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Orange City Cremation Services and Funeral Home -Baldwin BrothersLosing a loved one is painful. It can be even more painful to make the final funeral arrangements. There are many factors that must be considered, such as whether you want cremation or burial and how to conduct the memorial service. The good news is that this planning process doesn't have to be overwhelming. There are trusted professionals in the Orange City, Florida area who specialize in these services. Read below to learn more about the caring professionals at Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society of Central Florida and how we walk you through each step with personalized, attentive care.

The benefits of pre-planning a cremation or funeral

Funeral planning should not be done on impulse or when grieving because these emotions may cloud judgment or cause people to make costly mistakes they might regret later. Pre-planning your services allows you to plan and remove this burden from your loved ones.

Funerals can be expensive. The average cost of a full funeral in the U.S. can be tens of thousands of dollars. Pre-planning can save you money and resources from the very beginning. The specialists at Baldwin Brothers can guide you through the pre-arrangements now so that when the time comes there are no surprises or unexpected costs involved. With today's modern technology, it has never been easier to plan for an affordable and meaningful funeral service.

Final arrangements can be done online

At Baldwin Brothers Cremation and Funeral Home, our website allows people to create meaningful memorials and plan funerals online, saving time and resources in Orange City. When working with our specialized team, you can enjoy more competitive prices and the ability to personalize services from the comfort of your home. You also have quick access to information about different cremation options and more.

Scattering of ashes and cremation urns

Cremation is a process that involves reducing a body to simple ashes. The cremated remains are then put into an urn and buried or scattered on land or water. Cremation is a commonly chosen option among people who do not want their loved one's body preserved or buried but would still like to keep them close by.

When it comes time to say goodbye, you might find yourself wondering what type of urn to purchase. Cremation urns come in a vast array of shapes, colors, and styles. Some are made to look like items that were special to the deceased person. You may want to purchase an urn that has a certain meaning or is representative of your loved one's personal style. The experts at Baldwin Brothers can review your options when you contact our team.

Some advantages of cremation in Orange City include:

  • Cremation is one of the most affordable ways to lay your loved one to rest.
  • There are almost no restrictions on where you scatter ashes.
  • You can maintain a connection with the deceased by scattering remains in a place that has a lot of meaning for you.

Customizing a funeral and memorial event

If you are tasked with planning a funeral or cremation service for someone close to you, there are a lot of details involved. Funerals can conjure up images of sorrowful moments when the time comes to gather everyone together. However, this isn't always true! Funerals don't have to be somber events. They are celebrations of a person's life and accomplishments. You may be wondering what flowers to order, or whether there will be a eulogy. These factors can make an ordinary funeral into something extraordinary.

Other details are more pressing, such as ensuring the remains arrive in time for your funeral and burial. At Baldwin Brothers Cremation and Funeral Home, we can handle all the details so you can focus on grieving and supporting your family during their time of need. Therefore we provide shipping services to and from anywhere in the world. Ask us how we ship to and from airports like Daytona Beach International and Orlando International.

We work with veterans and military families

For many veterans and their families, the process of working through the complex maze of benefits has become a necessary and complicated task. For some, it is a challenge that can leave you feeling lost. It is our goal at Baldwin Brothers to help you through this difficult time by providing clear direction and support. Ask us how we proudly serve members of the military and their families in the area.

Learn about your cremation and funeral options

Are you grieving and need help with the decisions that surround burial and cremation? At this time, you should find a funeral home with an experienced staff who can guide you through the process. You have options regarding funeral arrangements, but if you're not sure about what might be best for your family, Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society of Central Florida offer individualized consultations. We're here to help provide support during this difficult time in your life and our goal is always to make things as simple as possible. It is our honor to serve the Orange City area.

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