The Signature Baldwin Plan

Learn About The Signature Baldwin Brothers Plan

One of the keystones that set apart Baldwin Brothers from any other funeral home across Central and South Florida, is our Signature Baldwin Plan.  We have formulated a funeral and cremation plan that ensures all aspects of this planning process are taken care of and that no area is lacking.  Over the years, we have come to recognize what our clients want the most and what is most popular across the state.  After looking at these data sets, we have formulated what we call the Signature Baldwin Plan.  This plan protects you and your loved ones while traveling, ensures that all state taxes and fees are taken care of at the time of death, and locks in your price for these custom services at today's pricing.  Let's take a look at what sets our Baldwin Plan apart from the other basic packages that we offer to the residents of Central and South Florida.

Protection That's Right For You

During the past several decades that Baldwin Brothers has been serving the state of Florida, we have come up with some pertinent items that we recognize most people are looking for when planning ahead for the funeral of themselves and their loved ones.  One of the most prominent forms of protection that our clients seek is to know that if a death were to happen while traveling (either domestically or internationally) that their remains will be taken care of and returned to where they want them to be.  Because of this, we have created our World-Wide Travel Protection Plan.  This plan includes pickup, cremation using Baldwin Brothers' Security Trust System® and the urn to be returned to the family for scattering or keepsakes along with all applicable permits and fees.  This system, as mentioned before, will protect you and your loved one if you are traveling domestically or overseas.

Plan Now, Save In The Future

At Baldwin Brothers, we encourage any prospective client to consider pre-planning for their funeral arrangements.  This could include a simple cremation, a burial, any memorial services, and a plot if you would prefer a traditional burial.  When a client purchases this plan for the future, it is required by the state that the monies be deposited in an escrow account that is managed and overseen by state officials.  Because of these requirements, you can rest assured that no matter what happens, those funds will be available upon the death of yourself or a loved one.  We are not legally allowed to touch these funds until your passing has occurred.  As this applies to our other pre-planning options, it also applies to the Signature Baldwin Plan as well.

Not only does the escrow account ensure that the money you have entrusted with our funeral home company is safe, but it also locks in the price that you paid at the time of deposit for all funeral expenses.  By purchasing the Signature Baldwin Plan with us today, you will lock in all of the fees that you would incur in the future when your death does occur.  Inflation, as we have seen recently, is a real thing, and if you wait until just before or after your death, you will be burdened with the higher cost at the time of death.  This can create stress for your family and loved ones who would then be responsible for those higher costs.  By locking in your price now, not only are you protected no matter where you go but you will be protected from the inevitable increase in funeral costs over the years.

The Signature Baldwin Plan - $1,895

Our signature plan includes the following:

  • 24-Hour Access to Our Professional Staff
  • Transportation from place of death into our care
  • Secured climate-controlled shelter until cremation
  • Cremation container for privacy and dignity
  • Personal assistance with licensed Funeral Director
  • Obituary and death notice creation and dignity
  • Online obituary with guestbook and photo album at
  • Securing cremation and transit permits
  • Cremation using exclusive Security Trust® System
  • Notification of Social Security Administration
  • Return of Ashes

Also Includes:

  • $495 Basic Cremation World-Wide Travel Protection Plan (Return of Ashes)
  • $275 Urn or Scattering of Ashes
  • $95 Pre-Arrangement Administration Fee
  • $50 County Medical Examiner’s Cremation Permit
  • Two Certified Death Certificates
  • Helpful After Care Guide
  • Expedited Cremation Service
  • The Baldwin Promise™