30 Sep 2019

What to Consider When Planning Memorialization

As our traditions change over the years, so do the ways we express our grief when a death occurs. While there are no hard and fast rules about honoring those who have passed, there are some commonly accepted practices, such as burial, cremation, a funeral, and holding a memorial service. At Baldwin Brothers Cremation in locations such as Ocala and Ormond Beach, Florida, we are skilled experts in the design and organization of these events. If you are struggling in […]

27 Sep 2019

How to Prepare Your Family for Your Death

At Baldwin Brothers Cremation in Central Florida and Fort Myers/Lee County, we understand that when a family member passes away, it’s difficult to know which steps to take, especially if the death was unexpected. In our experience, those who are prepared ahead of time save their loved ones the stress of having to guess their loved one’s last wishes.  Our staff is here to help. We recommend beginning the process by creating a will, keeping your documents safe, and outlining […]