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In loving memory of
Kathryn Marie Paul
  • July 13, 1944
  • -
  • March 09, 2021

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As I write this note, It’s hard to believe
That she is gone. Kathy was always so
full of life. Her smile is what I miss the most.
She always had a good thing to say about
Everyone she met. Even her local Walgreens store, folks who knew and
helped her retrieve a product she just couldn’t reach, knew her as “Miss Kathy”.
She would always listen to your story,
And was genuinely interested in what
you had to say. She had a life that was
full, but filled with tragedy. First, she
lost the use of her right leg in an
accident that took 33 surgeries to
correct. She never complained once
about the crutches she used to get
around with or living with the crest
syndrome that made it impossible
to grasp certain objects. Finally the
death of our only daughter, Stephanie,
was a shock to the both of us.

I hope she’s at peace, and reunited with
family and friends, who proceeded her.
It is going to take me a long time to
realize that she is not here anymore.
For me, I will continue to love her for the
rest of my life. Rest in peace Kathy, and
until we meet again,
Love +/- Peter

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  1. Pat Balmer says:
    02 Apr 2021
    I met Kathy on my very first day at Deaconess Milwaukee. She made me feel so welcome. Our friendship grew and grew based on that very first day. I have always been very proud of my American friend of 50 years! That first day seems like yesterday. When she visited me in Lancaster, England we celebrated our friendship by having drinks out of Schlitz beer glasses that we purchased in Milwaukee all those years before. She will be sorely missed.

    Love, Pat Balmer

  2. Laurie Lindberg says:
    02 Apr 2021
    We all remember Kathy as an amazing, unique, one of a kind person with an endless list of special qualities. We are all so blessed to have had her in our lives. I will never forget the first time I met Kath 50 years ago. I was organizing a ski club weekend trip and I needed one more female for our room. I picked Kathy’s name out of a list of people that had signed up, because I thought it sounded “interesting”! And she definitely was!!!! Kath was so much fun, I knew we would become friends for life. Since we were both nurses we always had a story to tell each other. She helped me get my favorite job of my career, at Columbia hospital being in charge of the Cystoscopy room. The door had a window that Kathy would make faces through trying to make me laugh during the procedures, and causing the doctors to give me quite a few quizzical looks!! Kath and I leaned on each other raising our daughters who were only a year apart and who also became good friends... they were like triplets!
    I must mention Kathy’s delicious, mouth watering, red velvet cake! I was fortunate to receive a few. Whenever I see one in the store or on a menu, etc., I think of Kathy and it makes my heart smile
    I love and miss you, Kathy

  3. Katie Tester posted an image:
    27 Mar 2021

  4. Jill Borsos says:
    27 Mar 2021
    She was quite a lady!

    As Peter and Kathy were two of my parents' dearest friends, I have known Kathy my whole life, and she, and Peter, hold a very special place in my heart. From the best camping trips to traveling around Europe, it was always such a pleasure.

    Kathy had a unique sense of style and I loved seeing what she was working on next. Whether weaving, sewing, cooking, or whatever it was, you can bet it was creative and she was excited about it!

    I loved hearing her stories, and I still keep a package of cream cheese in my freezer (a trick of hers that I adopted, because she told me 'you never know who might be coming by and you can always make something good with cream cheese' (she always made a scrumptious dips and spreads!) :)

    I was really looking forward to seeing her again, but I will carry her along in my heart. Love to you both!

  5. Lois Borsos says:
    27 Mar 2021
    Kathy was my dear fiend for most of my married life. I have fond memories of how impressed I was with how she did things with ease from entertaining, cooking awesome dinners, sewing and the list goes on. Kathy always was interested on how and what people were doing whether it was my family or friends.
    Remembering all the things we did together: roommates at College Days for Women at UWMadison for 17 yrs. , camping together with Peter, Earl and me around WI, Canada, and traveling across Europe in a Motor Home, etc . Kathy and I would talk every few Sundays about Sunday Morning on TV which we both loved. Since I hadn't heard from her I called her. She was in rehab, called her there. Gratefully, she answered the phone. Kathy said, "Oh Sunday Morning, we didn't talk", that was it. Sadly two days later she passed away.
    Kathy you will be missed! Love you!

  6. Lois Borsos says:
    27 Mar 2021
    Kathy was my dear friend for most my married life. I have fond memories of Kathy and how she could entertain, cook, sew, etc. with ease. She was always interested in people and would ask how and what they were doing.
    Remembering the camping trips in WI, Canada and traveling in motor homes with Kathy and Peter through Europe. Remembering sadly consoling each other after losing our children, our son Earl II and later their daughter Stephanie.
    Kathy would call me every few weeks after watching Sunday Morning on TV to discuss it. Wandered why I haven't heard from her. Ended up calling her in rehab. Thankfully she answered the phone. She said, "Oh, Sunday Morning, we didn't talk." That was it! She passed away 2 days later. Love you Kathy, you will be missed.

