What You Get

When you purchase the Travel Protection Plan you get complete peace of mind that we are only one phone call away regardless of where the Participant dies.

What It Costs

Basic Plan: $395.00

• Contact a local funeral provider which will arrange all aspects of cremation to occur in the area in which Participant died;

• Facilitate delivery of cremated remains by such local funeral provider to the Designated Authorized Person identified by Participant for such receipt on this Agreement.

Premium Plan: $495.00

• Contact a local funeral provider which will arrange transportation of the remains from the location at which death occurred to the provider’s facility to prepare the remains for transportation;

• Facilitate preparation of remains, obtain necessary permits and merchandise for transportation;

• Facilitate delivery of remains.

How It Works

Once you purchase the Travel Protection Plan for yourself or a loved one, it works like this: if the Participant, you or your loved one, dies when more than 75 miles from the address listed on the agreement, the travel protection will take over and provide services at no additional charge, to deliver cremated remains or mortal remains to the person or funeral provider you designate.

The travel protection is a onetime payment that offers protection for the remainder of the participant’s life.

Call today to speak with one of our Licensed Planning Counselors that can assist in the travel plan enrollment process. We are standing by at (877) 410-2424.