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In loving memory of
Beverly (Squirt) A Ross
  • January 06, 1956
  • -
  • June 24, 2022

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Beverly Ross was born on January 6th, 1956, in Robinsonville, Mississippi, to William “Yankee Red” Ross and Dorothy Runnels (who both preceded her in death). Beverly departed this life on June 24th, 2022 in Daytona Beach, Florida.

 Beverly accepted Jesus at an early age and reaffirmed the Lord as her personal savior. She attended Austin High School in Chicago, IL. She later moved to Jacksonville, FL where she continued her career and her family joined her there.

 Beverly was a beautiful and kind person full of love and joy. She was the playful one.

Beverly was always trying to get someone to play softball, jump rope, play tennis, play cards and anything else she could find to do. She will forever be missed by all who knew and loved her.

She leaves to cherish her precious memories; her daughter Schena Ross, three grandchildren, Nahson Griffin, Nahshua Griffin, and Nahsjah Griffin, seven siblings, Irving Louis Lattin, Earline Hubbard, Debbie Hubbard, Kathy Price (spouse Randy), Dorothy Runnels, Lawrence Runnels (spouse Joanne), Danny Runnels (spouse Brenda), three Aunts, Annie, Juanita and Barbara Hykes, and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.


Psalms 121

I lift up my eyes to the hills – from where will my help come?

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth.

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  1. Latisha Hubbard lit a candle:
    06 Aug 2022
    Lit since August 6, 2022 at 8:29:51 AM

  2. Earline Hubbard says:
    04 Aug 2022
    Well Sis. here I am sitting here at 1:35am thinking about you, and all the things you said in June we would be doing in July, and August wondering why we didn't get to do them. Yes I know the fact, and I still have a why, because this fact was never in the plan, I can't stop myself from waiting for your phone calls day or night I have to constantly remind myself it's not going to happen I miss you so much girl. Sorry my first I LOVE YOU KISSES SMOOCHES ❤️✌.

  3. Dorothy Runnels says:
    01 Aug 2022
    Hey Sis. I hardly watch Tennis these days knowing that I can't call and talk to you about the matches and the players anymore. It's hard knowing I can't call and talk to you about anything anymore. I miss you so much. If I know you, you're probably in "Tennis Heaven" trying to see who your partner will be or trying to teach somebody how to play. If and when I do watch tennis you will be my first thought. Love you so much.

  4. Latisha Hubbard lit a candle:
    24 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 24, 2022 at 7:13:59 AM

  5. Earline Hubbard says:
    19 Jul 2022
    Hey Bev. I'm struggling with my thoughts of you this week, because when we talked last month you said you would be here now, and sadly your not. I can't believe last month all these plans, and now no plans. Sorry, sad, confused,angry, and no other words really express my feelings.I LOVE, AND MISS YOU SIS KISSES, SMOOCHES

  6. Latisha Hubbard lit a candle:
    17 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 17, 2022 at 7:20:58 PM

    12 Jul 2022
    Hey Bum,

    Sorry we never got to play tennis in Titusville.... Sorry we don't get to continue to create memories anymore....

    I guess I will have to live and get by with the memories we've already created... both on and off the tennis courts...

    I don't know if there is tennis in Heaven, but I'm sure you've moved on to a better place!

    Love You!

  8. Lanett Waters lit a candle:
    11 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 11, 2022 at 7:53:01 PM

  9. Latisha Hubbard says:
    11 Jul 2022
    Hey auntie! I'm up again thinking about you but this time I'm deciding to write you, to say that I love and miss you, even though we didn't talk like we use to, but I know we both thought about one another, and just yesterday I thought about how you were the first person, who taught me how to make the best cool- aid ever at grandmama's house when I was much much younger lbs I will never forget, you used the orange and lemonade flavors together and you said to add about a cup and 1/2 of sugar, for it to be just right! And that's what it was, just right! the best cool- aid ever! And till this day, I still use orange and lemonade flavors and make it the same way. Well I'm getting sleepy now auntie, I love you in Jesus name Amen good night ❤️

