How Does the Cremation Process Work?

How Does the Cremation Process Work

Even though cremation has been around for many years, it is still a mystery to some people. What happens to the body during cremation, and how does it work? At Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, our caring staff can teach you about the cremation process so you can feel more comfortable about choosing this option for yourself or a loved one in the future. 

In short, families often choose cremation because they are simple and easy to plan. Cremation is also more affordable and environmentally friendly than traditional burials and funerals. To learn about what we offer, including pre-planning and online planning, contact one of our consultants in Florida. We can assist you in the process. 

What is cremation, and when should it happen? 

When a person passes away, they are normally taken to a funeral home or crematorium. It is there that the body is reduced to ashes through exposure to very high temperatures. The ashes are then placed in an urn, which is given to the surviving spouse or other close family members. At Baldwin Brothers, we offer families the ability to witness the cremation if they choose to do so. 

According to Florida law, there is a 48-hour waiting period from the time of death to the final cremation ((Florida Statutes § 872.03 (2019). The law also requires a signed death certificate from a qualified physician, which should be approved by a medical examiner. Although this process does take a little time, it ensures cremation is not performed before any questions arise about the cause of death. 

What do I do with the ashes? 

Cremation ashes are given to the family shortly after the cremation, and they can use them however they wish. The ashes can be kept in a special urn and placed on the mantel at home, or distributed among different family members. Many people choose to bury the remains or scatter them in a memorable location, such as a park or outdoor monument. However, keep in mind that there are guidelines set into place by the EPA that must be followed. 

What is next? 

Whether you want to pre-plan your cremation or are planning arrangements for someone else, Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society hopes to make the process as seamless as possible. Baldwin Brothers has its own crematories in major Florida cities and can serve your needs 24/7. We are proud to serve residents of Florida and address their questions and concerns. Our family planning guide is also available, free of charge. Reach out to make pre-planning cremation arrangements in person or online today. We are here with you every step along the way.