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For Families in Need of the Right Lake County Funeral Home

For generations, Baldwin Brothers Funeral and Cremation Society of Central Florida has provided thoughtful guidance and individualized compassion for mourning families throughout the region. Unlike other funeral homes in Lake County, our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with every client being greeted and guided with personal face-to-face assistance through every step. Coping with funerary arrangements can be stressful and confusing, but the right choice of funeral home in Lake County can ensure that every possible detail is overseen and completed by a knowledgeable and caring professional.

Valuable Options for Lake County Cremation Services

With access to our own personal crematorium, we are able to provide convenient direct cremation services for Lake County at affordable costs and utilizing the most reliable innovations. We are one of few funeral homes in Lake County offering EarthSmart cremation services, a fireless and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cremation that requires significantly less energy and almost no emissions. Additionally, our patented Security trust tracking system guarantees accuracy within every step of the process. Families can even take advantage of our open door policy to personally attend the cremation process or hold a private viewing ceremony for final farewells.

Meaningful Care both Personalized and Online

It is never too soon to begin preparing the many important details of your final wishes. You can begin establishing the details of your own afterlife care in person at our Lake County funeral home location or with our convenient online planning services. Pre-planned arrangements are offered with permanently frozen pricing, regardless of how much time passes, so your surviving family will never be left with the burden of unexpected costs.

In addition to dignified services and a variety of decorative caskets and urns, we also offer unique keepsake jewelry as a way to preserve and honor the memory of those lost. Sealed within a beautiful charm or pendant you can permanently store ashes or a lock of hair, as a physical and endearing reminder of those no longer with us. Keepsake memorabilia is only one of many attractive and meaningful options with which we as a long-standing Lake County funeral home provide our clients.


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We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to provide dedicated and compassionate service. Whether you are searching for a reliable funeral home in Lake County to assist with the details of a recent loss or you have questions in regards to your own future arrangements, you can speak with a caring and knowledgeable professional today.