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In loving memory of
Donna Grabowski Maryes
  • Passed away on February 12, 2022

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Donna Grabowski Maryes, 67, passed away February 12, 2022.

She was born on October 1, 1954, in Detroit, Michigan. A graduate of New Smyrna Beach Senior High School and University of South Florida, Donna was employed as a teacher in the Volusia County School District before her retirement. During her career as an educator, she taught and inspired students at Samsula, Read-Pattillo and Indian River Elementary schools.

Donna enjoyed reading, traveling, and time spent with family and friends.

She is survived by her son, Rory Maryes; daughter, Shay Maryes; grandchildren, Kailani Maryes, Lark Maryes and Kinley Fisk; parents, Gene and Joann Grabowski; brothers, Mark (Ronnie) Grabowski, Earl (Mary) Grabowski, David Grabowski, Edward (Christina) Grabowski and Michael (Rebecca Harris) Grabowski.

In lieu of flowers, the family respectfully asks that donations be made to your local humane society in Donna’s memory.


Baldwin Brothers New Smyrna Beach
1 N Causeway

Date & Time:
March 5, 2022 at 2:00 PM


March 5, 2022
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Baldwin Brothers New Smyrna Beach Chapel
1 N Causeway

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  1. Kailani Maryes lit a candle:
    27 Apr 2022
    Lit since April 27, 2022 at 4:29:43 PM

  2. Jim Stewart says:
    04 Mar 2022
    A Memory: One Saturday morning Donna wanted to introduce me to her father, then we were going to go bowling. Donna told me before going inside she called it a heads up that her father was kind of strict and protective of her, but he was nice! But he's nice was in a more positive tone. Donna introduced me to her father, he was a tall man, good looking, with a stern look with black hair. As we shook hands i noticed he had massive hands and a little more than a firm handshake. Donna and I sat on the couch across the room from her father sitting in the corner. Then things got more exciting and happening real fast. Mark, Donna's brother came around the corner pulled the back of Donna's shirt open just enough to drop something down the back of it. Mark took off like his feet were on fire. Donna instantly started yelling, pushing her chest forward and arching her back and shaking her body really hard. She turned bright red. I realized what happened without thinking I shoved my hand and arm down the back of her shirt located something latched on to it and pulled it out. It was a large lizard! I took it to the door thru it in the yard. Then the light came on, what had I just done right in front of Donna's father! I first looked at Donna in case she was signaling for me to run! Donna was still very red still huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. Then we both at the same time looked at her father. I believe he was looking at both of us at the same time, what a shock because Donna was on the other side of the living room. Donna's father didn't move from his chair, he did give us an interesting look to remember. He shook his news paper, so it popped into a much stiffer position. I went to sit next to Donna on the couch she was just starting to get some color back other than red. She turned to look at me and just started laughing away. I am sure I was as white as she was red! Nothing has ever been said about this comical even, from that point until now this point in time. It's a memory of Donna and I, that is mine to share for the both of us. I am sure Donna is laughing as hard as she can remembering this as I tell the story. God bless all of you who are holding onto special moments Donna and you alone shared. It could have been a special smile from her, a joke, or a tender moment or her wise advice that you would think twice about before using it. Donna might just be pulling your leg, always in a fun loving way. GOD bless Donna's, mom, father, family and friends! LOVE Jim Stewart

  3. Jim Stewart says:
    04 Mar 2022
    Donna was a very special human being. A true one of a kind person over-flowing with love, kindness, warmth and tenderness. Her smile, laughter and having good old fun was like bringing the sun into the room. She would light up everybody around her. It was a God-given gift she had. I was blessed with getting to know Donna in high school. We dated for a short time and we grew to know each other and built a real friendship. I got to meet her amazing family. Her dad and mom raised her with a protective, loving way. Her brothers lovingly aggravating her and protective of her. Donna and her mom had a special bond and loving relationship. The last time I saw Donna she and her mom were shopping together arm in arm laughing and smiling. The specialness shining through was something to witness. They were such a joy to be around and they included me, so we shared a 3-way hug and talked. I can tell you what I saw that day will go on forever. Donna is in the heart of all who knew her and she will live in our hearts forever. She is in God's loving hands where he prepared a wonderful place just for her. God bless Donna, her mom and dad, and all of her family and may He be gracious to you and give you peace. Believe me with a heavy heart, Love, Jim Stewart

