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Cremations, Funerals and Pre-Plans Made Simple & Easy™

Packages from $995

Cremations, Funerals and Pre-Plans Made Simple & Easy™

Packages from $995

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society: Fort Myers

Affordable Cremations & Funeral Homes in Fort Myers Area

What burial plans have you put into place after the death of a loved one? Death is inevitable, nonetheless, you can still give your loved one an exquisite last farewell. Organizing a fitting burial ceremony and memorial service is an incredible way to achieve this. This can be accomplished by hiring a reputable funeral agency that is known to provide exceptional Fort Myers Funeral service. Thus, you get to appreciate all the good times you once shared together.

In case you are in search of top class Funeral Homes to give your deceased family member or friend a fitting funeral service, you can count on Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society to get the job done right. Over the past decade, we have been taking charge of every process involved in the burial planning of many families all over Fort Myers, Florida, and neighboring cities. We are known to offer exceptional Funeral Services in Fort Myers, FL.

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Top Class Funeral Service

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society a Dignified Alternative and previously known as Horizon Funeral Home, is your dependable provider of funeral homes in Fort Myers, Florida. We know how important it is to honor the dead. All our services are delivered in an outstanding way to show just how unique your loved one was to you while they were alive. We are the perfect Fort Myers Funeral Home to offer an exclusive funeral service.

At Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, we have several resources at our disposal including Funeral Homes, beautiful urns, crematories, and lots more. We are the Fort Myers Funeral Home that possesses everything needed to display the uniqueness of your loved one.

We perfectly understand that there is a lot of stress and confusion that comes with losing a family member or friend. We promise to be with you every step of the way. As a professional funeral home in Fort Myers, we are dedicated to providing guidance and understanding. With us, you can always expect a befitting burial ceremony and funeral service.

State-of-the-art Facilities and Amenities

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society: Fort Myers, previously known as Horizon Funeral Home, remains one of the top Funeral Homes in Fort Myers Florida that is known to provide prompt, accurate, and affordable services. We offer you the best facilities needed for the funeral and burial ceremony. Using our ultra-modern planning center featuring a friendly and inviting seating area, we are able to offer you and your sympathizers the needed comfort during the funeral service.

In addition, we also offer beautiful urns, as well as convenient package choices at our Fort Myers Funeral Homes. For personalized Cremation Services in Fort Myers, FL, our flexible ceremonial sitting arrangement in our chapel is a perfect fit for you. You and your well-wishers get to relax while DVD tributes are played on a large-screen television. These amenities might be hard to come by in other Funeral Home Fort Myers.

Our Funeral Home is perfect for Your Burial Ceremony

Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, A Dignified Alternative, is always ready to be there for you right from the planning stages to the end of the funeral service. Professional care services for the body of the deceased will be provided by our experienced staff. These include washing of the body, hairdressing, casketing, embalming, restorative art, cosmetology, dressing, and lots more.

Our qualified team will also take charge of other activities such as removal, and transfer of the body to the funeral home in Fort Myers, FL. Every process involved in funeral planning and burial service will be handled with a high degree of professionalism.

Call Us Today!

Whether you are planning a traditional burial or cremation in Fort Myers, we are always ready to offer you excellent service when it comes to planning your final wishes. Our Funeral Homes in Fort Myers boasts of cutting-edge amenities that will definitely offer you and your well-wishers the needed comfort all through the burial ceremony.

Call us today at Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, A Dignified Alternative. We are one of the best Funeral homes in Fort Myers, FL that can handle every process involved in funeral planning.

Randy Stuart - Funeral Director

Randy Stuart - Funeral Director

Baldwin Brothers A Funeral & Cremation Society

We take great pride in going above and beyond for the families we serve... but don't just take our word for it. Every review collected below is submitted by a family we served.

