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In loving memory of
Arthur Scott Van Cleave
  • November 23, 1962
  • -
  • July 01, 2014

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Arthur Scott Van Cleave, 51, born November 23, 1962 died July 1, 2014 in Weston, Florida while on vacation. Scott loved going on trips and doing things for people.He worked for Florida Hospital, South in Orlando for ten years. He became a traveling nurse and in 2000 he returned to Orlando. He worked for Genex Services for 14 years located in Lake Mary, Fl. He is survived by his friend Steve, his brother Leonard Van Cleave. Scott was a people person and has many friends and associates. Scott was the best to many and is the best of the best. Donations can be made to Habitat for Humanity. A Celebration of Life will be Saturday, July 12, 2014 at 2 pm at the University Club, Winter Park, Florida 32789.

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  1. 20 Apr 2019
    Leonard vVanCleave says:
    Almost Five years little brother.. . Still don't believe how it happened. I only wish I'd have been there to stop it. Miss you.

  2. 20 Apr 2019
    Leonard VanCleave lit a candle:
    Lit since April 20, 2019 at 4:00:34 AM

  3. 20 Apr 2019
    Leonard vVanCleave lit a candle:
    Lit since April 20, 2019 at 4:59:26 AM

  4. 11 Aug 2018
    Steve Wolfson says:
    I miss you you were so special

  5. 11 Aug 2018
    Steve Wolfson says:
    It's been over 4 years I miss you every day you just leaving so quickly I hope all is well

  6. 03 Jul 2018
    Leonard lit a candle:
    Lit since July 3, 2018 at 7:08:40 PM

  7. 03 Jul 2018
    Leonard says:
    Four years still don't believe how that happened little brother. Wish I could have been there to stop it.

  8. 23 Mar 2018
    Leonard VanCleave says:
    Been almost Four years. Seems like yesterday ... Hope you are at peace
    Little Brother

  9. 23 Mar 2018
    Leonard VanCleave lit a candle:
    Lit since March 23, 2018 at 3:37:20 AM

  10. 30 Jun 2016
    Steve Wolfson says:
    Its been 2 years since you are gone.i will never forget youl you are and always be in my heart steve

  11. 11 Jul 2015
    Leonard says:
    Thinking of you little brother hope you have found the happiness you deserve.

  12. 01 Jul 2015
    Steve Wolfson says:
    It is one year now i miss you so much. Things are so different now i try to keep your memory alive i will never forget you

  13. 11 May 2015
    Steve Wolfson says:
    Almost a year since you have gone things are sad family members try but your memory livess on

  14. 28 Jan 2015
    steve says:
    it is 2015 missing you is still fresh you would be so upset to know your wishes are not being done i love you

  15. 13 Dec 2014
    steve says:
    almost 6 months i miss you so much please i know you are ok
    thank you for loving me i will miss you always

  16. 10 Sep 2014
    steve wolfson says:
    it been two months since you have gone my sweet Scott i miss you
    so much thank you for al you do for so many i will love you forever
    please know you are the best always love, stevel

  17. 12 Jul 2014
    Kim Fragapane says:
    I was so saddened to hear about Scott's passing! He was one of my nurses I worked with through my job! He was always pleaseant and Had a great sense of humor.. I just talked to him before I left for surgery and told him to hold down the fort.. Little did I know that he wouldn't be there when I got back:(.. Work definately will not be the same.. RIP Scott

  18. 12 Jul 2014
    Maria M Montes says:
    My Dearest Arturo:
    When our mutual dear friend Steve called and told me what happened, I just could not believe what I was hearing, for a split second it seemed the world came to an end. You were not only a co-worker,but a dear and wonderful friend but most of all you were like the big brother I never had. I will never have a lunch buddy like you,or my shopping companion like you were. You meant so much to me, more than words can say. Scott, every time I will see a penny I will remember you and smile, for I never forget when you found one whether it was in the street or elsewhere you will pick it up and say it's time to purchase Fantasy Five and if you would ask me to purchase it for you, you will always say," Maria bring me the winning numbers." So many things I have in my heart about you, your favorite color, royal blue, did not sweets, but loved Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream and I can go on and on, it will never be the same @ Genex or in my personal life without you. I remember we could talk about anything and confide in one another, whether happy times or not too happy, you always try turn something that seem negative and turn it into a positive. We still think you are going to walk in and say Good Morning or that you just came back from vacation bringing us all something to remind us of you and your vacation times. We shared so many special moments that will always be in my heart and will always cherish. You will be missed, there is no doubt about that, especially Steve and I, for we were a threesome, deciding what we were going to do at lunchtime, whether going out to eat, shopping or if you were going tanning instead..... then I will go to the stores, and later after your tanning you will pick me up to go back to Genex. It was funny, we always try to beat the rain when coming back to the office. You were a warmhearted and giving man, always thinking ahead of the holidays what you wanted to do for your Genex Family and others in your life. Now, you are at peace and reunited with your dear parents, which I know you missed tremendously, for you were a wonderful son, I can picture you with a big smile, for you are in a better place.... So, I leave you with this:
    "May you find comfort in the arms of an angel.
    The memory of a good person is a blessing.
    Forever remembered, forever missed.
    Until we meet again, find peace in heaven's hands.
    Today and everyday, you are in my heart to stay."
    With all my love and will always cherish all our special moments and have a very special place in my heart. Always, your friend: Maria

