If you have experienced a loss please accept our sincerest condolence.  We understand that death is unpredictable and can happen at any place or at any time.  Baldwin Brothers is only a phone call away and can assist in Orlando funeral or cremation arrangements no matter where death occurs.  Call today at (844) 283-7118, our specialists are  standing by to assist you.

Travel Protection Plans (for pre-arrangements only)

With a Travel Protection Plan in place, if the participant dies more than 75 miles from the participant’s address, travel protection will arrange for services at no additional charge, to deliver cremated or mortal remains to the person or to Baldwin Brothers. Then, when you or your loved one needs the travel protection services, call 1-844-283-7118. You and your loved one will be treated with respect, compassion and courtesy during the entire journey home.

What It Costs

Travel pprotection services are only available when purchasing a pre-arranged funeral or cremation from Baldwin Brothers.

"Leave Home with Confidence and Peace of Mind" 

Travel Protection is only : $495.00

● Travel Protection will contact a local provider (selected by the travel protection company) which will arrange all aspects of cremation or preparation of mortal remains which will occur in the area in which partiipant died;

● Travel Protection will facilitate delivery of cremated remains to the participant's designated authorized person or facilitate delivery of participant's mortal remains to a provider in the community in which the participant lives at the time of purchase. 

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