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In loving memory of
Robert Lester Horohoe
  • April 02, 1940
  • -
  • August 31, 2017

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Robert L. Horohoe of Summerfield went to be with the Lord August 31 after a valiant battle with cancer.

He was respected by many and loved by all. He will sadly be missed on the Villages Golf courses he loved, but especially by his
wife and soulmate of 25 incredible years.

Survivors include his beloved wife Claudia (Rynack) 3 children and 6 grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his son Robert Jr.

A Memorial Service in his honor will be held Sept. 26th 10am at Immanuel Baptist Church, Oxford Fl. Respectfully, in lieu of flowers,
please send your generous donations in his name to Immanuel Baptist Church 8015 SE 180th St. Oxford, Fl 34484.

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  1. Claudia says:
    11 Sep 2022
    Bob.. never let it be said that we forget! Today I honor your son Robert. Though it be 21 years later, it still tears my heart… I pay tribute to him and all our friends at Cantor that perished that horrible day.. in remembrance of their lives I pray I loved you both❤️❤️

  2. Donna Erskine says:
    31 Aug 2022
    It's hard to believe it's been 5 years since you passed.
    You were such a bigger than life man, there's a daily void for all of us.
    As always we will toast you with a cold Manhattan tonight. Extra cherries.

  3. Claudia says:
    31 Aug 2022
    My Bob.. today 5 years ago God took you home. Part of my heart left with you that day and nothing has been the same since. You may be gone but know you are with me each and everyday. I struggle to make you proud that you chose me to be your wife and I thank you for all the sweet sweet memories…I will love you forever.. your “other half”.. left behind❤️

  4. Claudia says:
    29 Aug 2022
    My dear Bob… 30 years ago today you changed my life..I loved you then and I love you today as I honor our life together. I will cherish our life journey and pray for the day God brings us back to each other! Thank you for being my soul, that part way down deep that I will never share with anyone else… Happy Anniversary Darling! The memories keep me strong❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Claudia Horohoe says:
    01 Apr 2022
    Happy Heavenly Birthday my darling…missing you each and every day. Some say the hurt goes away with time.. I say if you love someone it never goes away! I will always love you …my one and only forever ❤️

  6. Trish Horohoe-Witschel says:
    01 Mar 2022
    Dear Dad,
    We all miss you so very much. If we could only go back in time

  7. Claudia says:
    25 Dec 2021
    Another Christmas my dearest Bob… cookies are done.. gifts are wrapped.. food prepared but still I am missing you as much as ever. I will love the life you have given me but my only wish was that you stayed longer.. but I know there are no tears.. no sickness.. no pain in Heaven.. so I know you no longer suffer.. my Faith keeps me going even through the bad times.. God still has something for me to do before he calls me home.. so wait for me darling and one day we will be together again..with much love always.. your other half.. still broken.. Claudia

  8. Edith Koplewicz lit a candle:
    26 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 26, 2021 at 10:02:50 AM

  9. Claudia Horohoe says:
    10 Sep 2021
    My dearest Bob.. here I sit on the 20th anniversary of the 911 devastation. You would think time would soften the feelings but it feels as sharp as it did back then. I honor Robert’s memory along with yours today and I thank my God for every remembrance of you both. Still broken hearted I love you both ❤️❤️❤️❤️‍❤️‍❤️❤️❤️❤️‍❤️

  10. Claudia Horohoe says:
    29 Aug 2021
    Happy Anniversary my darling...sometimes it seems like a lifetime ago and sometimes it feels just like yesterday...our wedding day was the joining of two souls for eternity. So here I am 4 years after you left for Heaven still feeling the same as I did on that day. Loving you always...your devoted wife...Claudia

  11. Joe Kelly says:
    15 Aug 2021
    Bobby and worked together at Bank of America, both of us as young bond traders with our futures ahead of us.
    He was a great guy, very popular, and a good friend. We lost touch over the years but it doesn't dim the memories.
    Did not know of his passing but you are right Claudia.
    He is in The Lord's Hands and his love .
    My condolences to you and the family.

