Werner Walter Stocker (September 11, 1943 - July 09, 2020)

In loving memory of
Werner Walter Stocker
  • September 11, 1943
  • -
  • July 09, 2020

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Werner Walter Stocker, 76, of Fort Myers, passed away peacefully, on July 9, 2020, of cancer, at Health Park Hope Hospice in Fort Myers, FL.

He was a husband of 41 years, a father, teacher, soccer coach, history teacher, German teacher, translator, historian, and Lee County Social Studies Teacher of the Year in 1987. He was also sponsor of the WBBH Student A-Team Quiz Bowl contest, sponsor for over 25 years of Lee County Schools student foreign travel education program for high school students, and mentor to many students to further their interest in history, humanities and culture.

He was a member of the Austrian Aircraft Historians, the International Plastic Modelers Association, and served on many committees in the Lee County Schools to write curriculum.

One accomplishment of which he is very proud, was to author a book on World War II military history. He also translated many books from German to English for Classic Publications, England.

His interest in aviation history had its origins in the environment in which he grew up in post WWII Vienna. His most vivid memories are of playing in bombed out ruins. Almost all male members of his family served in the military fueling his interest in the time period.

His interests were building military models, researching WWII military history and he was a member of the Caloosa Plastic Modelers in Fort Myers, RLM website contributor and author. As well as, being a lover of classical music and music by the Beatles.

Werner was born in Vienna, Austria on September 11, 1943, to Erna Marie Stocker and Walter Wilhelm Stocker. He emigrated with his parents in 1956 to Massachusetts, where he attended school and received his Masters Degree in European history and German from the University of Connecticut. He taught 29 years at Cypress Lake High school, 1979 to 1999. He is survived by his wife Susan Stocker, son and daughter in law, Kristen Stocker and Lilian of San Rafael, CA., daughter and son in law, April (Ketron) Weich and Bradley, and grandsons Tyler Ketron and Richard Weich; all of Fort Myers, FL.

Considering current Covid 19 Pandemic restrictions, matched with the family’s wishes, a memorial service will be held at a later date to be determined. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that a donation be made to Hope Hospice at Health Park for the children’s programs and needy families at Hospice. Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, Fort Myers, assisted with arrangements.

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  1. Susan H Stocker says:
    27 Jul 2020
    To my husband of 42 years, I want to thank him for the wonderful life we had together. We both l earned a lot as the years went by. Teaching at the same school was wonderful and gave me a chance to learn how to teach as he so capably did.
    He had a heart for people and loved being a teacher for so long. As the years passed, we spent so many good times in Europe and his affect on so many of his students has been such a joy to read. He made a difference. To them and to me.

  2. Elizabeth Weaver lit a candle:
    26 Jul 2020
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    21 Jul 2020
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  8. Marie Greidanus says:
    16 Jul 2020
    I learned more about Werner and wish we talked about some things. Hindsight-sad. Susan, my deepest condolences to you and April - truly a one-of-a-kind.

    You know I'm here for you.

  9. Marie Greidanus lit a candle:
    16 Jul 2020
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  10. Lilian and Kris Stocker says:
    16 Jul 2020
    Herr Stocker, rest in peace and Susan our hearts are with you.

  11. Lilian and Kris Stocker lit a candle:
    16 Jul 2020
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  12. April Ketron-Weich posted an image:
    15 Jul 2020
    Christmas 2019
    Christmas 2019

  13. April Ketron-Weich says:
    15 Jul 2020
    My father and grandsons’ Opa was an amazing husband, teacher, father, and grandfather. Growing up we would spend time at my Oma’s and talk about history, family and just enjoy each other’s company. As an adult my father would challenge me on my political beliefs, what I wanted to do in education and how to raise my son Tyler the best way possible. Within the last few years we traveled to Europe to see where he was born, where my grandparents lived and where my grandparents were married; that was one of my most memorable moments with him. This past Christmas was another fond memory with my soon to be husband, the boys, and Susan. We were just starting to really understand each other and life choices. It breaks my heart that the boys will not know him the way I do. I am so proud of the teacher he was and everything he survived in Austria. I will always love him and respect him and I pray that he knows how I loved him unconditionally. I am so grateful for the moments we had. I pray the boys will remember all of the accomplishments their Opa achieved. I love you, always.

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    15 Jul 2020
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    15 Jul 2020
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    15 Jul 2020
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    15 Jul 2020
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  19. Byron Stout says:
    12 Jul 2020
    Werner, how did I love thee. Ah, where to begin.
    I met Werner Stocker through our wives, who remain closest friends some 40 years hence. We have eaten, drunk, vacationed, laughed, commiserated and argued ever since. If there were any things Werner loved as much as Susan (however remotely possible) it would have been good arguments. And he was a great debater.
    Werner loved talking politics, although we more often commiserated than argued in the Age of Trump. We were unabashed flaming liberals who counted Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016 among the worst imaginable days of our lives. If he can, I have no doubt he somehow will mail in his 2020 vote from the great beyond, just to spite The Donald's predictions of fraud.
    Werner was a great American, perhaps as only the foreign-born can be. His father, he did not mind saying, fought for the Nazis in WWII. But Werner came of age in Massachusetts, as American as those forebears who tossed their king's tea into Boston Harbor. No one loved the Red Sox ever more, although he had reservations about the Patriots. He couldn't abide cheaters. Walked out of the house once, when I wouldn't take back a Scrabble play he deemed illegal.
    Werner wasn't what you'd call a serious angler, but he loved to go fishing. Once, at Punta Rassa, he landed a dandy redfish that, I was obligated to note, was too big to legally keep. Werner might well have liked eating fish as much as catching them, and he never quite got his mind around the concept of a fish too big to keep. He never let me forget how I ruined his perfect day.
    Werner was the personification of perfection in many other ways: teacher, mentor, historian, soccer coach, and friend. His stentorian recitations of how it was, and why, will be remembered forever by the thousands of high schoolers who passed his way. And by Grace and me.
    Godspeed, my friend.

  20. Julie Durrance says:
    12 Jul 2020
    Rest In Peace, Warner. You will be missed!
    Our sincere condolences, Susan. You both have been such great friends to my sister, Grace and her husband, Byron.
    Mike & Julie Durrance

  21. Susan H Stocker posted an image:
    12 Jul 2020
    A wonderful trip together
    A wonderful trip together

  22. Jean LaRosa says:
    12 Jul 2020
    Susan, my thoughts and prayers are with you. Werner was an exceptional teacher and touched many lives in the classroom. May you find peace in knowing that he is no longer in pain.

  23. Bryan da Frota says:
    11 Jul 2020
    Mr Stocker, thank you for everything you gave to us. I love history and to this day I remember your classes. Your love of history inspired us all.

  24. Linda Thompson says:
    11 Jul 2020
    Susan, you two made a difference in so many lives. AIFS 1979 trip... Glenn Smith and Linda Nutting Smith Thompson. Class of 79 & 81 CLHS

  25. Tom Harris, CLHS Class of '80 says:
    10 Jul 2020
    RIP, Werner.

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