  4. Heather Batchelder lit a candle:
    23 Feb 2022
    Lit since February 23, 2022 at 2:49:29 PM

  5. Heather Batchelder says:
    23 Feb 2022
    When a child enters school for the first time, it sets the tone for their educational journey. Donna Maryes created an inclusive and culturally safe learning environment for all of her students. I am so grateful my daughter received this warm welcome into the classroom. You are loved and will be missed.

  6. Gail Roe says:
    19 Feb 2022
    I have been trying to think if the right words to say and I hope I can say what I feel.
    From the first time we met Donna was kind and loving. We would walk home together from Junior High, it was a short walk to her house! Then rode to High School together, first with my Mom driving then when I got my license I drove.
    We had many great times together with Joyce and Jan.
    I'm so sorry we lost touch after graduation.
    I know she brought her great smile and bubbly personality to her classroom and led many, many students to a great future!
    Rest in Peace sweet Donna.

  7. Gail Roe lit a candle:
    19 Feb 2022
    Lit since February 19, 2022 at 2:16:03 PM

  8. Brenda Golden says:
    17 Feb 2022
    Oh so sorry to hear about Donna--she was so young still.May you her family find comfort and peace in knowing she is Happy and healthy again in God's heaven.

  9. Bernie Sepanek Mayer says:
    17 Feb 2022
    I am deeply saddened by Donna's passing. She was my best friend, classmate, and suitemate during our years at USF in the early '70's. She took me home with her some weekends, and visited and sailed with us after I left USF. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding. We kept in touch the old-fashioned way with phone calls and snail mail well into the '80s in pre-internet days. Our children met as little kids, but I'm sure none of them remember. Then the busyness of life got in the way, and we lost touch. Several years ago, I tried to find her via FB, but her name had changed and I couldn't find her. Luckily I remembered she had a brother named Earl, and I found her that way on his friends list. We were SO excited to be reconnected! It was like no time had passed at all. We'd planned to get together in person, but sadly that never happened. I have wonderful memories of my "forever friend", as she called me. I send prayers for all of her family and all who loved her.

  10. Teresa Williams says:
    17 Feb 2022
    Oh my!!!
    Donna was/is such a precious precious! All through school she was a gentle ball of energy. As a teacher, mom and grandmother… she was nurturing, loving, kind and imparted continual knowledge to every child and person who was in her life. She lived out her faith in Christ and shared that faith with others. She will be missed by many, most of all, those who loved her!! For those she has left behind…live your lives to the fullest, as she did! Live in her honor, loving those around you and continue to grow in faith…. Christ is our only true hope …Donna lived knowing that with all her heart!! ✝️

  11. Joyce Wilkinson Brantley lit a candle:
    17 Feb 2022
    Lit since February 17, 2022 at 2:16:54 AM

  12. Joyce Wilkinson Brantley says:
    17 Feb 2022
    Donna was such a bright and shining light to all who were around her. I was so lucky she chose me to be her best friend during our high school years at good old NSB. I have many precious memories of times spent with her, her sweet family and our friends. I was shy and she brought me out of my shell because she was so outgoing and bubbly. I didn't see as much of her after she left for college, but she was my maid of honor. Whenever we got together, it was like no time had passed. I know she was a fantastic teacher because she was so loving and kind and shared her love of life with everyone. She is now dancing and praising in heaven. She loved the Lord with all her heart and is spending a beautiful eternity with Him. She gave so much to so many and is reaping her rewards. I hope her family can find comfort and peace in that. May she rest in peace in the arms of her precious Saviour. My prayers are with all of those who love her.

  13. Krystal Splan Boerner says:
    16 Feb 2022
    My cousin Donna. My Candle lady. My snow girl. Life just doesn’t seem fair sometimes. It definitely isn’t fair to those of us that have to live without you. You made an impact on so many lives and will be missed by many.
    Love you forever,

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