What to Consider When Planning Memorialization

As our traditions change over the years, so do the ways we express our grief when a death occurs. While there are no hard and fast rules about honoring those who have passed, there are some commonly accepted practices, such as burial, cremation, a funeral, and holding a memorial service. At Baldwin Brothers Cremation in locations such as Ocala and Ormond Beach, Florida, we are skilled experts in the design and organization of these events. If you are struggling in the planning process, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help. Here we have listed out several things to consider when planning a memorial in Central and Southwest Florida. 

Location and Venue 

A great memorial is one where you are allowed to celebrate and remember the life of the deceased in the unique way you want. While funeral homes and churches are typically where families gather to mourn, you are not limited to these areas. Based on whether the body is present, you can gather in any place that held significance while that person was alive. This includes beaches, local parks, a family member’s home, or a scenic location where it is appropriate to gather. Wherever you choose, make sure you communicate the time and location of the service to others with plenty of notice beforehand. 

Gifts and Flowers 

Floral displays and gifts can transform the memorial area into a safe and welcoming space for mourners. Flowers are a traditional gesture from friends and family, while gifts can help showcase some of the deceased’s interests and hobbies while they were alive. Small favors can also be a nice gesture to those who attended the memorial service. For instance, if the individual you are memorializing was a wonderful chef, you can share photos, stories, and even recipes of their favorite food and meals. Creative and personalized memorials are those that are remembered the most by those in attendance. 


You may have heard the phrase “in lieu of flowers” on a memorial invitation. This is a common request when the family of the deceased prefers a more permanent gift than flowers, such as a donation to a charity, non-profit, or other organization that was meaningful in their life. This can act as a living tribute to show your support during a difficult time. Not only that, a donation to a worthy cause helps others in need. Some commonly supported organizations are veterans organizations, environmental nonprofits, and the Humane Society in Orlando and Central Florida. 

Contact Baldwin Brothers Cremation

Planning a memorial service is deeply personal, and the decisions you make are shaped by the relationship you had with your loved one. While the options may seem overwhelming, Baldwin Brothers Cremation is here to make the process a little easier. If you live in the Orlando, Wildwood, Ocala, Fort Myers or Central Florida areas, our team can help you personalize elements of the service as a celebration of life. You can also get started funeral planning online for your own convenience. Reach out to a member of our team today to learn more information.