William J. Kapps, Sr. (December 20, 1942 - May 31, 2024)

In loving memory of
William J. Kapps, Sr.
  • December 20, 1942
  • -
  • May 31, 2024

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On the evening of May 31st 2024 William J. Kapps, surrounded by his loving family, drew his final breath and peacefully drifted into a deep sleep.

Born in Brooklyn, New York on December 20, 1942, to William J. and Ruth Kapps (nee Phelan) William was the first of his family to be welcomed into this world as his soon to be brother Thomas would be welcomed just two years later in early December of 1944.

Finding his way, while working his way up life’s ladder, as a teenager, Bill found himself operating the parachute jump at Brooklyn’s very own Coney Island, the then central amusement park known throughout the entire state of New York. He then went on to stake his claim in purchasing a managing partnership position in a very well-known Brooklyn pizzeria as well as becoming a managing partner in a well-known Brooklyn bowling alley. This is among the many other interests that Bill would venture forth to pursue.

Bill was a college graduate who would soon after be recruited by the F.B.I., then spent his entire “working career” in law enforcement assembling and heading up some of the finest tactical squads in New York’s Midtown South in Midtown Manhattan.

After his retirement, Bill would always say, “I never worked a day in my life.” as he enjoyed his livelihood with a passion. His documented guidelines and procedures for how investigations and policy procedures would be carried out, are still followed to this day and taught in law enforcement training classes.

Bill’s conviction and passion also went on to get him elected as the primary delegate for the NYPD SBA.

William Kapps had the absolute admiration and respect of all who he commanded in force, worked with and all who knew him across the many boroughs of New York. This is to go without saying that additionally he was very well respected and loved by all who knew him in his family life and his civilian life.

During this time Bill had begun creating a family of his own with wife Barbara Anne as they welcomed their very first son William J. Kapps Jr. into the world, just 2 weeks prior to Bill being accepted into the NYPD police academy. They welcomed a second son Gregory M. Kapps just 2 years later then son Christopher S. Kapps 4 years after that. Bill was a true Sire.

Although Bill was a very private man, Bill’s passion for golf had extended over 50 years. He would practice and play intently for years, while he was just shy of making the cut for the Pro Senior’s Golf Tour in 1999. As the President of the Heatherwood Men’s Club at the Heatherwood Golf Courses, Bill would decide to retire from New York and head on down to Florida in 2006 where he would spend the remaining eighteen years of his wonderful life, making even more new friends and acquaintances while perfecting his golf game and acquiring just a few more – Hole in One – certificates.

A quick story… if you got a minute…

Some years back, a good friend of mine, a guitar player in my band, had some serious golf questions as he was attempting to improve his golf game, so I advised him that my Dad was the person to ask these questions to… he agreed. So, we headed on over to my house at the time and Dad’s not there. Hmmm… I wonder where he could possibly be. So, we head over to Heatherwood golf course in search of my father.

We get to the golf course and entered in through the club house then was careful not to disturb this gentleman occupying the putting green. Me and my friend were standing to the side in awe of what this golfer was displaying on the putting green. We were ever so careful not to make any noise and sudden moves as to not disturb this gentleman and distract him from what he was doing.

The man had golf balls dropped in random places around a golf hole from 10 foot out to close to 20 foot out. The man was absolutely incredible, sinking every single chip shot and putt that he attempted. We were absolutely mesmerized with this man’s accuracy, consistency, poise and dedication to excellence.

When the gentleman had finished all of what appeared to be approximately 30 or so shots, I began to approach the golfer, as he only appeared as a silhouette, from the shade of the surrounding trees I softly called out to the man as we began to walk slowly towards the man, “excuse me sir, I’m looking for my father. He golfs here quite a lot and he’s also the president of the Men’s Club here…” “I was just wondering if you may know where I can find him?” Just as I got close enough to make out from the silhouette to the man… I say with utter surprise, “DAD?!?” He says, “Billy?!?”, “is that you… oh, what a surprise. What are you doing here at the golf course?”

After the shock wore off and we both spoke of our awe in watching my Dad, questions were asked and questions were answered.

But, if you were to ask me, I would venture to say that all of those questions were answered as we looked on from the fence line of that putting green, on that particular afternoon.

Not such a “quick” story, I know, but a story worth mentioning over and over again.

