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In loving memory of
Stephen Phillip Lewis
  • June 04, 1950
  • -
  • September 05, 2021

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Stephen Phillip Lewis, 71, of Fort Myers, FL passed away on Sunday, September 5, 2021.

Stephen was a loving father, husband, brother, and friend. Despite living in a wheelchair for most of his life, he did not treat it as a hindrance. He looked at life with the glass half-full, ready to be filled with the adventures of day. Right now, somewhere, Steve is fixing somebody’s computer while sipping his favorite coffee. He will be incredibly missed and loved forever.

Family and friends may sign the guest register or leave a condolence message by visiting www.baldwincremation.com.

Baldwin Brothers is honored to serve the LEwis famiy during this difficult time.

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  1. Kim Lewis lit a candle:
    26 Dec 2022
    Lit since December 26, 2022 at 12:07:37 AM

  2. Kim says:
    24 Dec 2022
    Its Christmas Eve honey. I miss you so much. All the family will be here on monday. Our son Jonathan will be here to celebrate. You will be with all of us in our hearts. I love and miss you so much. Love always, your noodie.

  3. Kimberly Lewis says:
    02 Dec 2022
    I love and miss you with all my heart honey. Forever.

  4. Kimberly Lewis posted an image:
    05 Sep 2022
    Love you poppop.
    Love you poppop.

  5. Kimberly Lewis lit a candle:
    05 Sep 2022
    Lit since September 5, 2022 at 9:10:00 PM

  6. Kimberly Lewis says:
    05 Sep 2022
    Hello honey. Today marks 1 year since you left this earth. I miss you so much! Im staying as strong as I can. I love you to the heavens and back. Always your Nerds.

  7. Kimberly Lewis says:
    30 Aug 2022
    I love you.

  8. Kimberly Lewis says:
    12 Aug 2022
    I love and miss you to the heaven and back. Love forever, your Nerds.

  9. Mike P says:
    09 Aug 2022
    You weren’t my real father and even though my father is in my life I still feel as though I’m missing a huge part of my life. You taught me how to build computers, work on cars the old school way, we remodeled the house together, I took apart and built so many wheel chairs it’s unbelievable, you showed me another side of the music world and I learned how to DJ because of you. Most of all, you were a father to me when you didn’t have to be. You took me in like I was yours and helped me in ways that I never expected. You used to be Steve My Weasel because I couldn’t say wheelchair but you upgraded to dad as I grew older. Nothing pains me more than walking into the house that I grew up half of my life in and not hearing you yelling down the hallway from your room for food or watching you drive away in the van to go to the post office for work. It hurts knowing that I will never be able to watch velocity channel and talk shop with you or sit in your wheelchair and talk about music and coffee for hours for the rest of my life. I can only hold those memories in my heart forever and hope to see you again one day. I miss you and most of all, I love you, Paw.

  10. Kimberly Lewis lit a candle:
    15 Jun 2022
    Lit since June 15, 2022 at 6:21:56 PM

  11. Kimberly Lewis says:
    15 Jun 2022
    I love you honey. I miss you so much. Please continue to watch over our Jonathan. Love forever. Your Nerds.

  12. Sally says:
    11 May 2022
    I often think about Steve during my life. He made a huge impression on me when I was a tenth grader in Florida. We use to ride the bus
    every day together. He would purposely sit either next to me or in front of me. Then it began. The non stop barrage of jokes and amusing
    behavior. I could not stop laughing. All I ever said was, "that is sooo funny, or you are soooo funny" and mind you this was the whole ride there and back. Every day. Half the time I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard... tears and all. He would also mimic me saying, " that's
    so funny". I smile when I think of those times shared. So today I decided to see if he was on the internet and came across this extremely sad news. The only reason I can feel better is to know that he is free in heaven to run and jump around and continue the humor brigade. I am sure this will help him pass the time until he is united with his wife and family one day. This is such a hard time for his family but I am grateful that they posts show such loving support. I will never forget his joy in bringing laughter to me and my joy in receiving it. From these posts it shows how much he shared that part of him. It's wonderful.

  13. Kimberly Lewis says:
    05 Feb 2022
    Today marks 5 months since you are gone. I miss and love you more everyday. Forever and a day. Your wife.

