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In loving memory of
Kyle Stephen Bauer
  • December 07, 1992
  • -
  • January 07, 2021

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Kyle Stephen Bauer, 28, died suddenly Thursday, January 7, 2021. He was born in Ocean Side, Long Island, NY on December 7, 1992 to Gary and Janice Bauer.

He was a graduate of the State University of New York at Albany and worked as a counselor.

Surviving are: his mother, Janice Lynn Petropoulos of Estero; his father & step-mother, Gary and Karen Bauer of Fort Myers; siblings, Peter and Michael Petropoulos, both of New York, Gary Bauer, Jr of New Jersey, Cheyenne Bauer of New York, and Derek Bauer of North Carolina; grandfather, Robert Woltal of New York; several aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews.

A Memorial service will be held at 1:00 pm, Tuesday, January 12, 2021 at Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, 4320 Colonial Blvd., Fort Myers.


Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society
4320 Colonial Blvd

Date & Time:
January 12, 2021 at 1:00 PM

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  1. miyaminaaj says:
    07 Dec 2021
    Happy Birthday Mr. Kyle

  2. M says:
    07 Dec 2021
    Happy birthday Kyle

  3. M lit a candle:
    07 Dec 2021
    Lit since December 7, 2021 at 12:19:25 PM

  4. k lit a candle:
    02 Dec 2021
    Lit since December 2, 2021 at 12:16:29 AM

  5. Marlene Hernandez lit a candle:
    19 Aug 2021
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  6. Marlene Hernandez lit a candle:
    19 Aug 2021
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  7. jermiya haynes lit a candle:
    01 Jul 2021
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  8. Marlene lit a candle:
    15 Jun 2021
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  9. jermiya lit a candle:
    03 May 2021
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    03 May 2021
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  11. M lit a candle:
    26 Apr 2021
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  12. Marlene Hernandez says:
    03 Feb 2021
    Missing you every day Mr.Kyle.

  13. Anna holt says:
    17 Jan 2021
    I can’t say how much I’m gonna miss your soul. Kyle you were everything, the simplicity of eating breakfast together every morning at work even on our busy days was everything and as if I didn’t miss you enough with you moving to Florida, Thank you for everything Kyle, my cocoa special coffee you’d make me, it was simply cocoa and coffee with a little cream and you’d make it for me even when I’d go to make it myself. You’d me like “no no no, I got it!” Lol The conversations we’d have on our smoke breaks about our day to day life.. We would always get in trouble for sneaking out together but that was just our thing. You made life easier to deal with everyday. For years You effected my life in the best ways Kyle. You were a soul that will never be replaced. I will scream your name forever. You meant so much more to me than I ever really got to express. Every joke and every insider that we share. I’ll never forget you. ❤️

  14. Anna holt lit a candle:
    17 Jan 2021
    Lit since January 17, 2021 at 1:05:43 PM

  15. Ro says:
    15 Jan 2021
    There are no words that can express how I feel that you are no longer with us. I really don’t think you knew how many people really cared and loved you. Your kind and sweet nature is a rare to fine these days. You were so talented from your music to your chef skills.! You were such a joy to work with and to see every day. I will miss you oh so much. Rest in paradise my darling!

