Planning A Service For Cremation

How to Plan a Service Cremation

Orlando funeral homes offer a wide range of possible options regarding funerary arrangements and memorial services for grieving families. If you are similar to a growing number of families in America, you may be considering the possibility of cremating the remains of your loved ones over the traditional burial. Once you have made this pivotal decision, how do you plan the details of a meaningful funeral now that you are no longer concerned with embalming or caskets? A cremation service, of course, deserves the same respect and dignity o a burial, and with proper guidance, you can easily achieve a significantly meaningful service alongside cremations.   

When Choosing Cremation Over Burial

burial vs cremation in Orlando

In the best cases, people will clearly document their final wishes ahead of time with clear instructions as to their preference of cremation or burial. However, quite frequently is this very personal decision left in the unhands of unprepared families in mourning being forced to consider this question at an Orlando funeral home for the very first time. While certain religions are very explicit in their views against cremation, a continually rising population in our modern culture is showing preference to the practice.

Families today are more commonly choosing cremation for a variety of reasons:

  • More simple, Cost Effective Process
  • Does Not Require a Cemetery Plot
  • Convenience of storing and handling
  • Environmentally friendly alternative
  • Remains can be divided or shared among loved ones
  • Allows more time for funeral arrangements

Deciding the Appropriate Type of Ceremony

Once the decision for cremation has been made, arranging a dignified and appropriate service to honor and commemorate the deceased is next. Again, Orlando funeral homes offer a variety of possible options and will assist you in preparing the type of ceremony that you feel is right. If you prefer, you can arrange a traditional funeral service followed by the cremations. Many families, however, begin with cremation in order to allow more time in arranging a detailed memorial service. You may also choose a more personal and intimate ceremony for scattering the ashes in a meaningful location.

Securing a Location for Remains

Always, include the entire family when deciding the details of both the funeral service and the location of the remains. Ashes can be stored in a decorative urn purchased from your Orlando funeral home, worn as keepsake jewelry, planted trees and flowers, scattered outdoors, buried beneath a marker, or even split between several locations. The convenience and flexibility in creating a unique and profound memorial are what makes cremation such an increasingly popular option. If you are considering cremation for your loved one, speak to a director of a trusted funeral home in Orlando to review the possibilities.