  19. 11 Jul 2014
    You were a kind man and made Genex a fun place to work. I remember when I first started, you where my "Secret Pal" and I LOVED buying little trinkets for you because you appreciated everything. One of your friends mentioned the 3 Kings and I make sure I get one every year at Christmas time to keep up for the new year. I've done it every year since I met ya. Rest In Peace. I am sure Heaven is a better place since you are there. Earth's lost, but Heaven''s gain.
    May God Bless you and keep you and may HIS face shine upon thee. AMEN!

  20. 11 Jul 2014
    Rosie Kirlew says:
    You have been my buddy since we were partnered together in the office, my go to person for a simple telephone number or an answer to a question that you would know someone to contact to get. You were an inspiration to us all. I will keep listening for you to ring that bell at 5pm.
    I am happy you found a wonderful partner in Steve, I will miss hearing your stories.
    I will always love you, you are in my heart forever

  21. 11 Jul 2014
    Linda Lee Ash says:
    Dear Scott, " My dear sweet friend and partner at work" This past week seems like a really BAD dream. I just expect you to come in this office with your sweet smile and kind words. GENEX will never be the same without you! If is was not for you I never would be working here! When I look around my desk and home I see gifts from you. You are one of the most thoughtful men I have ever known. God just needed an Angel! I am happy you and Steve had each other for many years. I know you are so happy to be with your loving parents again. God Bess you!

  22. 10 Jul 2014
    Sandra Perez-Betz says:
    Scott, "My love, My sweet!" how I'll miss your response of "My dear". You were needed up in heaven, that's the only reason you're gone too soon.
    You meant so much to me. You were the only one I ever truly spoiled at work. Just walk in my office with that coy smile and start with "my dear would you mind..." I'll miss all of your vacation advice and silly emails. Even after being home with the baby these two years, you still dropped me a line now and then.
    I thought I missed you when I left GX, but this is devastating. Who am I going to send a Three Kings card to now at Christmas.
    I'll never forget you, you will always be in my heart.

    Steve, my heart goes out to you. Scott will always be at your side.

  23. 10 Jul 2014
    Sunny Thompson says:
    Scott and I were friends for 32 years. No matter where he went we kept in touch. When he returned to Orlando we had so much fun going to lunch, or breakfast, going to music events, going to art festivals, and so many other things. We had a special bond that even death cannot break. I know that all of us will miss you terribly, I know I will. Love you.

  24. 10 Jul 2014
    Mary Lou Emilia says:
    You were and are so loved, Scott. Things will never be the same without you. May your passing make us all more like you, making this world a much kinder and gentler place. You will always be in my heart and you will never be forgotten.

  25. 09 Jul 2014
    Cheryl says:
    My dear A. Scott, this is way too soon to tell you to rest in peace. I know heaven will be welcoming you with open arms,you have touched so many lives, while you were here. I know you missed your Mom & Dad, but they would have been patient.

    Over the 30 plus years of our friendship, we have always managed to stay in touch. I have so many fond memories to carry on. Even though we became real adults together, we still always acted like kids. So many laughs, and who ever you were with at the times of our visits, they just could not understand our friendship. Scott you were a person that loved everybody and everybody loved you.

    I never got to meet Steve in person, but I know you truly loved him, and I know you will be his guardian angel. There will be many times he will be looking to you for guidance. Hang in there Steve.

    There will be a lot of things I will miss about you, the occasional joke through email, or my phone calls at all hours of the evening. I will also miss my 3 kings the day after Thanksgiving.