  10. Earline Hubbard says:
    10 Jul 2022
    Hey it 2:43am. I'm sitting here thinking of you, and wondering what happened? Three weeks ago we were on the phone making plans for the future, and now there's no making, no plans,and no answers. I am just baffled by this to the point that I don't know what to do, and can't believe this fact that I don't want to admit is bonafide. The emotions I'm feeling is turning into anger. I find myself waiting on phone calls only to realize there not coming anymore. I keep remembering all the things we did together for the first time, and it reminds me of more first we planned for our retirement journey, and it hurts so bad I just don't understand why, what, or how I'm at this place without you. Sis I am so sorry this happened. I have to THANK GOD THAT WE ARE BOTH IN THE FATHER'S HANDS KISSES SMOOCHES I LOVE YOU BEV.

  11. Ursula Patrina Lynn lit a candle:
    06 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 6, 2022 at 7:26:01 PM

  12. LaShay Waters says:
    06 Jul 2022
    When thinking back on my childhood one of the first persons that pops into mind is my auntie Bev. It’s unfortunate that most people don’t get the luxury of knowing their great aunts or even having memories of them however I was blessed to know my aunt. The only reason I know some of the things I use now in life as an adult is because of her; Every time I drive by a tennis court shes the first person I think of, every time I hear something about Serena or Venus Williams I think to myself like "if it wasn’t for my auntie I wouldn’t even have known who these amazing successful black
    Woman are"; every time I pick up a volleyball or badminton racket I think to myself "my auntie Bev taught me these skills" every time someone offers me homemade cake or ice cream and they say it’s the best I’ll ever have… I think to myself "I’ll be the judge of that because my first ever homemade desserts came from my auntie Bev, & it was the best" Every time I think of any sort of independency I think of my auntie Bev. Do I wanna cut my own grass? Nope, but can you guess how I know how to do it if I had to? Yup! Right again my auntie Bev. I can go on and on with the things she took the time out to teach and show me as growing up. I remember my auntie being this strong, independent, assertive, successful, beautiful person and everything she taught me and showed me I wanted. I wanted to be somebody and my auntie was a great role model for my future. I’m thankful to have these memories with her forever in my heart. I love you forever and always Auntie Bev

  13. Kathy Price says:
    06 Jul 2022
    About my loving beautiful Sister. She was so giving and very kindhearted. Had so much joy and was so full of life. She was one that was very created when we was young. Finding so many things for us to get into. at home when Mom was gone. Always was trying to get the family together in a spirit of love. It's so much that I can say about Bev. It's still hard to believe that you are not here. But I know that one day we will be together again in eternity with our Heavenly Father. You are in the Father's hand. Rest in peace. I love you and miss you so much.

  14. Kenny says:
    05 Jul 2022
    I Luv & Miss U Auntie Bev U didn't know how much of a bridge that U was for me & Kendrell. We reset our life & met some terrific people here in Florida but we wouldn't have met none of them if U didn't 1st blaze a trail.

  15. Latisha Hubbard lit a candle:
    05 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 5, 2022 at 7:26:04 PM

  16. ORA MOSLEY lit a candle:
    04 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 4, 2022 at 7:06:34 PM

  17. Joanne Runnels lit a candle:
    04 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 4, 2022 at 7:01:49 PM

  18. Duane & Latonya Spears says:
    04 Jul 2022
    Lawrence, Joann, and family.
    Duane and I are so sorry for your. Praying for you and the family during this difficult time. Hold on to the many memories that you shared with your sister.

    God bless
    Duane & Latonya
    Jacksonville, Fl.

