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I recently used The Baldwin Brothers services. They were very professional, kind, courteous and caring. Jennifer O'Hara was very helpful. The office was comfortable and welcoming. We had preplanned their services and the process was seamless. I would recommend Baldwin Brothers.

Deborah Teune Avatar
Deborah Teune

My family and I want to show our sincere gratitude to Matt Von Ohlen of Baldwin Brothers. I lost my son and without Matt, I don't know how we would have gotten through this. He explained the whole process/cost to us He was so patient, caring, and professional other funeral homes just hand you a box and tell you to be on your way. But not Matt he stayed open late for me and he made an altar for my son's cremation, he also said a little poem just for me so I could have some peace. Matt is an angel. Thank You again Matt.

Corky Avatar

Not being from FL and knowing a reputable funeral home, I began my search for funeral arrangements for my loved one. I called a few places but went with Baldwin Brothers immediately after speaking with John DeClemente. John is extremely helpful, he walked me through the process every step of the way. He was always available to answer any of my questions and help me make decisions for my loved one in FL from NY. He made an extremely difficult process go smoothly .
Rest assured you are in good hands with John & Baldwin Brothers

Melissa Due Avatar
Melissa Due

Rosemary & Millie exhibited professionalism, empathy, and patience. I highly recommend this business. I was pleased with everything they did.

Timothy Stickney Avatar
Timothy Stickney

My wife and I attended a lunch seminar to find out about the services provided by Baldwin Brothers. The speaker was Lori Stevens who is a very professional and an informative representative. Lori guided us
through the entire process when she came to visit us at our home a few days later. I would highly recommend Baldwin Brothers
end of life services for anyone considering wanting peace of mind in making choices for your funeral needs so your loved ones don't have to worry at the moment of the death of a family member. Thank you Lori for being kind and considerate in helping us, you are the consummate professional
and now a valued family friend.

John Von K Avatar
John Von K

My husband, Joe Pedersen, and myself are in our late 70's. For several months we have been discussing "when our time comes". It is a difficult discussion to have but one that we wanted to put in place to relieve our loved ones of having to do so at our passing. We knew we wanted cremation when that time comes. We were referred to Baldwin Brothers by friends and had the good fortune to be referred to "Matt Tucciarelli". Matt spent a great deal of time counseling us and helping us make the decision that was best for us when our time comes. His approach to our questions and concerns made this difficult discussion one of comfort and beauty. We left feeling part of a "family" filled with love and compassion, who will be there on our final journey to our heavenly home, making it easier on family and loved ones to "celebrate" our lives. Thank you Matt and staff for your counsel in making this a wonderful and comforting experience.
Susan J. Smith
Ormond Beach, Florida

Suzi Smith Avatar
Suzi Smith

Went to luncheon for information and was pleasantly surprised at all the information that Doug gave us. I decided to set up an appointment to do what I should have done years ago! Again, Doug was very helpful. If there was a 6 STAR rating, Doug Ranno would have received one from me. THANKS, AGAIN,

MS O Avatar

I am very pleased with the services from Baldwin Brothers. The Conference by Mike Quigley prior to the Office interview for the Funeral Services was very informative and well organized. Mike was also very helpful and resourceful at the office meeting which made the whole process simple and pleasant.
Mike, thank you for your excellent Services!

Alejandra Brana Avatar
Alejandra Brana

I highly recommend Baldwin Brothers Funeral Home and his Planning Counselor Mike Quigley for his professionalism and care.
My sister and I make an appointment for cremation and burial
contract services for ourselves. Mike provided a tailored plan according to our request. He provided a relaxed environment with expertise and professionalism. Thanks Mike.

Maria Avatar

My family and I worked with Tom Hoffman to create a prearranged plan for my grandmother. While preplanning is important, it is an emotionally difficult and sensitive process that requires someone who is understanding, patient, and knowledgeable. Tom was all of that and more. He went above and beyond for my family and I, and I cannot thank him enough for walking us through the process and diligently answering all of our questions. He made the process painless and easy, and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking to start making preplanning arrangements. Thank you again, Tom!

Nicole Monge Avatar
Nicole Monge
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