  7. Lois Borsos says:
    27 Mar 2021
    Kathy was my dear friend for most my married life. I have fond memories of how she did things with such ease from entertaining to cooking, sewing and the list goes on. She was always interested in how and what people were doing.
    Remembering all the things we did together. We were roommates at the UWMadison College Days for Women for 17 years. Camped in WI, Canada and travel around Europe in a motorhome with Kathy and Peter. We both grieved for losing a child, their Stephanie our Earl II.
    We would talk every few weeks about the Sunday Morning TV program after watching it. Two days before she passed away I called her in rehab. Fortunately she answered the phone and recognized my voice and said. "Oh, Sunday Morning, we didn't talk." That was the last I heard from her. You will be missed Kathy, love you.

  8. Katie Tester posted an image:
    21 Mar 2021
    What a beauty!
    What a beauty!

  9. Katie Tester says:
    21 Mar 2021
    I can hear Kathy all around me; especially her laugh. I can feel her warmth and strong embrace. I can almost taste her famous, my most favorite, Beef Stroganoff.
    It’s so hard to believe she’s gone. I’m blessed to have 30 years of memories to hold on to.
    There were many things I admired about Kathy. The first two that come to mind was her unbelievable strength and love she had for her family and friends.
    I’m grateful for the years I’ve had with Kathy and even though I’ll miss her tremendously, it warms my heart knowing she and Stephanie are together again.
    I look forward to listening to Peter’s never-before-heard stories and looking through a lifetime of pictures.

  10. Julianne Hansen says:
    20 Mar 2021
    The minute I met you in Nursing School in 1966 I knew you were a keeper. Oh the stories we could tell! I think the statute of limitations has passed. Living together during on the East side during the Milwaukee riots was another memorable time. I will also remember our limited food supplies that included flour and and egg so you made a cake and I think we had Black Russians to drink. Crazy times. You were in my wedding, we were godparents for each other’s children and shared so many things over the years. You always visited when we were in our nomadic life phase which led to more good memories. I have so many Christmas and Birthday gifts from you that I have treasured over the years. We have burned up the telephone lines for decades. That you will be missed is an understatement. Heaven is being reorganized as I write this. Rest In Peace treasured friend.

  11. Susana Hong says:
    20 Mar 2021
    I remember Kathy fondly .
    We were co-worker from Surgery to OPD at Columbia Hospital .
    So we were friends for a long time.
    Before she moved to Florida ,She ,I and Doris ( another OR tech) go to P.F.Chang to have lunch a few times .
    And we have a great time ,talking about the good old days. She was on clutches then .But it did not stop her from enjoying our lunch dates .
    Now whenever I pass by P.F. Chang ,I remember Katie laughter and giggles ,And what a great time we have,
    Will never forget Kathy and her laugh.
    Your friend : Susana Hong

  12. Steve and Celeste Horvath says:
    20 Mar 2021
    We will miss you Kathy.

    We have known you and Peter since our college days at Layton School of Art. We had a great time socializing, Peter and Steve working through their homework while you nursed your patients back to health at the hospital.

    We can’t forget those fabulous meals we shared at each other’s homes, our daughters growing up together, a ski trip or two thrown in and oh, those New Year’s Eve parties.

    We grieved with you and Peter at the loss of your beautiful daughter Stephanie.

    It was hard to see you struggle through your injury and later surgeries from your shipboard fall. but you always had something cheery and positive to say regardless.

    You and Peter moved to Florida with a newfound energy anxious to leave this cold climate in Wisconsin. The occasional phone call kept us in touch. We were so happy for both of you.

    Your spirit will live on and give Peter the strength to move forward.

    We will miss you.

  13. Patt and Bill Herzing says:
    16 Mar 2021
    Kathy, my loving and Steady, friend you are a blessing in my life!
    Now you are out of your struggle, at peace.
    Our friendship began in 1970 as nurses in the OR at Columbia Hospital Milwaukee, WI.
    Over all these years since we shared laughs and tears!
    God has the best recycler in heaven!
    Kathy showed us what perseverance is. She was the Champion!
    Bill and I will treasure the wonderful memories.
    We will continue to share these with Peter in our days ahead.
    You will always be part of our History.
    I just loved you Mrs. Bear,
    (“Marks and Sparks”
    Chatty Kathy and Patt)
    Your friends forever, Patt and Mr. Bill

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