  14. Kim lewis lit a candle:
    05 Nov 2021
    Lit since November 5, 2021 at 11:29:10 PM

  15. Kim lewis says:
    05 Nov 2021
    I miss you so much my love. I am here everyday with you in my heart husband. Forever and a day. Love from your wife. Xoxo

  16. Patricia Madden lit a candle:
    05 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 5, 2021 at 10:32:18 AM

  17. Patricia Madden lit a candle:
    05 Oct 2021
    Lit since October 5, 2021 at 10:31:48 AM

  18. Kathie says:
    05 Oct 2021
    I met Steve waayy back in 1988. He and I bonded over Pee-wee Herman and the Little Rascals! Some people could not get his sense of humor, but I got it!! RIP my dear friend

    22 Sep 2021
    It is with great sadness to hear of Steve's passing from this earth. He was an inspiration to many as he navigated life from his wheelchair. If one did not know Steve and only spoke to him on the phone, one would never know he was disabled and required assistance to move through all tangible paths in his life. He had a degree of enthusiasm that motivated and encouraged many. He will always be remembered for his positive outlook, in spite of his physical challenges. My heart goes out to his wife and son at this time.
    Victoria Taylor

  20. Cathy and Carole says:
    22 Sep 2021
    Dear Uncle Stevie as I said to Jennifer, just knowing you were close by made the world a nicer place, now it's heavens turn

    Mom and I Love you will miss you greatly♥️

    Until we meet again keep em laughing

    Big hug, Cathy and Carole

  21. Steve Camacho says:
    19 Sep 2021
    Steve, it is a pleasure knowing you. Thank you for the Great coffee times and Awesome conversations! You will be missed… thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Steve Camacho

  22. Rich Staeb lit a candle:
    19 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 19, 2021 at 9:35:50 AM

  23. Gail Miller says:
    17 Sep 2021
    RIP Steve. It's been years since I saw you, but I remember our working together with very fond memories. To your family...I am so sorry for your loss.

  24. Tersia & Armando Tethu lit a candle:
    17 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 17, 2021 at 9:34:57 PM

  25. Darla Howard lit a candle:
    17 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 17, 2021 at 9:41:13 AM

  26. Kim says:
    16 Sep 2021
    Good nite honey. Love you so much. Love your wife. Sleep well. My arms are around you now.

  27. Lenna Miller says:
    15 Sep 2021
    I will miss you at work and talking with you. You were very smart and always had a joke or 2. I will miss not holding the door open for you and seeing you waiting at the clock to go home. We always went home the same way and I will miss that too!
    God Bless You in heaven!
    My prayers and thoughts are with your family!❤️❤️❤️
    Love, Lenna

  28. Lois M Healy says:
    15 Sep 2021
    It is difficult to believe that you have left the building and the planet. You sent me jokes daily, fixed my computers when needed, shared wine and dinner from time to time, unfortunately not lately which saddens me. We all think we will live forever, so we forget how precious life is and how without a moment's notice it is gone. I will always remember your Rum balls, your great coffee, your mixed Techno & Jazz CD's you used to make for me and your fondness for the Holidays. You liked dressing up like the "Crash Test Dummy" On Halloween and just dressing up, you have left a huge void in all of our worlds and the planet, so I will keep all of the last e-mails of jokes that you sent me on September 3rd and when I need a laugh I will read them all and think of you. Look down on us and smile as we will look up and smile and know that you are no longer restricted to a wheelchair, you no longer have pain, but you are forever in our hearts and thoughts. I miss you dude, see you on the other side.

  29. paul orzech lit a candle:
    15 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 15, 2021 at 9:06:08 PM

  30. Gloria Walsh says:
    15 Sep 2021
    We were very sad to hear of Steve’s passing. We know he was a very good man and we are so very glad you and he were so close.
    We also hurt for the boys. All the pictures we enjoyed of all of you and Steve and you and Steve and your children and grandchild spoke of love.
    Your many memories and knowing how well you took care of him over the years will give you peace.
    Love and prayers for you all❤️
    Gloria & Dan Walsh

  31. Don Drabek says:
    15 Sep 2021
    Steve was my best friend through the good times and not-so-good times. I met Steve when he was a manager at Top o' Mast in FM Beach and we were friends from then on; our little duo became a trio when his son Jonathan ("The J Man") began to hang with us on our many and varied escapades. Steve was the one who initially got me interested in working on computers, and we spent many long nights on our machines tweaking them so as to squeeze every bit of speed and efficiency out of them. I guess we considered those computers our "hot rods". As all his friends and family know, Steve was one of the most capable individuals on the planet. Despite Steve's handicap, he was able to perform duties and achieve results that most people would find daunting. Steve performed those duties and achieved results in a different manner than most people, relying on his imagination to construct a plan and then using his creativity to complete the plan. From working on cars and computers to re-arranging furniture in his home Steve could do anything I could do. His generosity knew no bounds, he was a kind man. He was a brother to me and I'm so fortunate that he was in my life as long as he was, because I feel I'm a better and richer person for knowing Steve. RIP my Brother. You are missed.