Average Rating
4.6 Stars - From 21 Reviews

Allison Bitner Avatar
Allison Bitner June 9, 2021

We worked with Cherie at Baldwin Bros. and she was sympathetic, responsive, and very professional in a caring way. Our mother passed away in FL while on her vacation, so the family was working with Baldwin Brothers from out of town via phone and emails. Cherie kept us informed at every step process. I would highly recommend Baldwin Brothers. If you’re working from an out of town situation, Baldwin Brothers will make the process as smooth as possible during a difficult time.

Amador Casica Avatar
Amador Casica February 23, 2021

Thank you Baldwin brothers cremation services for a well thought out and very affordable cremation service. It appears that you included everything necessary for a smooth and easy transition for the surviving family members to handle at the time of my death. Your representative Shelly was just marvelous at laying out the various plans that you offer your clients. She answered every question with great knowledge and comfort, which in turn puts to ease my concerns for my family. A most impressive presentation of a product at a most affordable price that I couldn’t say no. Thanks again Shelly and Baldwin brothers for the peace of mind of knowing that my remains are all taken care of. A.T.Casica.

Dominga Bell Avatar
Dominga Bell February 18, 2021

My husband and I were very pleased with Shelly O'Dell's presentation of the prepaid cremation plan with us. She patiently answered all our questions. She was very pleasant and very easy to talk to. I, personally, felt such a relief after purchasing the plan... knowing I have eased the burden of funeral expenses on my loved ones. Thank you, Shelly!

Karen T Avatar
Karen T January 25, 2021

Andrew Weaver helped us with our pre-need arrangements. Right from the start we felt at ease. He was kind, soft-spoken and very knowledgeable. We never felt pushed at all. We highly recommend Baldwin Brothers and Andrew. The prices and services are excellent.

Suzanne Harry Avatar
Suzanne Harry January 25, 2021

Andrew W ,took great care with me. He is very knowledgeable , and there was no pressure to purchase. The ordeal can be hard for most but I am glad I made my arrangements . I know that my family will not have to second guess what I wanted. Thanks to the company and to Andrew for great customer service. I am happy I went with Baldwin.

Kelly Tuttleman Avatar
Kelly Tuttleman January 18, 2021

We were very pleased with the process of pre-planning our cremations. The agent we worked with, Andrew Weaver answered all our questions and we never felt pressured to purchase. We felt it was best for us to take care of this ourselves, not wanting our children to have to deal with the cost and details.
They have a wonderful payment plan that really can fit any budget.
It was quick and easy, we left that day with all necessary paperwork.
We have referred two other families to the agent we used, Andrew Weaver.

Elyse Sensabaugh Avatar
Elyse Sensabaugh January 12, 2021

I first met Andrew Weaver when he held a program at Seven Lakes where I live. He was personable and friendly, but I thought the low prices he was quoting were just a 'come on'. After checking prices at another local business [that I used 10 years before when my mother died], I was a believer. I made an appointment to meet with him so I could pre-pay for my own cremation. It was during the Covid year of 2020 and Andrew was wearing a mask (as was I) so I was very comfortable in his office.. He explained everything to my satisfaction, and I paid in full that day. Since then I've talked about him to my neighbors, and even posted information on our bulletin board. Two people are very interested, but 'not at this time'. I'll continue to let others know about Baldwin Brothers in Fort Myers.

Brenda Avatar
Brenda November 5, 2020

My experience with Baldwin Brothers was easy, professional and an overall comforting experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make arrangements for themselves in the future or for a loved one that has passed.
They are very helpful with any questions or concerns that you may have, and will help to make your difficult decisions a little easier.

Sincerely Brenda H.
Cape Coral Florida

Vickie Soave Avatar
Vickie Soave October 29, 2020

I attended a presentation on 10/27/2020 in Fort Myers Florida. Tina Fiorino Whited was welcoming, friendly, professional, knowledgeable and she made the information easy to understand. The material was clear and to the point, transparent. Wonderful and no pressure. I decided and chose a plan that worked for me. Thank you Tina.