  12. Claudia posted an image:
    03 Apr 2021
    Happy Heavenly Birthday my one and only love.. Claudia❤️
    Happy Heavenly Birthday my one and only love.. Claudia❤️

  13. Claudia says:
    03 Apr 2021
    Happy Heavenly Birthday my sweet husband..miss you daily but so happy God has you in His hands.. no more tears.. no more pain.. no more sickness❤️Loving you always,

  14. Donna ERskine says:
    02 Apr 2021
    Happy Birthday Dad. We will raise our glass and toast an incredible man.
    Our family is strong and healthy, and you'd be so very proud especially of the
    twins as they prepare to graduate and move onto college.
    Donna, Andrew, Izzy & Liv

  15. Claudia Horohoe says:
    14 Feb 2021
    Happy Valentines Day my darling.. you will always be my one and only one in a million.. miss you today and everyday❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Claudia Horohoe says:
    26 Dec 2020
    Merry Christmas my darling..another year without you and it has not gotten any easier. Thank God you are Home and safe.. I still love you just as much as ever and miss you daily... you will always be the greatest gift I have ever gotten.. so thank you for loving me the way you always did..forever and always.. Your loving wife

  17. Claudia Horohoe says:
    18 Dec 2020
    My dearest Bob.. here I sit just another week before Christmas making your favorite cookies. I miss you as my taste tester.. the house is filled with that sweet smell you loved and I find myself in tears again this year missing you It has certainly been a tough year for me.. so many changes .. the world has turned upside down!! I miss you terribly but God has a plan for me and it appears I am quite good at it.. it would surprise you! I am happy helping others. But I am most thankful for our life together.. I only think of the good times.. and there were so so many.. Thank you for being my everything but most of all thank you for helping me to stand alone after you went Home to Heaven. I am strong because of you.. I will always be your one and only.. living the life you wanted for me.. remember the present you wanted to buy me on our 25th anniversary.. guess what.. I BOUGHT IT!!! A bit late but still from you.. so thank you darling I LOVE YOU MUCH BUT MISS YOU MORE! My heart my soul my Bobby❤️❤️❤️❤️

  18. Candace M Kelley says:
    11 Sep 2020
    Dear Bob knowing that you and Robert are together with our Heavenly Father makes the memory of this day a little easier on my heart. We all miss you so much. Please continue to keep a close watch on your loving wife, my friend, Claudia. I know she is a strong and fierce lady, but I also know that in those quiet, silent moments she mourns for all the great times you two shared and her heart will forever be broken without you. Love, Candyland

  19. Claudia Horohoe says:
    11 Sep 2020
    Well Bob here it is Sept 11 again and the sting of that day and Robert’s death still are heavy on my heart. It’s hard to believe 19 years have passed and the memories of him and all the others from the Cantor family remain fresh in my heart. So on this day I am proud to honor Robert again in the special way I have always done. It brings me happiness that you two are united once again with all the others in God’s Holy Place. I will continue to love you both today and always. My heart is aching today selfishly for myself but I know you are both safe and well in the arms of Jesus. In loving memory eternal always❤️ Claudia

  20. Claudia Horohoe says:
    31 Aug 2020
    My darling Bob.. it may be 3 years but it still feels like yesterday. You were one in a million and will always be my one and only. I know you were with me today.. I had “that feeling” that only you and I knew. Thanks for always putting me on that pedestal. Loving you yesterday today and tomorrow❤️

  21. Donna M. Erskine says:
    31 Aug 2020
    You were the best dad, father in law and pop pop. It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years since your passing. We remember you often and fondly. We take comfort knowing you, Rob and Betsy are looking down on us keeping us safe and on a hopeful path forward. We love you.
    Donna, Andrew, Izzy and Liv

  22. Claudia Horohoe lit a candle:
    31 Aug 2020
    Lit since August 31, 2020 at 8:06:28 PM

  23. Claudia Horohoe says:
    29 Aug 2020
    My dear sweet husband..today, oh so many years ago you made me the happiest woman in the world. You have my heart forever! We shared an incredible life and then God took you home. There is not a day or an hour that goes by that I don't miss you..but I know you are free from pain and sickness and I praise God for that! I choose to remember only the wonderful memories we have made...so I wish you my one and only the happiest of anniversaries today! Until we meet again I will always love my best friend, my only love, ,my soul mate forever! "I THANK MY GOD FOR EVERY REMEMBRACE OF YOU" Phil.1:3

  24. Patti says:
    06 Aug 2020
    As August 31 approaches and I think of your passing I reflect back as we often do to you and your sayings. You are missed as much today as ever. You left the most positive impression on so many. I know you are above watching over us all and are happy and illness free. For that I am happy but the human side of us all misses you dearly. I will do all within me to make sure Claudia is alright although I know she misses you daily but through God's grace she is able to carry on and know that one day you two will be joined once again. We will never stop hearing your words of wisdom and feeling the love that you poured out on us. We love you brother, Patti