Needless to say, I was watching a man who had mastered such a skill, me and my friend standing, watching in awe and all along I was watching my Dad, without even realizing it. That, was my Dad.

I say that story every so often and once again just 2 days before my Father left us.

He always just smiled with that confident grin that he had and nodded while saying, “You like that, huh?”

Yes, Dad, actually…. we loved it!

Bill was the most generous, kind and caring father and friend… There is a huge void without his presence, without his guidance, without his insights, without his laughter… as we just now begin to slowly fill the void with Bill’s memories, his laughter, his generosity and his kindness.



I love you, Dad!!!

I miss you, Dad!!!

We All love you and miss you, Dad!!!


William J. Kapps Sr. is loved, missed and survived by:


Bill’s 3 sons

William J. Kapps Jr.

Gregory M. Kapps

Christopher S. Kapps


Christine Kapps

Amelia, Ya and Tristan Wang

Elisabeth Kapps

Nicolas Kapps

Jane Fitzpatrick

Janey Fitzpatrick

Ruth Kapps

Richard Kapps

Pina Ciruolo

& All of Bill’s Golf Buddies from New York to Florida

(You all know who you are)



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  1. Adele Montecalvo says:
    27 Jun 2024
    Upon recently learning of the loss of your Dad, my heartfelt condolences to you Bill and to your family. Love and prayers,

  2. Adele Montecalvo lit a candle:
    27 Jun 2024
    Lit since June 27, 2024 at 6:47:57 AM

  3. Chrissie lit a candle:
    14 Jun 2024
    Lit since June 14, 2024 at 6:38:19 PM

  4. Christine posted an image:
    14 Jun 2024
    Fun day
    Fun day

  5. Christine kapps posted an image:
    14 Jun 2024
    Fun times with dad and grandpa
    Fun times with dad and grandpa

  6. Pina Ciruolo lit a candle:
    14 Jun 2024
    Lit since June 14, 2024 at 6:07:25 AM

  7. Pina Ciruolo says:
    14 Jun 2024
    I only met dad a few times but Bill has told me a lot about him over the years. I know Bill loved and respected his father tremendously and always made time for him. He spent hours on the phone helping dad get familiar with his computer. Some funny stories came out of that. Also he always came to Bill whenever there were life decisions to be made. There is something about the first born that lends itself to be responsible for your parents.

  8. Amelia Ya and Tristan Wang lit a candle:
    14 Jun 2024
    Lit since June 14, 2024 at 6:56:44 AM

  9. Lena and John Sferazo says:
    14 Jun 2024
    Your memories shared and the stories told will always remain with us in our hearts. Our sincere condolences for your family. He was a great man and will always be remembered and in our hearts.

  10. Lena and John Sferazo says:
    14 Jun 2024
    From all your stories and memories he was a wonderful man and will truly be missed. We regret never having the opportunity to meet him. His memory will always remain with us in our hearts.

  11. Lena and John Sferazo lit a candle:
    14 Jun 2024
    Lit since June 14, 2024 at 6:43:31 AM

  12. Bill lit a candle:
    14 Jun 2024
    Lit since June 14, 2024 at 6:07:38 AM

  13. Bill says:
    14 Jun 2024
    Dad, I love you so very much! I will always remember and value every memory that we created as a family and those we created together.
    I will always remember all the in depth conversations that we shared while burning through many phone batteries, many times per week.
    The holidays, the Christmas gatherings, the Birthdays, the 4th of July parties and all of the vacations we all went on when I was just a kid.
    I always looked forward to speaking with you on topics that we could speak of for hours on end.
    Dad, I have always valued your advise, your insights as I can still hear your powerful voice within my head as I type this.
    I still can't believe that you're gone... you left so quickly and you have gone too soon!
    I am so glad that I was given the opportunity to spend the time with you that I did.
    You are the best Dad and Father that anyone could ever want and ever have.
    You were my mentor and the driving force in my dedication and determination in how I attacked and approached my own life.
    It's just 2 days until Father's Day 2024 on June 16th...
    I Love you Dad, I miss you Dad...
    Thank you for everything that you have instilled in me... the morals, the values, the ethics...
    I will continue to look for you and wait to hear your voice answer back when I call out to you.
    "Hey Dad,"
    "I'll talk with you a little later on..."
    I love you Dad,

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