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Dealing with the passing of a loved one is a very serious and trying time in the lives of all those that were close to and loved that individual.  Not having the proper plans in place for after the Death of a loved one can make this difficult time even more stressful to deal with. Affordable Cremations by Baldwin Brothers of Fort Myers aims to alleviate this stress by offering full-service cremation options to all of Lee County, including Fort Myers.


Fort Myers Pre-Planned Cremation Options

Throughout our experience as a Fort Myers cremation service provider, we have found that, by far, it is much easier to deal with the passing of a loved one when there are already plans in place for what to do when this unfortunate, albeit inevitable, situation arises.  Should you be considering cremation as an option, Affordable Cremations by Baldwin Brothers of Fort Myers offers the most trusted and secure cremation service.

Our simple cremation service includes access to all of our staff, transfer to our care, cremation, refrigeration, and an alternative cremation container for a very affordable price.  In addition to this standard option, we offer a vast array of keepsakes that can be purchased and distributed amongst your family as a way to display the love that they have for you.  These Fort Myers cremation options include custom Urns, keepsake necklaces, and keepsake hearts that can be used to display the love and affection that you have for your loved one.

Cremation Services in Fort Myers

In addition to providing Fort Myers cremation pre-planning services, we are also the go-to for Fort Myers cremation services.  Even if there is no plan in place for your loved one we have a staff of knowledgeable, respectful and understanding individuals who will help you make the proper decisions through this difficult time.  Our years of experience and tender approach to each individual situation has allowed us to become a premier Fort Myers cremation service provider for several years now.

Randy Stuart - Funeral Director

Randy Stuart - Funeral Director

Should you be in need of cremation pre-planning or general cremation services in Fort Myers, please do not hesitate to reach out to our staff in order to understand the options available to you or your deceased loved one.  We are standing by 24 hours a day for your convenience and to make the cremation process of your loved one as easy and stress-free as possible.  Call (239) 997-0495 today to learn more about the options available!  We are located at 3323 N Key Drive, #8, North Fort Myers, FL 33903.

We take great pride in going above and beyond for the families we serve... but don't just take our word for it. Every review collected below is submitted by a family we served.

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Nicky Grande Avatar
Nicky Grande March 15, 2018

My first experience with a death in my immediate family was 4 1/2 years ago. My loving Wife died of cancer after battling for over 30 years. The family came together to help me with the arrangements an we were assisted by Randy Stewart from Affordable Cremations. Randy was helpful and answered all my questions an I will recommend his services wholeheartedly.

Two weeks ago my daughter passed away unexpectedly in Georgia. I requested her remains be sent to me so we could plan a service when the family could be together. Upon arrival we found the urn had been crushed due to poor packaging. I called Randy for advice. He requested I bring the urn to his office and he would handle everything. And so he did just that. He took care of everything. Thank you so much Randy.

Beverly Noble Avatar
Beverly Noble March 5, 2020

We met Cameron Odell at one of the seminars that he was giving. Very informative! He put everyone at ease in speaking about end of life decisions! After one week, we set up an appointed with Cameron; he actually came to our home! Cameron was very professional and very knowledgeable! He put us at ease in making our decision! I would recommend him to everyone!

Judith Sheperd Avatar
Judith Sheperd August 29, 2020

As I had already arranged for an Anatomical Donation, I was glad to see that option on a Baldwin Brothers survey received in the mail. Planning Counselor, Cameron O'Dell, was very helpful in preparing a pre-arranged plan for my needs. My plan included a second option in case my body was not accepted for anatomical donation. Thank You

Pat Dunning Avatar
Pat Dunning July 16, 2020

Cameron O'Dell was our agent and he made my husband and I feel very good about making these hard decisions. But I really like at the end when he made us promise "Not to use these services for a very long time." Good job Cameron and it was nice meeting you.

Lou Dunning Avatar
Lou Dunning July 16, 2020

Cameron Odell did an excellent job explaining all the details. He also is very knowledgeable
about the entire process and took time to answer our every question.

Christine Senft Avatar
Christine Senft January 31, 2020

Cameron was very professional and made us feel comfortable at the same time. We left feeling great about signing a contract and simplifying everything for our daughters! Our research paid off! We have already spoken to several of our friends! Thanks so much! 😊

Clare Merriman Avatar
Clare Merriman September 11, 2020

Cameron O'Dell is very "solid". He displays much integrity, knowledge, competence, etc. You are lucky to have such a valuable employee. We heard his initial presentation a number of months ago and never forget it.. It was a major part of our decision.

Flatout7 . Avatar
Flatout7 . May 22, 2019

Randy is a true professional. Fairest price in cremation no up sale a great guy.

Doug Stokes Avatar
Doug Stokes August 18, 2020

Cameron O'Dell handled our end of life arrangements with compassion and sensitivity. He explained the benefits of each of the service packages and offered knowledgeable responses to all our questions. Cameron is indeed a professional in this very sensitive and personal business. We will definitely recommend him to friends and family.

Kyle MacKeigan Avatar
Kyle MacKeigan October 8, 2017

I have used affordable cremations for three of my family members. I also brought my dear friend's husband there when she passed away. So to date, I have used their services a total of 4 times. I would recommend them to anyone. Next time someone in my family passes, including myself, I will use Affordable Cremations. They are attentive, respectful, professional, efficient, friendly, dignified, and affordable.