    I will love you always and miss you dearly.
    Cheryl Bouvier

  26. 09 Jul 2014
    Mary Fankhauser says:
    Scott you were taken away from this earth way too soon. As a co-worker in the past, I remember you as a caring sweet gentle man. Your talents were many and your ideas always with the other person in mind. RIP and know you were loved by many and will be in our thoughts and memories forever.

  27. 09 Jul 2014
    Myra Keleher says:
    Dear Scott, Although I have not known you as long as many of the others here, I came to know you as a very caring, kind, polite and generous man. You were always the first to thank me for anything. I had no idea that you and I were "secret pals". I will forever cherish the gifts you left at my door. May you rest in peace Heaven is much brighter with your soul gracing Saint Peter's place. Love Myra

  28. 09 Jul 2014
    Nancy Salzman says:
    May you rest in peace, Scott. You were not only a co-worker but a true friend. I’m sure when the gates of heaven opened for you that your Mom and Dad were waiting for you with open arms. I know how much you missed them. Now you will be missed, you brought joy, laughter and love into our lives.

  29. 09 Jul 2014
    Nancy Salzman says:
    May you rest in peace, Scott. You were not only a co-worker but a true friend. I’m sure when the gates of heaven opened for you that your Mom and Dad were waiting for you with open arms. I know how much you missed them. Now you will be missed, you brought joy, laughter and love into our lives.

  30. 09 Jul 2014
    Mara Roth says:
    I have had the priviledge of working with Scott for all the years he has worked at GENEX and my life is richer for having known him. There are some people that are just genuine and Scott was one of them. He was so well regarded by many both professionally and personally and will be truly missed. Rest in peace my dear friend. Love Always...Mara

  31. 09 Jul 2014
    Elaine says:
    My dearest Scott , I will miss your wonderful sense of humor, your sweet smile and kind words. Zippy is going to miss you tremendously and you will always be in my heart. Heaven has got itself a wonderful nurse to take care of everyone. You and Steve were so lucky to have found one another. What a great couple you were. You touched my life and so many others. I was so lucky to have you for the last 15 years as my friends and I will cherish all of our memories... Love always

  32. 09 Jul 2014
    Grace Bradley says:
    Goodbye my dear, sweet friend. I will miss so many things about you, everyone will, but we all know that Heaven just got a little nicer.
    Love always, Grace

  33. 09 Jul 2014
    Julie Bully says:
    Dear Scott,
    I am going to miss you Sooo much. You always had a way to brighten a dull day. I do owe you for renaming me 'Julie Bully'.. and my Mom as Momma Bully :)
    I could always count on you to give assistance on 'crunch day - end on month'.
    I did learn to make notes - short & sweet, rather than the lenthy windy as I do tend to go on a tangent.
    Going out to lunch with you and Steve was always a fun time.
    I am so tmpeted to go to IM or e-mail you funnies...you brightened so many lives and loved without expecting anything in return. Always a thoughtful; son, friend and brother.
    You touched many lives and you did live every day to the fullest. I LOVE you and will never forget you.....
    Julie Bulled & Kathleen Bulled

  34. 09 Jul 2014
    steve says:
    words cannot express my love for Scott he was everything to me
    we were friends for almost 13 years. scott loved me for me.
    I was very lost and he found me . scott never left me out, he was
    my angel my rock. our trips were great he fix all the food, i never felt
    uneasy with him Iearned so many life lessons fom him. scott was
    very good to my mother she is gone now. please come to the
    service on the 12th and rejoice such a wonderful man .he is my

  35. 09 Jul 2014
    Sandy Anderson Osborne says:
    My dear sweet loving kind wonderful friend Scott.... What a week it has been since the news of your passing. I can barely see to write this because the tears are flowing AGAIN and the lump in my throat is back! I know that you would want us all to be happy and to remember the good times... and there were many!!

    I'm so glad that we re-connected many years after being attached at the hip in office assistant class 6th period our senior year! That was my favorite class..if you could even call it that. All we wanted to do was go roam the halls anything to get us out of the office and laughing and sauntering around the halls of Colonial High School!!

    When we finally did find each other again after high school, I will never forget that night. What a BIG HUG we had and I think we both had tears of joy! I for one know that I could not let you out of my sight that night at Paddy Murphy's... poor Steve I don't think he knew what to think! Then our class of 80 party at Kerry's, again I think my son and I sat by you and Steve the whole time you were there and I was, as always, captivated by your spirit, your smile, your stories and your love of everyone. Another great memory!!