  25. Donna Erskine says:
    03 Apr 2020
    Happy 80th Birthday Dad.
    The four of us sang to you at dinner tonight. Peanut was certainly the loudest. As a matter of fact the first thing Liv said to me this morning was “mom, it’s your dads birthday.” And I know she doesn’t use the calendar in her phone, it’s her memory of the important people in her life. We miss love you and miss you so much.
    Andrew, Donna, Izzy and Liv

  26. Claudia posted an image:
    02 Apr 2020
    Today my darling you would have been 80.. Happy Birthday in Heaven! I miss you everyday  MEMORY ETERNAL
    Today my darling you would have been 80.. Happy Birthday in Heaven! I miss you everyday MEMORY ETERNAL

  27. Claudia lit a candle:
    02 Jan 2020
    Lit since January 2, 2020 at 1:57:01 AM

  28. Donna Erskine says:
    27 Dec 2019
    The Christmas season is certainly not the same without you, Rob and now Betsy. I always look at the picture of all of us in front of the tree at the club at the Villages. The girls are growing up so fast, I know you’d be so proud of them, they care and love one another so much. We miss you so much Dad.

  29. Claudia Horohoe says:
    27 May 2019
    On this Memorial Day dearest Bob..I thank God for every rememberence of You! NEVER out of my heart and mind today and always!
    Your living wife and soulmate.....Claudia

  30. Donna Erskine says:
    02 Apr 2019
    Happy Birthday Dad. We hope you're celebrating with Rob and the angels.
    We love you and miss you.
    Donna, Andrew, Izzy & Liv

  31. Claudia Horohoe says:
    02 Apr 2019
    Happy Birthday my darling! Today still through my tears I will honor your birthday! I love you today as I have for all the years you treasured me.Know that although separated right now..in God's perfect timing we will be together forever. My heart will always be yours now and forever

  32. Claudia Horohoe says:
    15 Feb 2019
    Another Valentines Day has come and gone and my precious Bob you still hold my heart. Not a day goes by that I do not miss you with all my heart. Know that I carry on without you daily by God’s mercy and the strength wisdom and love you poured over me for years. You will always be my ONE AND ONLY VALENTINE❤️❤️❤️
    Always and forever your beloved wife

  33. donna erskine says:
    28 Dec 2018
    The hustle and bustle of Christmas is nearly over, and as I reflect on this holiday season you were missed terribly, but you are never far from our thoughts or our hearts.
    When I drove to work today one of your favorite songs was playing on the Elvis XM station, Hunk of Burning Love. I could see the 10 piece band playing, and you bringing the house down on the dance floor, it was such a memorable moment. You gave me many, us many.....
    Love always,

  34. Claudia Horohoe says:
    25 Dec 2018
    My dearest Bob...yet another Christmas and my heart still aches for You! Missing you always but so hard today. Alone with my PRAYERS and our memories..loving you always...Your Claudia

  35. Claudia Horohoe says:
    14 Dec 2018
    Dearest Bob...making Christmas cookies today and missing my "taster" thought of this clip I read that applies to you.."You will not be remembered by your words,but by your kind deeds. Life is not measured by the breaths we take,but by the moments that take our breath away "Thank you for ALWAYS TAKING MY BREATH AWAY ❤Loving you today and always...C

  36. Donna Erskine posted an image:
    22 Nov 2018
    In front of the thinker in Tokyo
    In front of the thinker in Tokyo

  37. Donna Erskine posted an image:
    22 Nov 2018
    Tokyo 1991: Our home in Shibuya
    Tokyo 1991: Our home in Shibuya

  38. Donna Erskine says:
    22 Nov 2018
    We miss you all of the time, that goes without saying, but on holidays Thanksgiving it hits us the most. We will travel to West Chester to be with Betsy and her family,and remember and raise our glasses to you, George, John, Meema and Helen.
    I was looking through my albums the other day, and came across these photos
    from when you & Claudia visited us in Japan, seems like yesterday, but our outfits definitely say 90's.
    Love you so much,

  39. Tre Witschel lit a candle:
    19 Oct 2018
    Lit since October 19, 2018 at 10:30:12 PM

  40. Tre Witschel lit a candle:
    19 Oct 2018
    Lit since October 19, 2018 at 10:29:02 PM

  41. Tre lit a candle:
    19 Oct 2018
    Lit since October 19, 2018 at 10:27:56 PM

  42. Patti Lucas says:
    19 Sep 2018
    As I sit here I wonder how one can write a tribute for a man that was so much... There are no words to explain the depth of impression that you, Bob, left on so many. To this day I walk my daily routines and outings and am stopped in my steps when I hear words spoken and I say aloud... that is something Bob would say or that's what Bob said. We miss you dearly but knowing that you are with your Savior and healthy we can reflect on you and smile and the so many memories that you have left us with. We miss you friend, brother-in-law, protector, strong arm and all of the many roles that you graciously held. It has been a hard year for Claudia but knowing where you are you are still giving her strength through all of the memories and loved you two shared. We all would like to say we hold you dear in our hearts and we do but none as dear as your always and forever sweet wife Claudia.

