Cremations, Funerals and Pre-Plans Made Simple & Easy™

Packages from $895

Cremations, Funerals and Pre-Plans Made Simple & Easy™

Packages from $895

Rockledge Cremation Services and Funeral Home -Baldwin Brothers

Rockledge Cremation Services and Funeral Home -Baldwin BrothersWe know it can be intimidating to find a reputable cremation and funeral home in the Rockledge area. That’s why Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society of Florida does all the hard work for you during this most difficult time. For years, we’ve been providing families with compassionate and professional services.

When you work with our staff, you can rest assured that your loved one will be treated with dignity and respect. From urn and casket choices to burial or cremation arrangements — we’re here to help you make smart decisions both for yourself and your family. Our list of services include:

● Consistent pricing
● Funeral and burial planning
● Catered receptions and events
● Celebration of life memorials
● Commemorative keepsakes
● Unique caskets and urns
● Open communication 24/7

Why pre-plan your final arrangements?

Pre-planning takes an unnecessary burden off your family during their time of grief. This is because you can consider the type of service you’d like and where it will take place ahead of time. Pre-planning ensures that your desires are fulfilled and helps avoid disagreements or hurt feelings after your passing.

Pre-planning also saves you money, because the staff at Baldwin Brothers locks in pricing at the time of your arrangements. This means that your family will not have to pay more for your service or endure surprises costs later. You’ll discover that planning in advance helps provide a more peaceful, spiritual, and memorable experience for your loved ones. We also make it simple to make funeral arrangements online.

Should I choose cremation or burial?

Cremation is becoming more popular in the Rockledge area because it's a less expensive and more environmentally friendly option. With cremation, you can save money on a headstone and other expenses associated with burial. Also, as environmental concerns become more prevalent in society, many individuals are choosing to be cremated for this reason.

Burials are still requested, however, because some families want a more traditional experience. Caskets and plots may be purchased and there is an opportunity for visitation and a graveside service. For those who want the deceased to be present in some way during their memorial, burial may also be preferable. Whether you choose cremation or burial is entirely up to you. We're happy to accommodate either of these arrangements.

Personalizing a unique memorial

Once you choose your loved one’s final arrangements, Baldwin Brothers can work with you to create a personalized memorial service that celebrates their life. We invite friends and family to come together for an uplifting celebration. Our goal is to make this memorial comforting for everyone who attends, including yourself. You can also have a memorial service at the venue of your choice, and we’ll make sure the details are taken care of.

Discover more about us in the Rockledge area

It’s no surprise that dealing with funeral homes can be overwhelming, but Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society of Florida is here to help from beginning to end in the Rockledge area, including Titusville. That means we will always listen to your wishes and provide guidance. It’s just one of the many reasons why families have been trusting us for their needs. Contact us to find out what Baldwin Brothers can do for you. We proudly serve families throughout Florida.