09 Feb 2018

Creative Funeral Service Ideas

Creative Ideas for a Funeral Service in Fort Myers Honouring and celebrating the life of a deceased loved one puts our hearts at rest and allows us to say our final goodbyes. Whether you opt for a casket, or you have chosen to cremate, your choice does not affect how unique the funeral would be. Most families who grieve for the loss of a loved one barely can make out time to plan or think out new and beautiful ideas […]

19 Jan 2018

Documents to Put in Place Before You Pass

Documents to Put In Place Before You Die No one wishes to die but death itself is inevitable.  What happens after you are gone should be of utmost concern. Before you have passed on to the next life, you should have your loved ones, your wealth, assets, and other possessions taken care of, hence, the need to make preparations on how to achieve this.  You don’t need to have the Warren Buffet type of wealth before you start placing the adequate […]