3 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

When planning to attend a funeral in Florida, many people consider sending a sympathy gift to the relatives of the deceased. This is a wonderful way to show support in a particularly difficult time in their lives. Because there are so many different kinds of sympathy gifts, you may be wondering what to send. If you want to make sure the gift you give is special and personal, there are a few simple ideas you can try. 

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society are professionals in funeral and cremation arrangements. Our goal is to assist people in every part of the process – including finding the perfect sympathy gift. Our planning counselors are available at all hours of the day over the phone or in person. Contact a member of our team or request an in-person visit to begin making arrangements in your area today. 

Beautiful flower arrangements

flowers sympathy gift

Flower arrangements may have been the first sympathy gift idea that came to your mind. This is because they are a traditional cremation and funeral present among friends and families. However, using a local florist is not your only option for flower arrangements. If you do not want to be limited in your options, you can cut flowers from your own garden or create a bouquet of flowers from a craft store. These special arrangements can be much appreciated among the family of the deceased.

Personalized blankets

blanket sympathy gift idea

This is a good sympathy gift idea for individuals who know how to sew or crochet. Blankets make great gifts because they provide physical comfort in addition to emotional support. If you want to make your blanket really special, you can create an image that is unique to the deceased person or their family. For example, if one of their special hobbies was fishing, you can sew a fishing boat on the blanket. If a group of people wants to get together and sew a sympathy quilt together, this may provide even more meaning for a grieving family. 

Memorable photo gifts 

Wreaths & Crosses photo stand

Many families like to have photographs of the deceased so they can look back and remember them for years to come. If you are searching for the perfect sympathy gift in Florida, consider getting a photo gift. You can add your loved one’s photo to mugs, blankets, and other memorable items as special keepsakes. When choosing a photo gift, try to choose a photo the family will appreciate and want to look at often. For more ideas about what to get as a sympathy gift, remember to contact the experts at Baldwin Brothers. 

Looking for the perfect gift? 

If you are looking for the right sympathy gift, consider one of the options above. You can also come up with your own unique idea based on the deceased’s personal interests and hobbies. Those beginning funeral or cremation planning should reach out to Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society in Central Florida. Our Orlando, Florida cremation services are environmentally friendly and more affordable than traditional funerals. We are here to walk you through the planning process and make everything seamless for you and your family.