  19. Irving Louis Lattin says:
    02 Jul 2022
    Safe travels dear sister Beverly. We didn’t talk for many years but the memories of our times as siblings will always be…
    Bless your spirit ~

  20. Earline Hubbard says:
    02 Jul 2022
    Beverly well sis here I am at 5:00 am thinking about our early morning conversations talking about the WORD OF GOD, and reminiscing about our life from childhood to now. We are our first you are my first sister, and I am your first sister, and we shared so many other first things that no one even knows accept us. I was always saying girl get off memory lane. Right now I wish I could hear you saying some of those memories. I can, and always will in my mind, but it's not the same as literally hearing your voice. I know the fact, but I'm truly not ready for this reality I'm not sure I will ever be ready. We talked about plans for the future, and now it is over before it started . I don't know what to do now .I was looking forward to our next first I am so sorry it didn't happen. I miss you so much my number one first. I LOVE YOU SISTER❤️✌.

  21. Glenie Wilson lit a candle:
    01 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 1, 2022 at 7:02:45 PM

  22. Michael McNeil lit a candle:
    01 Jul 2022
    Lit since July 1, 2022 at 7:54:40 PM

  23. Dorothy Runnels says:
    01 Jul 2022
    Wow Sis, where do I start. I'll just start by saying how much I love and miss you. I was just thinking about all the fun times we had getting in the car and driving wherever after getting off work with no sleep and taking no dose to try and stay awake. Mom was so nervous for us. God was with us even when we didn't realize He was. You've been there for me for as long as I can remember. Even in high school making sure we had money to buy snacks. I remember when you got your first car and driving us around, you said (ya'll better learn how to drive) and so we did. It still feels unimageable that you are no longer with us physically here but will always be with us in spirit. I was listening to some of the old gospel songs and played the one - Give me Wings - and now you have your wings so be at rest. Love you so much Sis.

  24. Dorothy Runnels says:
    01 Jul 2022
    Wow Sis, where do I start. Maybe I'll start with how much I love and miss you. I was just thinking the other day how we use to get on the road after we worked all day going wherever and neither of us had any sleep and taking no dose to stay awake. Mom was so nervous for us. God was watching out for us even when we didn't know it. We had so many fun times. You've been there for me for as long as I could remember. Even in high school you always made sure we had money for snacks. Driving us where we needed to go saying (ya'll better learn how to drive), so we did. It just seems unreal that you aren't here anymore. I was listening to the old gospel songs that you love and this one came to mind - Give me Wings - and you now have your wings so be at rest. Love you so much

  25. Earline Hubbard says:
    30 Jun 2022
    Beverly!!!!!sis who am I going to talk to at 4am, 5am,6am, or all times of day, and night now I never thought I would miss hearing my phone ring before day in the morning,or late at night as much as I have these past two weeks. I miss you so much already I can 'texplain it. I am perplexed about this. I feel so lost right now. I never thought you would be the first of us to leave. I don't know what,or how I should be feeling right now can't cry, and feeling so very hurt, sorry, and angry 2Corinthiañs5:8 says to be absent from the body and to be present with the LORD. I will have to draw my strength from the WORD OF GOD, and know that you are with our FATHER now.I Love you so much sis,and always will KISSES SMOOCHES.❤️✌

    30 Jun 2022


  27. Earline Hubbard lit a candle:
    30 Jun 2022
    Lit since June 30, 2022 at 6:09:56 PM

  28. LAWRENCE RUNNELS lit a candle:
    30 Jun 2022
    Lit since June 30, 2022 at 6:00:54 PM

  29. Amy Cooper says:
    30 Jun 2022
    The Memories of my Great Cousin will never fade! I remember you telling me not to call you Squirt anymore and I honor that Beverly! So active and full of life! I used to get calls from you at least once a month and looked forward to seeing you again! Rest In Peace Dear Cousin! Hugs and Love to my family!

  30. Annie Cooper says:
    30 Jun 2022
    Rest In peace my niece,gone never forgotten

  31. Armecia L Cooper says:
    30 Jun 2022
    Thankful for the life of my cousin Squirt and the legacy she leaves with her daughter and grandchildren. May you all be strengthened by the love and memories she leaves with you!

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