Michael Lynn Long (November 16, 1948 - March 24, 2022)

In loving memory of
Michael Lynn Long
  • November 16, 1948
  • -
  • March 24, 2022

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Michael Lynn Long passed away on March 24,2022 in Orlando, Florida. He was born in
Hopkinsville, Kentucky on November 16, 1948; then, moved to Michigan in 1960, where he
attended high school and college.

Mike came to Florida in the 1970s and worked in aviation for over 50 years. He had
many friends and associates in the industry. He was fair, honest, and hardworking. He always
did his best to treat others with kindness and respect–a trait he passed on to his children,
Geoffrey and Amy.

Mike loved life, had a curious mind and a spontaneous sense of humor. He was a
business owner, a pilot and talented photographer who loved the outdoors. Dogs held a special
place in his heart and his Sheltie, Lanie, was always by his side. Most of all, Mike was a devoted
husband, a loving father and grandfather, and a true friend.

He is survived by his wife Susan; son, Geoffrey (Stacy); daughter, Amy (Bryan);
grandchildren, Avery, Charlie, and Henry; stepbrother John; and many nieces and nephews.
He was preceded in death by his parents, Dalton Long and Eula Bremer; stepparents,
Elfriede Long and James Bremer; and his brother James Bremer, Jr.

As a tribute, please share your memories of Mike on his memorial website.

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  1. Susan Long says:
    18 Apr 2023
    It has been one year since you've left, and I feel your presence everyday. Sometimes, I'm sitting in the house or on the patio and think of something I want to tell you, forgetting that you're no longer here. But even when I remember, a voice inside tells me that you're nearby, watching, doing your best to guide me, laughing and shaking your head at some of the things I do, realizing that I'm stronger than you imagined, and knowing that I'll be okay. Just as I know that you, too, are doing well, and finding your way. When you see them, please say hello to everyone there, especially Heidi. We miss her so much. Tell them that we'll meet again soon. Life on earth is just a stone's skip on the surface of eternity. We need to be grateful for our brief time in this world, to make the most of it, and to be kind to those who travel with us on this journey. You did all those things, Mike, and God welcomed you home with opened arms. I miss you.

  2. Susan Long lit a candle:
    17 Apr 2023
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  3. DENNIS R DANVILLE lit a candle:
    13 Jun 2022
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    11 Jun 2022
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    10 Jun 2022
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  6. Ronald H DuRoss says:
    10 Jun 2022
    Iam a fellow fraternity brother of Mike! So sorry to hear of his passing! He was a great guy. I'm sure he will be missed by all especially his family. If you need any thing let us know!! So sorry, Ron

  7. Brad Fletcher says:
    09 Jun 2022
    I just learned of Mike's passing from Susan. My name is Brad Fletcher and I knew Mike as the same person others have profiled ... only times 10. Mike and I were members of Tau Epsilon Phi (TEP) fraternity at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) where we shared many experiences together. We were roommates in the frat house; roommates in a campus apartment complex with Kolo and Rock (you'd have to know them); work mates at Butler Aviation at Willow Run Airport; Motorcycle enthusiasts; family friends when our kids were young; and admired his bird named Winston. He also taught me to play Pass Out with Jim Beam bourbon. All of this plus his kindness and his love for the guitar and a good song to sing made him the man I grew to admire. In later years, Mike would join us on TEP Alumni Zoom calls which was the last time I saw him.

    Please pray with me: Heavenly Father, we thank you for all of the blessings you bestow upon us, especially for the precious gift of life. We thank you for placing Mike among as a servant to you and an inspiration to us. We ask you now to fill our void with peace and your sovereign love. Amen

  8. Mary Rutherford Skoglund says:
    05 Jun 2022
    To Mike’s Family:
    Life is a journey, made up of the many paths we have traveled before reaching the end of the trail. Some people you meet you will know for only a short time, and years will pass, but every bit of the life story is a part of who we have become. While you have been blessed for many years with this special man, I knew him for only five years as a teen ager- before any of you ever knew him, and want to share a memory of Mike from that time.
    I met Michael when we started 8th grade classes together at Banner School just after he moved to Michigan from Kentucky. I am sure this move amounted to a great deal of culture shock for him, especially at that age where every kid is extremely self-conscious and feels the entire world is noticing his every move. His gentle kindness, humble intellect, and great sense of humor helped him make his transition to a new school and community a positive one. He was readily accepted by his classmates, who often remarked about his Southern accent, gentlemanly manners, and his ever present addressing of our teachers as “Ma’am” and “Sir.” All our teachers thought so highly of him. I really enjoyed being in class with him. He was a serious student, but he could goof off with the other guys and pull it off better than most… most of the time, that is. Our social studies teacher Mrs. VanConett had a severe hearing impairment but the eyes of a hawk. She adored all of us, but would not hesitate to call us out by name if we decided socializing was more important than listening to her lectures and taking notes. Usually, Mike slipped the chain with the most charming look of innocence on his face as he tried to stifle his sly smile when others in his group got told to leave the room. Yep, Mrs. Van was good for nipping the silliness in the bud, and I can still see the abashed look on Mike’s face when it all finally caught up to him as she calmly spoke into her microphone, “Mike Long, you are dismissed.” It was an electric moment.
    Mike was such a great guy, and I knew wherever he would go in his future, he would continue to be a fine man who would do good things for others and make his future family happy. I loved the photo you chose for this obituary site. It perfectly reflects the Mike I knew so long ago.
    I want you to know I fondly remember Michael and was happy to have been his classmate. Please accept my condolences as you grieve this loss. Cherish the love and legacy he gave you, and know he is smiling now on all of you. Love never disappears.

  9. John Heffernan lit a candle:
    12 May 2022
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  10. Lynne and Donnie lit a candle:
    30 Apr 2022
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  11. Lynne and Donnie says:
    30 Apr 2022
    Mike was truly one of our favorite people, and we will cherish our memories of him. His gentle nature and sense of humor is unforgettable, and will be greatly missed.
    We are so sorry for your loss Susie. You will always have our support and love.

  12. Bonnie Frenkel lit a candle:
    24 Apr 2022
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    22 Apr 2022
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    22 Apr 2022
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  22. Linda Fishkind says:
    22 Apr 2022
    He was such a great support partner to you as you trained your dogs. It was a pleasure to have met him. My heart surrounds you and the family

  23. Pam Perko lit a candle:
    22 Apr 2022
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  24. Jayne Ruzicka says:
    22 Apr 2022
    Dear Susan, I'm so sorry for your loss. I didn't know Mike as well as you but I know his sense of humor was always a pleasure. He will be missed and those memories you have will comfort you thru this tough time. Sending much love and prayers.

  25. Jayne Ruzicka lit a candle:
    22 Apr 2022
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    22 Apr 2022
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