In loving memory of
Carrie Jackson
  • September 08, 1923
  • -
  • January 10, 2019

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Carrie Mae Jackson was born September 8, 1923 in Eastover, South Carolina. Her parents were Henry Jackson and Ruth Williams. She was born the third of six children. She was delivered by a mid wife as was common of the time and place. Carrie was born with asthma. It was severe enough to keep her in bed and out of school. As a result she finished only 3 years of education. At some point she went to live with her aunt. It was reported that there she suffered verbal abuse. Afterward Carrie was reunited with her siblings. Carrie never spoke much of that episode in her life.

Carrie married young into an abusive and alcoholic marriage. She soon removed herself from that situation and divorced. Doctors suggested that a change of environment would ease her suffering of asthma. She then relocated to Brooklyn New York. She found work at Weiss and sons on Canal Street, in New York City. There she wrapped boxes and put together cartons. In Brooklyn she met David James Phillips. He was a merchant seaman and employed in the Brooklyn Navy yard. Soon after Carrie and David were a couple, and blessed with a baby boy, Alfred Phillips. Her husband brought his mother to America from Turks and Caicos Islands. He then sold his house on Gates Ave. He then bought 833 Lafayette Ave. for more space. There the family lived happily until illness and heart disease took her husband. On June 15, 1958 Carrie became a widow at thirty five, with an eight year old son.

In October a year later her mother in law died. Carrie provided for her son by steady employment. By 1957 the public school system was not able to manage the environmental changes. Carrie then enrolled her son in catholic school. After five years there Alfred was recommended to Bishop Loughlin M.H.S. Earning only $64.00 per week she managed to pay the tuition there for four years until graduation. Carrie was devoted to her son and never re married although there was opportunity. During this time Carrie entered Medical Aid Training School. Upon completion of her courses she worked as a private duty nurse aid and often traveled in that capacity. She purchased a brownstone from her husband’s cousin at 522 Monroe Street, Brooklyn. There she remained within walking distance of two sisters and one brother. She began to practice Christianity earnestly at First A.M.E. Church nearby. There she was steadfast, working in the soup kitchen feeding the homeless twice per week. Carrie would walk there and back, often in the dark. Many times she fell asleep without eating her own dinner. To relax she and her sister often went to the movie theatre nearby. The air conditioning was an added plus to enjoy.

In her mid sixties Carried survived breast cancer and stomach cancer later on. She continued her duties at the Soup Kitchen until her heart began to grow weak. Eventually she attended her church on Sundays and special occasions only. The stairs of a brownstone was becoming problematic as well. At about 88 years old Carrie fell and cracked her hip and wrist in a fall. Then it was obvious she could no longer live alone and joined her son Alfred in Florida. Soon after, the Lord blessed her son with a wife, Birdina and Carrie with a daughter. With her own suite in a new home Carrie adjusted well in Florida. In 2011 she attended and joined Mt. Calvary Baptist Church of Palm Coast. Illness followed Carrie again soon after. Circulatory problems caused the loss of her leg. Although she did not attend Mt. Calvary much after that event, her devotion to the Lord continued daily. In 2017 she loss the vision of one eye. At 94 years of age she asked her family that she not be bothered with any more medical test. Recently Carrie began to fall when transferring herself between chairs. This caused her to need bed rest only. Her heart grew weaker. Her light grew dimmer. She began to see the other world often. Medical staff would call these hallucinations. On 1/10/19 Carrie responded to her son one last time at daybreak. About one hour later she fell asleep and peacefully left this world. On 1/9/19 at daybreak, the day before Alfred and Birdina lost the family German Sheppard, named Diva Honey.

Carrie Mae Jackson leaves behind her one son, her daughter in law one sister, one grand-daughter, several nieces, nephews and cousins. Grand nieces and nephews and great grand nieces and nephews are also feeling a loss. She also leaves us with fond memories and love. Carrie leaves us with a model of a job well done.

A reading of Carrie Jacksons favorite Psalm 23 rd Psalm


When you get to the end of all the light you know and it is time to step into the darkness of the unknown… Faith, is knowing, that one of two things shall happen: Either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.

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