  16. Shana Pearson lit a candle:
    15 Jan 2021
    Lit since January 15, 2021 at 1:05:34 AM

  17. Lissa lit a candle:
    13 Jan 2021
    Lit since January 13, 2021 at 1:50:40 AM

  18. Lissa says:
    13 Jan 2021
    I met Mr. Kyle through the oasis youth shelter, and he was 100% my favorite, like i told him everyday. He had these unique stories that he would tell us, and this little attitude that put it together. He would listen to machine gun kelly in the structure and we all teased him. His laugh was like magic, the whole room would laugh with him. Definitely the best laugh i've ever heard. His whole face would turn red and he would make these long laughing sounds. He was always cracking jokes, just making the environment positive. Every day at 3:00 when he came in for his shift the whole room lit up and people were like "Yo, Mr. Kyle!" One time he made this fire baked mac n' cheese, bbq wings, hot wings, and then these salty vinegar wings and everybody was joking about how white he was. He was one of the only staff I talked to about my feelings like that, and he made everything better. He was always musical, drumming his fingers or humming, Its something that made him who he was. You could tell h listened to alt rock, it was just something he took pride in. A few times while everyone was playing sports, me and Mr. Kyle would listen to music and talk and just vibe together. He understood people, he cared. He truly is one of the best people I've ever met. I have so many great memories with him, and I hope he finds peace. Fly high Mr. kyle.

  19. Philip Solomonick lit a candle:
    12 Jan 2021
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  20. Dede lit a candle:
    12 Jan 2021
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  21. Dede says:
    12 Jan 2021
    So I first met Mr. Kyle towards the end of July. It was his first day working at the shelter and I was sitting with another staff member and I said to the other staff member "he looks like he listens to alternative rock." Lol! And I actually went up to him and was like you listen to that don't you? And he was like uh yeahhh! And ever since then it was history. From that point on he was my go to person for EVERYTHING!!! We even had our own handshake and everything when he would walk in to start his shift it was like a weight has been lifted off of the place, because mr. Kyle's presence was just so pure. Mr. Kyle has helped me through a lot of things and for that I am forever grateful for, he was there when I was going through a lot and he would actually sit and take the time out of his day just to talk to me about what's bothering me or what's new at school or what happened at the shelter while he was gone. I remember when he asked me to draw him a picture and I did and literally the next day it was up on his Facebook cover wall. I also painted a canvas with his name on it for his new apartment. I will forever cherish the moments I had with Mr. Kyle! He truly was an amazing person. Fly high Mr. Kyle❤️

  22. kiki says:
    11 Jan 2021
    Mr.kyle well lem just say from the junk u was coolest "OG" out of all of the staff to me in my opinion and we both know that my opinion is very valuable so:)))...I just wanna say i remember when i had met him the first time and he had said what is your name and i had dab him up and i said my name is kiara but i go by kiki he was like "kiki do u love me are riding......And i told him no just kiki and from there we started talking about what i wanted to be when i got older and what was things i wanted to go as i am getting older now...From there it turned into always going to Mr.kyle when i had something on my mind.Always go to him when i had felt like i was finna slap a person in the side of they head which we don't talk about that.....Now lets talk about the "PIMP" Mr.Kyle now in my books This dude right here named Mr.Kyle now was a certified PIMP I don't care what nobody say he was the best at his titled n the best at keeping it....But there was times that he did get in my business which each time he knew he was in my business he would look at me before i would say it and say "You in my business..... yeah .....don't do dat" and he knew that i would laugh because he knew he had said it before me.But one thing i can say about Mr.kyle is he family loved his family a lot.And loved his mom with all his heart and We would have talk's cause he knew i would go through it and help me to where i am at right now which is rebuilding my relationship with my mother:))))I know and he know we both still can't stand these Floridian cause we both from NEW YORK.....So yall can see i am bring that new york energy up in dis obituary in memory of Mr.kyle ...But i wanna say even tho i have a lot to say and we all know i can talk for days for days he mad a real impacted on my life n on the person that i am trying to work on becoming...R.I.P to the fellow "OG" Mr.kyle love da one and only kiki>3....

