06 Nov 2017

The Psychological Effects of Loss

Our Emotional Reactions Are Not Universal No funeral home in Orlando will expect any two families to experience grief in exactly the same way. The personal shock of a death can impact everyone in unexpected ways. You may notice emotional reactions that seem unexpected in your loved ones. Simply approach all of these reactions with patience.    Disassociation The immediate reaction of denial is the mind’s way of protecting us from experiences that seem too painful to comprehend.  Some people […]

27 Oct 2017

How To Cope With Grief This Holiday Season

Getting through the Holidays after a Loss Many families continue to struggle with grief long after leaving the funeral home in Orlando. With the holidays right around the corner, the hardest part of attending family events and completing annual traditions is overcoming the noticeable absence of those who are no longer with us. When we lose someone very close, many of our most cherished memories are centered on the festivities of the holiday season.      Give Yourself Permission Allow […]