Edward Cullinan (December 25, 1942 - July 26, 2019)

In loving memory of
Edward Cullinan
  • December 25, 1942
  • -
  • July 26, 2019

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Edward Noel (Buffy) Cullinan
12/25/1942 – 7/24/2019

Devoted son of the late Lt. Col. Edward John and Thelma Louise Cullinan.  Brother of Michael Philip Cullinan (Anna), Jan Derek Cullinan (Debbie), Gail Louise Cullinan-Poels (Joe).  Also survived by Aunt Helen Cullinan and a family of cousins, nieces and nephews.
Mr. Cullinan served his country in the U.S. Air Force.  He chose the Orlando Police Department for his career and during this time he earned a degree from Rollins College while achieving and retiring at the rank of Captain.
In 1982  then Lt. Cullinan had a vision of bringing Central Florida SWAT teams together to train, compete and share ideas.  The first SWAT Round Up was held that fall and this year The SWAT Roundup International will celebrate its 37th anniversary.

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  1. Jim Berliner says:
    27 Jun 2023
    Wow I knew Noel in the 50s and 60s when we were neighbors. Mike and Jan were some of my best friends. We all looked up to Noel and we’re very proud of him. May God Bless and keep him in His loving arms forever.
    Love to his brothers and sister

  2. Susie says:
    02 Oct 2019
    As a certain police chief once told me "Police officers fall into one of two categories ...... then there is Buffy." You were certainly one of a kind. RIP

  3. R. Luis Villafaña says:
    15 Sep 2019
    Edward, Noel, "Spider", "Buffy" Cullinan.
    12/25/1942 – 7/24/2019
    My sincere condolences to all of Spider's family, friends and colleagues. Like others here, I first met Spider in Mount St. Agnes, Hamilton, Bermuda, beginning of school year Fall of 1959. We were schoolmates and not the closest of friends. I am Bermudian and Spider being American lived on the base. We were friendly and got along fine. As the years passed and we attended high school reunions, we became friends, and since out 50th reunion, 2010, we became closer with each of us visiting the other. My wife really enjoyed his company and personality...….Spider was calm, collected and always soft spoken and a very good listener. It wasn't until I visited him in Panama City that I learned about all his talents and about his work and his SWAT team......I had to drag it out of him, but the several times we were together, I kept questioning him and he enjoyed talking about the men on the team and "their" accomplishments. He told me about a number of them and showed me photos, commendations, awards and always praised The Team. He was very proud of his team and of the SWAT Roundup that he started and invited me to go with him. I missed 2018, because of travel, but were going to go together in 2019....I won’t make that, but I will wager that his team member and many others will toast and remember their Captain with glasses high and tales of him. He was always the epitome of calm and control to me. I remember his patience, his kindness and his goodwill of and for others. He did not speak unkindly to me of anyone. You are a good man Spider and I will sorely miss you, your company and the ease at which we sat together and discussed many people and subjects. Look on us from above and help guide us, to be better folk. I know you are in the best place.
    May we meet again.
    Your friend always Spider
    R. Luis Villafaña

  4. R. Luis Villafaña lit a candle:
    13 Sep 2019
    Lit since September 13, 2019 at 9:09:19 AM

  5. Tim Olander says:
    12 Sep 2019
    Great memories of living in Bermuda when Spider (his nick name there) and his dad was stationed there and ran the Army Terminal on an Air Force base in the middle of the Atlantic. Teen Town, TimeOut For Teenagers (the base television show) and his great basketball shooting ability may be distant memories but they are still there. Rest in Peace my friend

  6. Jeanne Paré says:
    12 Sep 2019
    In 1959, Noel Cullinan joined us as a Senior at Mount Saint Agnes Academy in Hamilton, Bermuda. By the time we graduated, we had spent a year with this man we nicknamed "Spider". Nearly 60 years later, I remember him fondly and as a kind and gentle spirit - one with a twinkle in his eye. We saw him over the years at class reunions - he always brought so much camaraderie to our gatherings. We'll miss you Spider. Godspeed!

  7. Dianna Doe says:
    12 Sep 2019
    So sorry to learn of Noel’s sudden passing. We were classmates in the late 50’s, graduating in 1960 from Mount Saint Agnes in Bermuda. Many fond memories of those days with the US Air Force/Navy students in our group. With sincere condolences to all his family. May he Rest In Peace

  8. R. Luis Villafaña posted an image:
    12 Sep 2019
    Spider at Mount St. Agnes 50th reunion, 2010, Williamsburg, Virginia
    Spider at Mount St. Agnes 50th reunion, 2010, Williamsburg, Virginia

  9. kate Beasley says:
    26 Aug 2019
    Met Capt Cullinan when I was a volunteer at OPD in 1993. He treated me like a regular employee and looked after me encouraging me to become an officer. What a kind soul he had.