  23. Jer'Miya lit a candle:
    11 Jan 2021
    Lit since January 11, 2021 at 1:42:30 PM

  24. Jer'Miya says:
    11 Jan 2021
    Mr. Kyle was literally one of the best people ever. I remember the first day I met him, I was bawling my eyes out because I didn't want to be there, but somehow that night he made me laugh. He would always be drumming his finger on the table or doing some type of singing during his shift. I remember the first time he heard me having a full conversation with Alexis and he was surprised, because I didn't talk much (at that time). I remember how we would only watch The Flash and Criminal Minds until he got sick of it and made us watch something else. You could never stay mad for too long, because he always put you in a good mood. He was always down to play a game of uno and sing karaoke with us. He was also a great cook (that chicken teriyaki was sooooo good:)). I remember the first time I helped him in the kitchen (our mashed potatoes came out lumpy, but that's another convo for another time.) I also remember how I would talk to you everytime you came to the door and ask you "What time is it?" When I was crying one night, he wouldn't leave my door until I told him what was wrong. He gave me some good advice that night. Yooo, I remember the day when my grades were low and he wouldn't let me leave to go outside until I got caught up with my work. To this day I am thankful, because if I didn't get that push from him, I probably (most likely) wouldn't have done it. He would always tell us stories from his childhood and give some great advice. My favorite memory with Mr. Kyle is when we had went to laser tag with Ms. Chyna and the old crew of kids. That was such a fun night. He was such a good motivator. He wanted the best not only for me, but every other kid that was at the shelter. Oh yeah, he would always talk about Florida and its Floridians like New York is better...because it's very much not, like at all (he loved florida but was too cocky to say it....wbk). Everytime we had an argument neither one of us could be serious, because we would end up making each other laugh. At first, no cap, I didn't think we were gonna click, because I am a die hard Nicki Minaj fan, and he told me that he didn't like her like that...I had no words. But we still managed to have a close bond. We even had some of the same artists, like Doja Cat and Justin Bieber. When one of those artists came on in the van, he knew ALL the lyrics. For some reason he always knew or could catch on to things that we thought we were keeping secret from him and the rest of the staff. For all the things that he didn't know, I would catch him up during hygiene time. Although it is very disappointing for him to leave from Earth so early, I am glad we were able to make such great memories. He may be gone, but he won't be forgotten.
    I love and miss you,
    jer'miya haynes (aka miya minaj or miya the harajuku barbie)

  25. kiki lit a candle:
    11 Jan 2021
    Lit since January 11, 2021 at 1:35:28 PM

  26. Audrey saura says:
    11 Jan 2021
    mr.kyle was definitely one of my favorite staffs at the shelter. i remember my first time meeting him i loved his attitude he had with the kids he was so funny and always in a good mood he never could stay mad at us when we made him upset. I told him that I'll see him again soon, i wish i could have. It hurts me so much that this happened so unexpectedly he had a good future ahead of him. he would tell us stories about his past when he was younger and looking at him now he definitely changed for the better. he will be missed so much. I'll always love mr.kyle❤️

  27. Marlene Hernandez - marleneher1417 posted an image:
    11 Jan 2021

  28. Marlene Hernandez - marleneher1417 says:
    11 Jan 2021
    Mr.Kyle was a very funny guy. He loved to hang out and joke around. We would always be laughing and joking around. Its so sad for me to say goodbye to someone that in such a small amount of time managed to mean so much to me. On days that I was weather sad or mad he was always there to cheer me up. He was always going around with this big smile. We would always be having our small arguements but we always ended up laughing. (by the way he was always right) He enjoyed spending time with all the Youths. He really deserved to have more time. I know he really loved his family because he was always speaking god about them. My favorite memory of your loved one is that right before I left the shelter I gave him a stuffed stuffed hedgehog. (that he named Sonic) He promised to keep it with him at all times. When he was walking around the halls he dropped multiple items but keep that hedgehog with him. I told him that I was gonna be back and his response was" Im not going anywhere. Im going to work here for another 5 years". I have alot of other funny memories that Mr.Kyle was the reason for. Im so sorry for the lost of such an amazing human being. He will be dearly missed. May he be with god. We all love/miss you Mr.Kyle.

  29. Marlene lit a candle:
    11 Jan 2021
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  30. Marlene lit a candle:
    11 Jan 2021
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    11 Jan 2021
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  32. Sue and Ralph May lit a candle:
    10 Jan 2021
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