    What other two long lost friends could go ice skating in FLORIDA, make a bet on who will fall first (you lost) and ultimately both end up with fractured elbows?? that would be us, all I remember is that we just laughed away!! I think Steve was more nervous than us!!

    We planned to ride the Sunrail to lunch in May when it first started up only to find out that it did not run on Saturday so instead we met at Another Broken Egg Cafe where again, I just soaked you up. We had such a nice visit, you, Steve and I and I will cherish the Precious Moments gift you gave me that day. I also found out that day just how much you were still hurting from your parents death because the tears just rolled down your face the entire time we talked about them. I am so sorry for your sadness these last years but I know now that you are happy and you are in Heaven with your parents!! I must be happy for you!! I am glad that you and Steve had each other. Both of you commented that day how well you each took care of each other, it was so obvious that you two were two peas in a pod, put together to hold each other up and share your lives together!

    I am sorry we will not have our Popcorn Flicks adventure we talked of and our night out at Hannibal's but mostly.... I am sorry that you are not still here with us continuing to make us all smile and just want to be in your presence!! I will forever miss you, but will forever remember you too with so much love and pride that you were my friend and that I know that we loved each other from the heart!! I keep waiting for my email jokes that you sent me almost daily!!

    All of my love, forever Scott!!
    Love "Sandra"

  36. 09 Jul 2014
    Julia Casavant says:
    I will always miss You Scott. R.I.P.

  37. 09 Jul 2014
    Debi Blair Carlton says:
    When I learned of Scott's passing, I couldn't breathe. I'm very fortunate that the age of 53--35 years after high school--I still counted him as my friend. He was my first love (@16), my first heartbreak, and was one of the best people I've ever known.

    We tried to make our romance work off and on until we were in our mid 20s, but Scott was a lot bigger than just one love. I was didn't understand that at the time. But after hearing him speak about so many wonderful people in his life, I know that Scott was destined to teach all of us what unconditional love and forgiveness really means. I do believe that God places angels on earth, and that Scott was one of those angels.

    It seems kind of odd to say that a man who never married or had any children was a family man, but that's exactly what Scott was. He put his family before anyone else especially himself. He worshiped his mom and dad he loved his brother Leonard. Most importantly, Scott found the love of his life in Steve.

    They made weekly trips between Lake Wales and Orlando to see one another for 13 years. Even though they were never able to be married in the state of Florida, they really were married in gods eyes. And now, Steve has the sweetest of all Guardian Angels.

    Scott's dad was a nurse. So it was no big surprise when Scott became one himself. He dedicated his life to helping others when he found his calling in healthcare. He found his calling as a son. He took incredible care of his mom and dad throughout their lives especially towards the end of their years. And he still nagged Leonard about his health. His compassion will never be matched.

    Nor could his consideration.You could never meet Scott without him bringing you a gift. He hugged you, he smiled, he laughed. You never left Scott without feeling like your batteries had been recharged and the world was a wonderful place because you were in it.

    For someone who wore cotton scrubs most of his life, Scott was the epitome of style and class. Everyone else was loving shabby chic and Annie Hall back in the 80s, Scott was New York chic brass & glass & red-black-and-white... When he wore clothes, he really wore them! I think one of his favorite hobbies for shopping!

    He knew how to throw a party because to him, life was a party. Scott didn't believe in sadness. It makes me very sad that for the past two years he was sad. He missed his mom and dad so very much. He missed his relationship with his brother. But I guarantee one thing--the bells are still ringing in heaven because Scott got his angel wings! I'm sure he boogied right through those pearly gates and is already trying to get a concert going with Lynrd Skynyrd and all the rock and rollers who made it there before him!

    Scott never met a stranger or forgot a face. He has friends all over the world from his time as a traveling nurse. Yes the world is a better place for Scott having been with us. And we are better people for having Scott in our lives. I know I am.

  38. 09 Jul 2014
    Jerry Kay says:
    Peace, my Friend. I miss you and love you. You truely are the Best of the Best of us.

  39. 09 Jul 2014
    Somebody posted an image:
    Scott and his family
    Scott and his family

  40. 09 Jul 2014
    Somebody posted an image:
    Scott senior picture CHS class of 80
    Scott senior picture CHS class of 80

  41. 09 Jul 2014
    Somebody posted an image:
    Sandy & Scott May 2009
    Sandy & Scott May 2009

  42. 09 Jul 2014
    Somebody posted an image:
    High School 78-80
    High School 78-80

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