In loving memory of
Patrick Stajdel
  • April 24, 1964
  • -
  • June 16, 2015

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Memorial Services will be held on Monday June 22, 2015 2pm at Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society New Smyrna Beach, FL.

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  1. 26 Jul 2015
    Pam says:
    Pat, you and Lori meant so much to me in my teenage years. You always put a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart even at the times that I felt the worst pain in my life. I loved all the times Danielle, you and I did stuff together and had fun all the time. You were always a laughing, joking, easy-going, weird, funny guy who would always try to bring people up and loved to cheer people up when they were in a bad mood. z

    YOu always pushed your kids and kids' friends to do great in life and held them above yourself (You did anything for them).

    I really missed you before I found out about what happened, and then when I found out, I felt very devastated. Like a piece of me that I didn't even know was there just shattered, it was just complete shock.

    It's been over a month and I still can't believe I will never see you again, I will never hear any more new things you are doing or working on, and I will never get to enjoy another new laugh or smile from you except for the memories in my heart and mind.
    Wish things were different, you were so young to be taken. You still had so many things to do before you were unfairly ripped from the Earth and I hope you RIP.
    You will always be in my heart, Love, Pam

  2. 29 Jun 2015
    Chris Stajdel says:
    For the past 6 days, I’ve been trying to make sense of what happened. I know there is a reason but so far I haven’t been able figure it out.

    Over these last few days, I’ve received so many phone calls and messages from many people. Some of them I haven’t heard from or seen for maybe 30 years. And after speaking with most of them they all said the same thing…… “I just spoke with Pat”. This blew me away. As busy and as hectic as some of Pat’s days were, he seemed to always find the time to reach out to others just to see how they were doing.

    I’d like to quote many of the people I’ve spoken with these past few days to reflect on what Pat meant to them and words that have stuck with them. They said….

    - Pat meant something to people.
    - If you can’t find it, build it yourself.
    - Pat was helpful with getting our business off the ground.
    - I am in disbelief. It isn’t often I meet people with integrity and morals and I am saddened by his passing. God always takes the best of us.
    - He was truly the shirt off his back kind of person.
    - He’s a legend at what he did. He developed software which opened doors for others.
    - Thank you for the time and encouragement you dedicated on the track and the friendship you demonstrated off it.
    - Your personality was larger than life and you always made everyone feel good around you.
    - I have the deepest and most profound respect for Pat. He, more or less, is one of the sole reasons I am who I am today.
    - Pat helped me find parts for my restoration projects and more importantly gave the motivation to finish them.
    - Thank you for your friendship and believing in me.
    - You always took the time to talk to me.
    - Lost on of my best friends today. One of the funniest, most giving and caring people.
    - I will never forget the first time I walked into your shop how nice you treated me and what a great friend you were.
    - Ever since I got the call, my week has not been the same. I loved you like a brother and I’m so upset.
    …. And there were many more. There is a common thread from everyone that I spoke with or got messages from. Even as unorthodox that he was at times, that thread is that Pat was one of the best. Pat touched the hearts of many people all over the world. Some of the people I’ve heard from are from Canada, U.S., Australia, Singapore, S. Korea, England, Turkey, S. America and the Middle East.

    Patrick wasn’t perfect but none of us are. However, he did have a heart of gold and a personality that people gravitated towards.

    Patrick always had a unique way of doing things. You could ask him a question such as…. Give me a mathematical equation that equals six. If I was asked this question, I would have said 3 + 3. But Pat….. he would have said 2 x 12 / 6 squared minus 10. His mind worked in a very unique way which always left me scratching my head.

    In addition, I would like to tell Danielle, Paige and Lori that I am so sorry for your loss. As you just heard, Pat meant everything to me as he did to you. Look around this room. You are surrounded by love. You may not know some of the people very well but I’d be willing to bet every one of them would be there if you needed to talk. I will be there. You’ve grown into young adults but you still have long wonderful lives ahead of you. Your father and husband loved you all so much. He will be watching you and he will be sending signals. Look for those signals and signs because you don’t want to miss them. You need to cherish them as I know I will.

    I’d like to say a few words on my wife’s behalf. Her English is not great yet but in the short amount of time she’s been here she had grown so fond of Pat. She looked forward to the days of seeing him because he always made her laugh and always showed interest with anything she had to say. Since the first day they met, she never stopped talking about him having such a huge heart.

    Pat and I worked together for 26 years and before that lived together 18 years. So for 44 of the 49 years I’ve been alive I’ve seen Pat every day for many hours. It’s extremely sad to know I’ll be going into work next week without him there. There will never be another one like him. I love him and I’ll miss him.

    What can we learn from this? I think we can learn to be there for others who may be down on their luck or struggling. Pat did that. He was there to help even if it was just to lend a ear. Just because someone may have a smile on their face doesn’t mean that their world isn’t crashing all around them. Pick up a phone or send a message to say…. Hello, how are you? We can never take anything or anyone for granite because we never know when it may be the last time we see or speak to them. This makes me think that this could happen to any one of us at any given time. Take life day by day and make sure that everyone that is important in your life knows how much you love and value them. Pat is at peace and I think he is smiling at the thought of how many people loved and cared for him.

    Finally, I would like to quote an old motocross friend of years past that I spoke with this morning….. “Pat will forever be in my mind as a great friend. He accomplished more in his career than most people have in several lifetimes. Always happy, positive and up beat. Whatever challenge he pursued, Pat accomplished. Now, in his last lap, Pat has won again…. ETERNITY! I am confident we will all meet up again and the first thing you’ll notice is Pat’s smile.

  3. 25 Jun 2015
    Elaine Chastenay says:
    I didn't know Patrick well, had only met him a handful of times in my office, but he was very kind and courteous and thankful, he had a great smile and warmness about him. God rest his soul, and condolences to his family, have faith you will see him again.

