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Preparing For The Digital Afterlife

Preparing for the Digital Afterlife

Orlando Funeral Homes Bible VerseOne of the least anticipated aftermaths of technological advances for our generation came with the continuance of our online presence long after we have died. So many of us store and share full libraries of our personal lives online, including treasured photographs and important contact lists, not to mention passwords and account information. Orlando funeral homes often encourage surviving families to collect pictures and other significant items by sorting through personal belongings, but modern memorialization requires a different outlook on one’s legacy. Today, online services exist to help prepare us for the digital afterlife.

Legacy – www.legacy.com

This online database of obituaries assists families with writing obituary posts and then sharing them with their choice of up to hundreds of available newspapers in their network. The site also helps surviving families create memorials and guestbooks, send flowers, and search for funeral homes in Orlando and other cities across the country.

After Steps – www.aftersteps.com

Many Orlando funeral homes witness families that are unprepared for the estate details of a loss, and in some cases, the departed has made plans but failed to share them with anyone. With the use of this step-by-step checklist, you can perform detailed preparations for financial assets, after life care, and any important details regarding your death and your legacy. The information is sent to “verifiers” of your choosing but remains encrypted until at least 2 of your verifiers have confirmed your death.

My Wonderful Life – www.mywonderfullife.com

The services of this website are all inclusive and completely free. You can plan funeral arrangements, leave messages, and record important information. The site even helps generate a memorial book using your uploaded photos. When you die, a close friend or family that you’ve designated as your “angel” will be able to access your information and find out what you’ve prepared. This service is a convenient and easy alternative for people not always able to gain access to an estate planner or funeral home in Orlando.

Dead Mans Switch – www.deadmansswitch.org

This page allows you the simple convenience of preparing and saving 2 letters, to be automatically sent to up to 2 recipients of your choice in the event of your death. Users now have an opportunity to say a few final words or even leave written instructions. For recipients, it will feel as though the deceased were messaging them from beyond the grave.

The “switch” will send an e-mail at regular intervals to check that you are alive, and after 70 days of inactivity you are presumed dead and the letters are sent. The service is free, but for a one-time payment of $20, you can upgrade to 100 messages. Other “digital time capsules” also exist with similar platforms, and most are free are at least very low cost.

Your Online Legacy Lives Forever

Multiple other websites exist offering planning services for those wanting to shape a plan for their passing. Google apps also have a feature known as the inactive account manager, where you opt to notify friends and share data or delete the account if you are away too long. Facebook now offers a memorialization download, granting someone you trust and appoint access to your account if you die.