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What plan do you have against the burial of a loved one who recently dies? After the demise of your loved one, they still deserve an exclusive final goodbye. The best way to give them the last farewell in a grand style is to organize a fitting funeral service for them. This offers you a good way to celebrate your long life relationship with them, and at the same time show how much they meant to you while they were alive.

In case you are in search of dependable Funeral Homes in Citrus County, FL to give your departed family member or friend an outstanding burial ceremony and memorial service, always turn to Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society. We remain the perfect Funeral Homes in Citrus County, FL to get the job done. As one of top-rated Funeral Homes in Citrus County, FL we know exactly who to honor the memory of your departed family or friend.

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, a distinguished Funeral Home Citrus County has been renowned for the superb burial ceremony services we offer to various clients. For several years now, we have been catering for the burial planning and needs of different families in Citrus County, FL, and neighboring cities.

What We Do – Exclusive Burial Ceremony

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society of Central Florida is your number one provider of funeral homes in Citrus County. We believe that it is important to honor your loved one even after their death. We will ensure that this is carried out in a very special way. We will join you in acknowledging their uniqueness. We are the perfect Citrus County FL Funeral Home to offer them an exclusive burial ceremony.

Baldwin Brothers are always ready to do what it takes to ensure that your loved one gets a befitting burial after their death. We will use several resources at our disposal such as Citrus County Funeral Homes, beautiful urnsearth smart cremation, and so forth, to give your deceased loved ones the fitting burial ceremony. We have what it takes to display the exclusivity of their identity at our Funeral Homes in Citrus County, FL.

Top Class Facilities and Amenities

Baldwin Brothers offer you the best facilities you can use for the burial ceremony. We have a friendly and inviting seating area, an ultra-modern planning center, and lots more. We also offer earth smart cremation options and convenient package choices. You will be offered a variety of beautiful urns at our Citrus County Funeral Homes.

In case you will like to personalize the burial service, our chapel offers you the best way to achieve it. The unique ceremonial arrangement, flexible seating arrangement, are just the right things you need. There is also a large screen television for playing DVD Tributes. For your refreshments or catered food, we also have a kitchen for you.

In addition, we offer professional care services for the departed. Our competent staff will provide you services such as washing of the body, restorative art to dressing, embalming, casketing, cosmetology, hairdressing, and so forth.

Choose Our Funeral Homes in Citrus County, FL

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society is always ready to provide you with all the help you need from the planning stages to the end of the service. Our aim is to make all the process involved in the burial ceremony hassle-free. Will be on-call throughout the duration of the burial

Our Funeral Homes in Citrus County, FL will handle all the activities involved in the burial ceremony ranging from removal to transfer, transporting the body to the crematory or funeral home, and so forth. The funeral planning and burial service with handled with a high level of professionalism and ensure that everything is done just the way you always wanted.


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Your loved ones deserved a befitting burial after their death. Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society is here to offer you comfort and reassurance after their demise. We will give the deceased the fitting burial they deserve. We are one of the best Funeral homes in Citrus County, FL. Call us today. Our customer representatives will be on the ground to provide suitable answers to all your questions.