  43. Claudia Horohoe says:
    11 Sep 2018
    My dear husband..as I remember this day, I honor your son Robert.Though not of my blood, he was part of our life together and very special to me. It is 17 years later and I still feel like it was yesterday we lost many of our Cantor family..I can still see them all vividly alive in my eye. I pray my Precious Jesus had you all together once again in joyfulness. For you Bob I will love and miss you forever...for all the others I WILL NEVER FORGET. I carry you and Robert in my broken heart everyday. Love you both with all my being❤ Always YOUR DEVOTED WIFE Claudia

  44. Izzy Erskine lit a candle:
    01 Sep 2018
    Lit since September 1, 2018 at 9:32:44 AM

  45. Donna Erskine says:
    01 Sep 2018
    Dad it's hard to think it's been a year, and for a number of reasons it just doesn't seem real. There are so many things I do or say, or people I see and I am forever reminded of you. I often find myself smirking, and looking up to the sky, wondering how you'd handle a situation, then I see you smiling back, and I know I've made the right decision. I hope you can hear me so I can let you know that you were and will forever be my superhero. Donna.

  46. Janean Mullee says:
    31 Aug 2018
    Remembering you, Uncle Bob, as this day marks one year since you went home to be with the Lord. I am grateful for the guidance you gave me over the years. One of the fondest memories I have with you was sitting on the back steps (of the home I never should have bought) while you gave me sound financial advice and an action plan. I took your advice and ran with it, no matter how hard it was. God has blessed me 10 fold since that day. I also remember the love and support you showed through my mom's battle with cancer, both you and Claudia were there every step of the way. I am eternally grateful for you both. Lastly, You were a fine example of a husband and friend. In fact, men like you are the reason I held out so long before marrying. Men like you teach women not to settle, a valuable lesson. Again, I am grateful for your example and guidance.

    I have ecstatic joy knowing that in your last days here, you love for Christ had grown enormously. I am at perfect peace knowing that we will meet again in the presence of His glory. In the meanwhile, we will love and support your darling wife, my aunt, Claudia. I am forever grateful for you both.

  47. Claudia Horohoe says:
    31 Aug 2018
    It has been a tough year my darling Bob. What carries me is my faith, our memories and the lessons you left for me! God has you home now and I have you in my heart. My life may be changed but my love for you will always be as strong as ever. Miss you my dear Bobby..always will. Love you beyond beyond!! Always your wife....❤Claudia

  48. Candac Kelley says:
    29 Aug 2018
    Throughout my years of knowing you I cannot put into words how much you and Claudia have meant to me. We have been through some tough times and loss but also had many celebrations of life spent together. Wonderful memories that will never be forgotten. I thank you so much for all of your love, good advice and support and being such an important part of my life. You were there for me during some of the toughest times of my life. I know that you are still close by and watching over me every minute of the day.

    From the first day that we met at Jessica's first horse show I remember you and Claudia taking Jess and Justice under your wings and helping us in everyway possible, resulting in us having one of the best and most memorable experiences into the horse world. I remember thinking, "who are these people because I had never experienced such help and kindness from strangers".

    The rest is history. You will always be in my heart until we meet again in God's Kingdom you will always be my once in a lifetime friend.

    Your Candyland

  49. Claudia lit a candle:
    29 Aug 2018
    Lit since August 29, 2018 at 8:31:06 PM

  50. Claudia Horohoe says:
    29 Aug 2018
    My dearest husband...Happy Anniversary Bob..today 26 years ago
    was the happiest day of my life! I have been blessed by all the years and memories that we shared and I try to focus on thoses wonderful times! My heart aches terribly for you and I miss you more than you could imagine! It is still hard for me to believe you are gone. I only hope that you are watching over me and that everyday you are proud of what you have taught me and how I am handling things. My life will never be the same, but I have no regrets and would not change one day of our lives together!
    With all my heart I love you so!
    Your loving wife and soulmate,

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