  32. Don Drabek lit a candle:
    15 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 15, 2021 at 9:35:39 AM

  33. Kim Rieske says:
    15 Sep 2021
    I was fortunate to work with Steve for many years at the PO. I will always remember the rum balls at Christmas and the different coffees he turned me onto. Peace be with you!

  34. Kim Rieske lit a candle:
    15 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 15, 2021 at 9:30:57 AM

  35. Kim says:
    15 Sep 2021
    Stevie, I will always love you forever and a day. You were my rock and my roll. Love forever your Nerds,. Noodie and wife. Sleep well. Yeeeee?

  36. Agnes Mozdzonek says:
    15 Sep 2021
    I know Steve for the past 24 years and had the pleasure of working closely with him the last several. His positive attitude in spite of difficulties was something to be admired. His sharp sense of humor would always brighten the day. For sure, like many, I will truly miss him. My sincere condolences to Kim and family

  37. Robin Brocious lit a candle:
    15 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 15, 2021 at 9:01:48 AM

  38. Jennifer Drabek says:
    15 Sep 2021
    I miss my brother more than words can express. No one could make me laugh as much as he did. We hadn't seen each other in a few years but we always shared cyber pun wars (he ALWAYS won) as well as deep meaningful talks about life in general. We never talked about his "disability" though...only recounting funny stories about him adjusting to life in a wheelchair, and there were many. Humor defined him.
    He would call me quoting WC Fields or the Three Stooges and knew he would crack me up. My favorite, one last time, Steve..."It's not Paganni! It's Page Nine![ My life will never be the same without you. I love you so.

  39. Mary Henninger lit a candle:
    15 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 15, 2021 at 9:16:00 AM

  40. Hope says:
    15 Sep 2021
    The Lewis Family will not be the same without Uncle Steve. He taught his family to never make excuses, always find humor in life, and make the most of what you have….. he will be missed. YEEEEEE!!! Keep it going!

  41. Hope lit a candle:
    15 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 15, 2021 at 9:55:02 AM

  42. Kim Lewis posted an image:
    14 Sep 2021
    Son and father
    Son and father

  43. Robin Houlihan lit a candle:
    14 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 14, 2021 at 9:45:43 PM

  44. Robin Houlihan says:
    14 Sep 2021
    Steve, we will miss you and your honking at us as you head to work.
    Rest In Peace my friend!

  45. Robin Houlihan says:
    14 Sep 2021
    Steve, we’ll miss seeing you and you honking at us as you head to work.

    Rest In Peace my friend!

  46. Karen Rock says:
    14 Sep 2021
    David and I worked with Steve for many years. Steve was my husbands computer guy and he always helped me with my music on my phone always willing to help out. We had great conversations with Steve that always ended up with a laugh, he will be missed. Rest In Peace Steve.

  47. Karen Rock says:
    14 Sep 2021
    David and I will miss Steve, we both worked with him for several years. Steve was my husbands computer guy and my phone tech always willing to help out. We always had great conversations with him ending in a laugh. Rest In Peace Steve. The Rocks8TSG

  48. Joyce Kelly lit a candle:
    14 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 14, 2021 at 9:49:08 PM

  49. Joyce Kelly says:
    14 Sep 2021
    I worked with Steve for 30 plus years. He was a determined individual and he let nothing stop him from accomplishing his goals. He did not like people trying to do things for him. He liked doing everything for himself. He did allow me to help him once. Someone had parked in his spot and he had to park in the lot. The parking lot had an uphill pitch. I was on break and saw him struggling, I asked if I could help and he actually let me. This was unusual for Steve. Normally he would get mad and tell you he could do it himself, but this day he let me help.
    I think Christmas was a special time of the year for Steve. He loved making rum balls and chocolate-covered coffee beans. You would see Steve with his Christmas hat and his tins on his lap and you knew you were in for a treat. Both of his homemade treats were a big hit during the Christmas rush at the post office. Steve will be missed.
    My thoughts and prayers are with his family. RIP Steve.

  50. Mike Zalesak lit a candle:
    14 Sep 2021
    Lit since September 14, 2021 at 9:32:28 PM

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