Richard Labbe Avatar
Richard Labbe September 1, 2020

My advanced planning advisor was Ms. Dawn Fields. She was so kind and professional she explained all of the programs available to me and led me in the right direction asking the proper question to make this difficult process painless a big thank you Dawn from me and my boys.

Thanks again
HTCM Richard R. L'Abbe USN Ret.

Harry Kurtz Avatar
Harry Kurtz July 18, 2020

Shelly O'Dell was very helpful with no pressure. She went over all of the options that Baldwin Brothers provides. Her presentation was thorough and understandable. Baldwin Brothers offers the best prices for pre-need planning in Florida.

Dee Kurtz Avatar
Dee Kurtz July 17, 2020

Shelly O'Dell communicated all the options very well and was a true joy to work with. We are recommending Baldwin Brothers to our neighbors and friends. We priced several other funeral homes and cremation companies and discovered that Baldwin not only had the best customer service but also the most complete coverage and best prices.

A Google User Avatar
A Google User July 17, 2020

Shelly O'Dell communicated all the options very well and was a true joy to work with. We are recommending Baldwin Brothers to our neighbors and friends. We priced several other funeral homes and cremation companies and discovered that Baldwin not only had the best customer service but also the most complete coverage and best prices.

Jean Williamson Avatar
Jean Williamson May 26, 2020

Cameron O'Dell was great to work with. He made my mom & dad very comfortable talking about a difficult subject. He took the time to answer all their questions to ensure they were receiving the services that they wanted.
Thanks Cameron!! Jeanne W

Sandy Smith Avatar
Sandy Smith April 29, 2020

Thank you Tina for all the complete information I needed to make a decision
on cremation on two parents wishes. Your very thorough and precise with all extensive information. I'm very happy that you were my representative in this crucial time of decision making.

A Google User Avatar
A Google User April 27, 2020

My wife and I met with their pre-planning counselor, Tina Whited, to obtain a very and uncomplicated way of returning back into God's arms. We didn't want any unforeseen financial costs on our families after we have left. Tina listened to us with her heart and presented to us various options to choose from. She was very patient with us, understanding our every word we were speaking. She was very empathetic and compassionate to our wishes. The plan we chose will insure that none of our relatives around the country will ever have a burden to be concerned with. No $12,000 to $20,000 funeral costs, no worries by anyone, and no long bereavements; just the simplicity of returning back home and moving forward. Tina reflects the true and sincere heart of the Baldwin Brothers towards all who are and will be in need. I strongly suggest that they should be visited with first before any other costly decisions were to be made.

Dawn Lee Avatar
Dawn Lee April 9, 2020

Andrew Weaver was extremely easy to work with and made me feel very confident I chose the right place..Meticulously detail oriented and clear on the items in the contract. Excellent follow up after contract signed. I feel so much better about the choice I made for my mother. Highly recommended

Bennie Harvard Avatar
Bennie Harvard March 11, 2020

Dawn Fields was amazing, she came to my home and explained everything to me in detail, and answered all of my questions. I signed up with her and saved over 1100 dollars over the competitor that my wife went with, I thank Dawn very much for giving me the peace of mind I now have knowing my family will have no problems when I leave this earth. Thank you Dawn.

Dawn Moyer Avatar
Dawn Moyer February 18, 2020

My husband, Jim, and I met with Tina Whited to plan and discuss our preplanning cremation plan. She explained everything so well to us. We had many questions for her and she was so gracious and patient with us. We are so thankful that we have this plan now.

Gretchen Wahlberg Avatar
Gretchen Wahlberg February 7, 2020

I would highly recommend Baldwin Brothers and especially Shelly O'Dell!! She was soft spoken, very positive, and answered questions with knowledge and when appropriate humor. Both office spaces were light and airy, clean and inviting. Again, after researching several other funeral homes, Baldwin Brothers was the one we chose. They are even helping with selling a vault and plot that the other businesses were saying I had to take care of it myself. 5 stars!!!

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