candle:
    08 Jan 2022
    Lit since January 8, 2022 at 1:12:50 PM

  8. Anthony Conyers says:
    08 Jan 2022
    Mom, you were a blessing to all who knew you. You loved me as your son and you never stopped believing in me. I wish you could be here right now to see God answer your prayers for my freedom. You will forever hold sanctuary in my heart. I’ll never forget you. And I promise to make you proud as you watch over me from heaven. I love you now as I always have, and I miss you even more.
    Until we meet again mom, find your peace in his glory and his gift of eternal life!!!!

  9. Nicole Glinka lit a candle:
    08 Jan 2022
    Lit since January 8, 2022 at 1:54:32 PM

  10. Nicole Glinka says:
    08 Jan 2022
    There is not one single day that has passed that I haven’t thought of you constantly!! Funny things you’d do or say, and then sad thoughts of all the things your not here to see. Life sure has a funny way of doing things! I sure do miss you with every single fiber of my being! I love you Mom!! Forever and ever until we meet again I will forever miss you!

  11. tyrek lit a candle:
    21 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 21, 2021 at 10:11:03 PM

  12. Nicole Glinka lit a candle:
    16 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 16, 2021 at 10:30:26 PM

  13. Nicole Glinka lit a candle:
    16 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 16, 2021 at 10:29:37 PM

  14. Tyrek Scott lit a candle:
    09 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 9, 2021 at 10:21:10 PM

  15. Adam says:
    11 Sep 2021
    Happy Birthday Mom

  16. Adam says:
    31 Aug 2021
    Hey mom its been a little over 3 months since u left us i still cry daily they kids ask about u so much I wish I could talk to u one more time miss u calling me just to see wht I was doing im so lost without u I have no one to talk to about my problems me and Nicole talk about u everyday sometimes we laugh sometimes we cry oh yea I took Sean to Gatlinburg Tennessee he loved it I see y u loved it there so much I poured out some of ur ashes in a river since u didn't make it back there I don't kno wht to say I just can't believe it I just lie to myself and say ur at wrk I so sorry for not being the best son growing up... I wish I can turn back time we allll miss u like crazy ur bday is coming up in a few weeks ill eat a piece of chocolate cake for u lol oh mom I miss u more and more everyday love you more than life if u can't hear me as I type this bc I'm talking out loud I love u... I hope u see and hear us still ... I love u mom ur my hero

  17. tyrek scott lit a candle:
    29 Aug 2021
    Lit since August 29, 2021 at 8:35:35 PM

  18. tyrek scott says:
    29 Aug 2021
    hey baba I feel so lost and empty without you, I don't even know how to properly mourn your death I feel sad every day and I really wish it was me who died instead of you. mom and uncle addy has been taking your loss in their own way ik they miss u like crazy just like the rest of us but, I wish I could call u right now and talk to you about school and take trips to Walmart with you one more time I can't believe that you're really gone I miss u sooo much I feel like I'm not even the same person without here. but I love you baba and I'm so sorry u had to leave so early

  19. Nicole Glinka lit a candle:
    29 Aug 2021
    Lit since August 29, 2021 at 8:41:01 PM

  20. Nicole Glinka says:
    16 Aug 2021
    I miss you every second of the day mom I truly do!!

  21. Andrea says:
    15 Jun 2021
    I came here today just to look at your picture because I was thinking of you. You were such a beautiful soul. I’m really going to miss you. You were such a hard worker and so caring. Thanks for making my life brighter.

  22. Sean Glinka says:
    05 Jun 2021
    Love you Baba, I wish I could’ve talked to you one last time, I’m going to miss our trips to Walmart or helping you around the house, just the little things here and there. Love you forever

  23. Paul Eldridge says:
    05 Jun 2021
    I sure am going to miss you lady. Your were the bright spot to our little community. Loved how we could joke and you understood my humor. I am taking good care of Ralphie. Spoiling just like you

  24. Adam Glinka posted an image:
    04 Jun 2021

  25. Tanasia Laguerre lit a candle:
    04 Jun 2021
    Lit since June 4, 2021 at 6:01:55 PM

  26. Tanasia Laguerre says:
    04 Jun 2021
    I miss you so much, i think about you all the time. i wish i could talk to you one last time. or watch one more episode of 90 day fiancé with you. you were the best grandma anyone could have. i love you so much. rest in paradise. until we meet again <3

  27. Nicole Glinka posted an image:
    04 Jun 2021

  28. Tyrek Scott lit a candle:
    04 Jun 2021
    Lit since June 4, 2021 at 6:48:17 PM

  29. Cateiarra says:
    04 Jun 2021
    Baba truly gonna be missed from day one we hit it off. Baba really loved here grand kids and here kids we will talk one the phone for hours she will tell me to get close to god and she will read me a bible scripture over the phone whenever I have problems in my life she was more like a mom to me and I appreciate everything u did for my kids I love you mom S.I.P. We will see each other again we love you from Ayden and Cason love katt❤️

  30. Jennifer Joyner lit a candle:
    04 Jun 2021
    Lit since June 4, 2021 at 6:49:53 PM

  31. Tyrek Scott says:
    04 Jun 2021
    Love you Baba I’m sorry that I didn’t say anything when u said that u loved me for the last time I guess I didn’t know that would be that last time, But I love you more than u ever knew I’m happy that u don’t have to work and be tired everyday anymore I love you and miss very much.

  32. Adam Glinka posted an image:
    04 Jun 2021
    We miss you so much Mom/ Baba
    We miss you so much Mom/ Baba

  33. Nicole Glinka lit a candle:
    04 Jun 2021
    Lit since June 4, 2021 at 6:56:12 PM

  34. Nicole Glinka says:
    04 Jun 2021
    Mom, I miss you every single second of every single day!! You were the most amazing mom I love you so very much! Rest In Peace until we meet again!

  35. Adam Glinka says:
    04 Jun 2021
    I miss you so much Mom until I see you again fly high and watch over us ️ I love you so much ur Buddy

  36. Margaret joyner says:
    04 Jun 2021
    A wonderful mom grandmother and a true friend Barbara we will miss you love you as a sister forever

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