  10. Carrie Cullinan Vivas lit a candle:
    24 Aug 2019
    Lit since August 24, 2019 at 8:48:22 AM

  11. LuAnn Smith lit a candle:
    22 Aug 2019
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  12. Kathy Cullinan Cossack and Jerry Cossack says:
    22 Aug 2019

    How fortunate we were to re-connect with you two years ago at your Mother's memorial service. For me, you will always be that handsome young man with the jet-black hair who I looked up to. It was so pleasant to sit and talk to you one last time. Until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand.

  13. Lloyd Randolph says:
    22 Aug 2019
    I met Capt. Cullinan shortly after I joined the Orlando Police Department. At that time, Buffy was SWAT Commander and all at OPD gave him in the upmost respect. It was truly my pleasure to work side by side with Capt. Cullinan, he will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace Brother. We have the Watch.

  14. Michael P. Cullinan lit a candle:
    21 Aug 2019
    Lit since August 21, 2019 at 8:23:24 PM

  15. Michael P. Cullinan says:
    21 Aug 2019


    This is truly a moment when no written word can describe the depth of our sorrow. You will always be remembered for your compassion and love of life. You stood tall and your accomplishments gave you the right to do so. Know that you will always be loved and surrounded by the people who knew and respected you.

    Farewell my brother, rest easy.

    Michael & Anna

  16. Howard Yates says:
    21 Aug 2019
    And Now We Say Goodbye

    Great sadness fills our hearts today
    As pipes and drums, in slow march play.
    A comrade’s fallen by the way,
    And now we say goodbye.

    This hero to the very end
    Was more than just a casual friend,
    Who would a stranger’s life defend,
    And now we say goodbye

    But we shall cherish, all our days,
    The character this life portrayed
    With sacrifice so freely made,
    And now we say goodbye.

    The hand salute, o’er Stars and Stripes,
    And distant skirl of highland pipes,
    Bid last farewell with hero’s rights,
    And now we say goodbye.

    While here on Earth, you gave your best.
    Now in the Master’s arms you rest.
    T’is by your memory we are blessed.
    And now we say goodbye.

    © Howard G. Yates

  17. Robert Gregory says:
    21 Aug 2019
    I last saw Buffy at Jess Lee’s house when we helped Jess paint a gigantic garage for his motor home and just a few months later, sadly, at Jess’s funeral. It was so good to see him after almost 15 years. Buffy was my Captain when I was a watch commander. His leadership abilities are worthy of emulation. What a great guy to work for. I treasure the time spent with him, Sid Bourgeios and Emmett Browning on the F.O.P. Lodge 25 cooking committee many, many years ago. The laughs we shared made the task most enjoyable. The war stories told after several beers certainly stretched credulity. I never met anyone in my 25 years on OPD that didn’t like Buffy, nor did I ever hear of any disrepute attached to this fine man. He was very a very unique individual who truly did it his way. God bless you brother.

  18. Ron Nickolson says:
    21 Aug 2019
    Buffy was one of the NICE-GOOD guys, even though he became a Captain, you would never know it as he was a friend to all and treated all as equals. A great guy who would listen and talk with you.

  19. Caragh Cullinan-Poels posted an image:
    20 Aug 2019
    We all love and miss you so much, Uncle Noel.
    We all love and miss you so much, Uncle Noel.

  20. Caragh Cullinan-Poels lit a candle:
    20 Aug 2019
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  21. Patti and Steve Cowan lit a candle:
    20 Aug 2019
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  22. peeeeeshaws says:
    20 Aug 2019
    OPD, FOP, SWAT & many more owe alot to "Buffy". Good LEO, good man & a good friend. They did't make many like him. RIP Buffy

  23. Debbie Cullinan says:
    20 Aug 2019
    We loved your wonderful sense of humor and wit. You always had an interesting story to tell. We love you and miss you terribly.
    Sending you hugs,
    Jan, Debbie and Dallas

  24. ANNA CULLINAN says:
    20 Aug 2019

  25. Shawn Marie Huddleston lit a candle:
    20 Aug 2019
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    19 Aug 2019
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    19 Aug 2019
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  28. J Cullinan posted an image:
    19 Aug 2019

  29. J Cullinan says:
    19 Aug 2019
    Missing you brother so very much.

  30. J Cullinan lit a candle:
    19 Aug 2019
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