Longboat Key Cremation & Funeral Home

Whether it is traditional or more modern, a funeral and memorial service are designed to bring grieving family members together during this challenging time. They also serve to acknowledge the passing and lifetime achievements of your loved one. Regardless of your personal choices, Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society is here to serve you with dignity and respect. We ensure you feel cared for when you need it most.

Baldwin Brothers Cremation is available 24/7 to offer support from the moment you begin making funeral arrangements down to the final details. Our licensed professionals help with important paperwork and decision-making so everything is executed in the most efficient and seamless way possible. Feel free to browse through our website online or speak with a caring team member who serves Longboard Key to learn what we can offer you.

Pre-planning services

No matter your age or financial status, pre-planning your funeral or memorial service is a smart decision. This way, close family members and relatives will know what you want when the time comes. You get to take control of the process and decide whether you would like to be buried and cremated. You also get to control the costs, taking the financial burden off of others. Once you create a plan with Baldwin Brothers, all you have to do is let your loved ones know what your preferences are. Everything else is taken care of.

Cremation packages and urns

While you may not know the specific details of how cremation works, it is easy to visualize what happens. This process has actually been in practice for many years. Cremation reduces the body down to basic elements through intense heat inside a specially designed chamber. Once the body is cremated, families place the ashes in an urn for safekeeping. Many choose to scatter the ashes at a later date in a cherished location or separate them among relatives so they can do what they wish. Baldwin Brothers have a range of specialty urns to choose from at our facility.

Online funeral planning

Funeral planning may seem like a complicated process, but everything can be taken care of online. When you use the easy system provided by Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society, you will be guided step by step using our digital planning tools. Clients who pre-plan get a wallet card with their information and our phone number. These plans are refundable at any time, and no additional costs are required by your family. You can even preview your paperwork before the final purchase. Once this is completed, we can email your new documents to you instantly.

Baldwin Brothers Cremation Serving Longboat Key

It is easy to get caught up in the many decisions that need to be made following a death. However, you do not have to make them alone. Baldwin Brothers Cremation can help you honor the person you lost by providing options for caskets and cremation urns, jewelry and keepsakes, and even flower arrangements. We hope to help you celebrate the life of your loved one well. Learn how we assist you by contacting our staff serving the Longboat Key Area today.