  4. 23 Jun 2015
    Glynis says:
    I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers to your family. Remember the good times until you are all together again.

  5. 22 Jun 2015
    Rod & Jan says:
    Pat and Linda, We wish to express our deepest sympathy to you, the family and to Patrick’s friends. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and Patrick.

  6. 22 Jun 2015
    Ronnie & Frances says:
    Our hearts break for all the Stajdels. Patrick was a cool guy. His talent always amazed me simply because i had no concept of what skill it required. He was our neighbor too...Rest in peace.

  7. 22 Jun 2015
    Christine Maynard says:
    My cousin with a big heart and full of love . Although we did not see each other often you always held a special place in my heart . We are all deeply sadded , but we will await the day we will all be reunited .
    I love you ,
    Your cousin Christine

  8. 22 Jun 2015
    Danielle stajdel says:
    What is time but a thing we create to control our lives, what are years when you feel no older then the age time has given us. We surround ourself with what we think is so important until we realize that it didn't matter what really matter was the support and love we are given , the lessons you give us the happy thoughts the jokes and bond that kepts us together . You may not be here physically but I know you are here , always around helping me off the ground . I will miss you it was too soon but I know you are in a better place . No more worries no more pain just that rainbow on the other side . I will see you again until then , this is not good bye this is happy trails . I love you dad with all my heart you were my hero my support you will always be here in my heart and always by my side . Until then .

  9. 21 Jun 2015
    Alex and Dragana says:
    It was with deep sadness that we heard of the passing of Pat. He was a wonderful person and will be missed dearly. Please accept our deepest condolences.

  10. 21 Jun 2015
    LISTERS says:
    We are very sorry for your loss. Hugs sent your way. When someone we loves becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure. Our thoughts are with you.

  11. 21 Jun 2015
    LISTERS says:
    We are very sorry for your loss. Hugs sent your way. When someone we loves becomes a memory that memory becomes a treasure. Our thoughts are with you.

  12. 21 Jun 2015
    Chris Kaufmann says:
    Pat, I love what your daughter said. "You are like the Wind." We no longer see you, but we know you are there. I will miss your laughs, your coaching, your mischievious nature, your dreams and innovations, your patience in walking me through a map or a diagnostic. Some times you were like a dyno fan or a Florida Hurricane and other times like a cool breeze at sunset. Love ya man and your huge circle of family and friends. R.I.P.

  13. 20 Jun 2015
    Kim Moyer says:
    I'm just so glad I was able to call you my friend. I'm really gonna miss our talks on the phone and your infectious laugh. What a great guy you were. I would like to send my deepest condolences to your entire family and your friends. RIP Pat, I'll never forget your beautiful soul

  14. 20 Jun 2015
    Jennifer Bucko says:
    I love you so much Uncle Pat. I will always remember you with a huge smile on your face. Enjoy heaven. 💕

  15. 20 Jun 2015
    neal andrews says:
    Pat I'm really going to miss you broI remember the first time we met lol! we were at McDonalds in Willingboro well Edgewater park on 130 1990I had put hydraulics on a turbo spectrum man you was laughing the way the car was jumpingI remember when your kids were born the good times and the bad timesyou taught me so much about turbos!you were there when I bought my first house remember how scared I was you said can't get and A if you scared to get a F ! anyway bro want your family know how much you meant to are a good friend and my big brotherand the best tuner in the world you should have been on speed week!! from turbo tuned to the presentI love you big bro!! till we meet again Chris you lost one brother you gained another! family I love you all Neil

  16. 19 Jun 2015
    Thomas Kelly says:
    Dear Linda and Pat,
    My Mom and I extend our condolences to you both ,and are in our prayers.

  17. 19 Jun 2015
    Barry Barkauskas says:
    My heartfelt sympathies for the Stajdel family on the loss of beloved Patrick. There are no simple words to ease the sense of loss but a hope that the shared wonderful memories of his time with you bring solace and console the grieving heart. My deepest condolences and thoughts for all that he touched and loved during this difficult time.

  18. 18 Jun 2015
    Goose says:
    To the Stajdel family, you have our thoughts and prayers..... to Pat, Ride on my friend, Ride on.. 469 Rules....

  19. 18 Jun 2015
    Kevin Patterson says:
    To my cousin Patrick and the memories that we shared over the years. The most fondest memorable one; is when Me, Kim, and Greg flew from Miami, Fl to Panama the summer of 1974 all by ourselves. (The Parrots were so cool)! At the Family Reunion a few years back, and spending time with you over Christmas 2014 and the conversations we had will always stay in my heart/soul. You were always so kind to me. I will miss you my Cousin. With Love Kevin Patterson

  20. 18 Jun 2015
    Jim Segal says:
    Our deepest condolences to the entire Stajdel family. Patrick was a wonderful and talented young man. Nancy and I offer our sympathies and prayers for comfort to his relatives and friends.

  21. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Patrick and Paige
    Patrick and Paige

  22. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Patricks Family
    Patricks Family

  23. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Patrick and Dani
    Patrick and Dani

  24. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Cheryl and Patrick
    Cheryl and Patrick

  25. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Patrick and Chris
    Patrick and Chris

  26. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Pat and Chris
    Pat and Chris

  27. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Our Family
    Our Family

  28. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    The Guys
    The Guys

  29. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:

  30. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Pat and Chris
    Pat and Chris

  31. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:

  32. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:

  33. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:

  34. 16 Jun 2015
    Somebody posted an image:
    Pat with (right to left) Katie, Danielle, Michelle, and Pam
    Pat with (right to left) Katie, Danielle, Michelle, and Pam

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